Chapter 109 – Magic All You Can

The man standing in front of me was blown off…with a rock. His torso rolled on the ground.

The man standing next to me was hit by an invisible wind blade on the base of his right shoulder and his right arm was severed.

And around 5 or 6 people, who are near me, were pushed backward by a flash flood like water that flowed straight from the front.

What on earth is going on?

No, in the first place, why did we come to this battlefield? The reward is not worth it.

It is probably because of our boss.

We moved to Galland Empire because we heard that they are giving high rewards.  Our leader was overjoyed when he heard that the enemy is the rumored fraudster dragon knight.

Well, I’m certainly happy too because I also had debt.

It is natural because we’ll receive a large sum of money.

However, it is not good because our leader didn’t even checked the validity of the story and just give his okay.

Our boss was lured and brought us to this hell.

Shit, we’ve been played around.

Thinking that way, I looked back to where our boss is to cry a reproachful remark but I saw the figure of our boss with his head being crushed by a rock. He’s dead.

I can still see his lower body but I’m certain that he’s dead.

「Ha, haha! Serves you right! You…」

I looked sideways and saw a man, who was shouting something, hit by a wind blade. He’s dead. I stared at the distance and clicked my tongue.

「Shit! What is the meaning of this!? Are they hiding from an invisible hole!?」

TN: What is the meaning of this? Omae wa mou shindeiru

There should only be a few enemies.

I certainly confirmed that there were two incredible mages.

But there should only be around dozens of soldiers.

Yet magic is pouring on us like rain.

In addition, these are high-rank magic that takes time to chant.

There is no way that they are picking stones on the ground and throw it, right?

Then, that means the enemy was hiding a group of mages.

Above all, they have placed more than a thousand mage of considerable skill.

「General Dyne! The front rank has already collapsed! Magic is pouring around here too! Please retreat to the tail of the army!」

While I was looking at the rocks that were flying from far away as I was examining the enemy’s formation, the young one thousand man commander said such a thing.

No matter how one would think, no matter how one sees it, this is a losing battle. However, I, who was entrusted with this army, will not run away.

I should at least let this army escape. I have to minimize the damage and stop the enemy’s pursuit.

「Senricho! Take over the command of the regular imperial army and withdraw…!」

I looked back at the one thousand man commander and tried to give instructions.

However, as I looked back, I only saw the shaking body of the one thousand man commander on his horse as his head was lost.

「Shit! What the hell is this war? What happened to the mage corps?」

When I looked around and cried, a nearby soldier raised his face and shouted back.

「I haven’t seen any of them since a while ago! I think that they have escaped!」


They are big headed people who always boss around but as soon as this happened, they escaped.


「Anyway! Those abnormal mages are casting magic indiscriminately! Take the regular soldiers and retreat quickly! I will hold them down!」

「Ge-general! In front of you!」

While I was giving order, someone shouted at me.

I twisted my body who’s on top of the horse and held the shield in front of me.

It’s a rock.

A one-meter wide rock is already in front of my eyes.


I clenched my teeth to the point that even my molar might break. I put power on my whole body and set the shield towards the rock.

A roaring sound and shock shakes my brain as if a huge bell rang in front of me.

It is not so gentle that it’ll only get my arms numb.

I felt that every bone in my body was dislocated from that impact. I twisted my body in order to parry it using my shield.

Surprisingly, even though I lose to General Torga, my almost 2-meter high body was able to shook the impact of the rock.

There is no fatal injury because I was able to change the direction of the rock by twisting my body.

However, I was blown off by the momentum when I twisted my body and was beaten to the ground.

Because of the shock, I find it difficult to breathe.

「…Nu, guu…!」

Although I still have my sword and shield, my horse died as its neck broke.

I hit my knee with my fist and put power on my foot.

It’s pathetic but, I manage to stand up by using my sword as a cane. I saw the Galland Empire army which scatters like spiderlings.

And, after a short while, I saw the damage caused by the one-sided attack of magic. I seemed to forget my anger.

This might be the exact example of heaps of corpses.

Most of them are collapsed on the ground but there are also those who are severely wounded and are faintly breathing.

Is this what’s left of the great army of the glorious Galland Empire?

Then, someone began to shout to those who are still standing.

「Oh, aren’t you quite the energetic fellow? Sainos! Laurel! Play with him!」

Apparently, it is the rumored dragon knight, the young man called Ren.

My ears are not working properly because of the rock earlier but there is no doubt that the young man is looking at this place.

And, a beastman who’s wearing a simple armor on top of his strange clothes came walking towards me.

It is a sight to fear.

I stared at the beastman and set up my sword and shield.

「Mumu, you don’t seem to have much stamina left. I do not like bullying weak people so much. I’ll do it instantly.」

The beastman said so and sets up his sword.

Should I receive it?

No, that would be difficult.

I need to predict his attack from his posture and parry it.

When I saw the beastman’s posture, I made an instantaneous judgment and adjust my shield from the direction of his sword.

Immediately afterwards, it was unbelievable that the shock that I received was more intense than when I received the rock earlier.

The sword did not actually penetrate my shield.

However, my body was blown away.

Because the shock I received was concentrated on one point, my arm received an impact as if it was stabbed by a sword.

I put my hand with the shield on the ground and stand up while looking at the beastman.

I no longer have the power to swing my sword.

But still, I held my sword with both hands and somehow lifted it parallel to the ground and walked towards the beastman.

Even if my head will be cut off, I have to hold this sword.

It is impossible for me who got the title of general of the Galland Empire to go down without being able to do anything.

「Come! I’ll truncate you with this!」

I tried to lift the sword, pointed it to the beastman, and shouted.

It was only then that I noticed that my left wrist was broken.

The beastman looked at me who had set up my sword and laughed satisfactorily.


The man waved the sword with one hand while saying so.

Even though that moment I felt that I will be cut down, I felt that my eyes were wide open as if I absolutely want to see it. I could not take my eyes off at the smile of the beastman by all means.



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