Chapter 108 – Battle of Sainos and Laurel

Sainos looked at the opponent’s sword and purposely took out a steel sword from the item box.

Looking at it, Laurel opens his mouth with a disagreeable face.

「Oi oi, you want to compete with skills with the same level of weapon? You’re really a battle junky.」

When Laurel said that, Sainos pulled the sword out of the black sheath and set the blade down. A white ripple appears on the surface of the sword as light reflects in it.

「Fufufu…This is my beloved first ever sword. Okikusan is trembling and wants to absorb blood…」

What a monstrous sword.

While I was being amazed, Laurel sighted and set up his sword.

「You having no fear is troublesome.」

Laurel said so and looked at Sainos sideways.

No, you can use your strongest weapon. But make sure that you won’t kill someone useful.

I’ll have Sainos seiza later.

When I thought of such a thing, the white long haired beastman began walking towards Sainos.

「I am the white wolf beastkin warrior Barrel! Sainos, let’s have a fair match!」

「I accept!」

When the two of them finished their exchange, the began to dash.

It is a straight frontal clash.


Barrel moves first by giving off spirit and quickly swinging wide his heavy looking sword.

The sword was swung from the top diagonally. Sainos lowered his head to the point that it almost hit the ground and avoided that diagonal slash.

If it is the usual, Sainos would have swung his sword after he evaded and it’s the end.

However, the moment Barrel judged that his attack has been avoided, he crouched and rolled forward.

Right after that, Sainos sword slashed the place where Barrel stood.

「Wow! Great move! Wonderful, Barrel!」

Sainos stopped his sword swinging posture and looked at Barrel who stands up at a distance. He praised him while wagging his tail.

Sainos is overjoyed.

「Use your skills, Sainos…」

Looking at Sainos, Laurel knitted his eyebrows and muttered so.

Sainos’ equipments have special effects such as experience up but right now, it doesn’t have stat bonus effect and he’s not even using any skills.

TN: Not sure with this. Their equipments probably have passive and active effect. Exp up is probably an active effect but if you’ll use it, the passive effect such as stat bonus will lose its effect? Or, he changed his equipments to one that doesn’t have stat bonus.

But I was still surprised.

For the first time, a person who could fight against Sainos showed up.

He seems to be stronger than the S rank adventurer Brunhilde.

「…I didn’t see it but I felt that I should evade. I guess I won that bet.」

But Barrel said so while being mortified. He fixed his stance again.

Did he avoid it with intuition? Well, that is an ability too.

I am impressed. Sainos happily opened his mouth.

「Yosh! Next attack will come from me! It will be continuous attacks!? Please evade them and fight back!」

Sainos-san is an unreasonable idiot.

When I was turning white eyes to Sainos who suddenly raised the hurdle, Barrel raised the edge of his mouth and pulled in his chin.

「…To someone like you who have a monstrous skill, you’re acting like a child. It is good that my last opponent was you, Sainos.」

After Barrel said that, he put power on both of his legs and stared at Sainos.

Is that true? Do you really want Sainos to be your last opponent?

I was looking at the Barrel with a skeptical eye but at the edge of my sight, I could see Laurel moving.

「Ah, wait a minute! You two, don’t be too excited. It is troublesome so let me be your opponent.」

When Laurel says so, I saw two men were heading at Sainos from behind, they were glared at by Barrel.

The two men are wearing gray leather armor and have curved knives on their hands.

「…let’s do it.」


They looked at each other, murmured something, and dash toward Laurel at once.

One of them go at the right side of Laurel, the other one seemed to go around Laurel’s left side.

A pincer attack from the left and right. They moved little by little with the intention of attacking.

But Laurel dimly opened his mouth while looking at them.

「Barrier…and,..would an automatic recovery solve this temporarily?」

After murmuring something, Laurel casted barrier and automatic recovery to himself.

It only took 1 to 2 seconds.

The two individuals who are approaching Laurel are not aware of that. They set up their knives and attack aiming at Laurel’s neck.

However, the knife gave off a metallic sound and the two of them broke their posture.

「Yes, it’s over. Judgement cross」

Laurel murmured after looking at the two uninterestingly. He invoked magic that can be said to be a Holy Knight exclusive spell.

With Laurel as the center, a cross of white light emerges from the ground.

It is an offensive spell with a range of 5 meters in all directions.

If a holy knight with high magic power uses it, its power can’t be underestimated.


As soon as Laurel’s magic was activated, the two men began crying without voice and became smoke then disappeared.

Eh? They evaporate?

While I’m speechless as if I saw a shocking video, Laurel looked around the vicinity without even caring about the two who vanished without leaving a single trace behind.

「Oh, no one else is going to come?」

No, they definitely won’t come, Laurel-san.

As for Sherry and Rihanna’s magic, they are about middle class.

There were a few who were able to endure their spells, it is about intermediate level in the game.

But of course, those are incomparable to Laurel’s top class attack.

Those who were watching should have understood it.

「… No one is coming. Master! What should we do?」

Laurel turned around and said such a thing.

When I looked at Sainos, he was happily slashing Barrel who continued to evade in order not to have mortal wounds although he is already bleeding from his arm and belly.

What a pervert.

「Master, the army has resumed its advance.」

When I was watching Sainos’ battle, Sunny told me so from behind.

When I verify it, the imperial army is surely coming towards here but the soldiers in the front line have faces which seem to cry.

It is obvious that they are advancing helplessly.

「…Laurel, withdraw a little.」


When I told him so, Laurel came here at a speed that you won’t think that he’s wearing a full plate mail.

After confirming his withdrawal, I looked at Sunny and the other long-distance attacker.

「Mages, cast magic in unison…and, use magic other than fire magic. Because it’s a large army, cast magic in a row so that it will not hit each other.」


When I gave instructions, my guild members spread to the left and right centering on Sunny.

The distance between them is about 10 meters in order to match the width of the opponent.

「Laurel, Sedeia, lead the melee to protect the long-distance guys.」


「Ai yo!」

After replying to my order, I looked at them as they ran and confirmed the state of the Galland Empire’s advance.

The Galland Empire’s army which rearranged their formation has been advancing at quite a good speed.

They might have been driven by desperation.

「Sainos! Evacuate!」

I told that to Sainos who’s still fighting then turned to Sunny and opened my mouth.

「All right, all mages attack together.」

「As you wish」

When I said the signal to cast spells, Sunny quickly activated light magic.

And my guild members who stood side by side began casting their spells altogether.

「Wai! M-my liege! Give me time to evacuate!」

Sainos shouted so while avoiding magics skillfully.

No, you seem to be alright, Sainos-kun.



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