Chapter 110 – Galland Empire’s First Army is Repulsed

Corpses as far as one could see.

This scenery can be thought as a natural scene in a battlefield but only soldiers from one country have fallen.

「Iyaa, my liege! There were quite a number of strong men! 」

Sainos came to me in a good mood. He sheaths his sword and laughs.

「Have you seen someone valuable Sainos? Tell Sunny or Laurel to look for slaves who are still alive. 」

When I issue an instruction, Sainos answered lightly and walked through the mountain of corpses.

The guild members are looking for survivors from mercenaries or slaves in pairs and are taking turns in treating them.

If this goes well, it means that I can gather good quality soldiers for my country.

The slave that Maeas recovered is necessary for the operation of the air transport and the surplus manpower can be used as national staff in the capital.

There is already an overwhelming shortage of soldiers in Val Valhalla castle what more in the capital.

Currently, we hired mercenaries as soldiers and asked around the city who wants to be one but the number is totally insufficient.

Then, we must make the most of this war.

It will be a lucky find if there is a talented person among those who have been forced to be enslaved.

With that in mind, I ordered an attack using weak magic but it gave them more damage than I expected.

I don’t mind if the regular soldiers of the empire, who lost their will to fight, die helplessly.

However, it’s not good for the slaves and the mercenaries to just die like that.

I thought that half of them would survive but it seems that only 10 percent survived.

No, there were also some people who seemed to be regular soldiers of the Galland Empire who managed to withdraw.

While thinking of such a thing, I sat down beside the dumbfounded Sherry and Rihanna who were sitting on the ground.

「Are you okay?」Read at SHMTranslations.

When she heard that, Sherry bounced her body up and looked at me.

「I-I’m okay. Ju-just a little scared…」

When Sherry says so, Rihanna shakes her trembling hands and opened her mouth.

「…Your military power is frightening. If you have this much power, no matter how much tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of soldiers one gathered, it will be meaningless.」

When Rihanna said so, Keira, who’s standing next to her, opened her mouth.

「…This is the end of Galland Empire. This is not just a great damage but a historical defeat. Even if they manage to save their country, it will just follow a course of decline.」

When Keira said that, the three of them did not speak for a while but Sherry looked at me and raised a voice as if she could not bear the silence.

「A, ano, I did not see anyone drinking magic potion. Do you have a way to restore magic power aside from magic potion?」

Sherry said so and showed a smile somehow.

It was a questionable twitching smile but I shrugged my shoulder without pointing it out.

「The magic that was used earlier were beginner level magic. The magic consumption of those are small so anyone can keep shooting for an hour.」

When I answered, the three of them turned to me.

「A, ano… I thought all of those magic are high level magic…」

「One hour… 」Read at SHMTranslations.

「Looking at those from here, I saw a rain of rocks but… 」

Words which seems to be complaint jumped out from the mouths of the three one after another and I nodded while laughing with a wry smile.

「This time, I’ve had around 20 mages. It is impossible for me to pour them a rain of rocks alone. The most I could do is pouring 1,000 or 2,000 rocks. 」

When I said that, the three of them seem to have been at a loss for words this time.

After looking at the state of the three, I looked around. Sainos is heading for us from afar while being accompanied by a lot of soldiers.

「My liege! I brought those who want to be soldiers in our country! 」

Sainos stood in front of me saying so. I looked at the people lining up behind him.

One of them was the wolf beastkin called Barrel, the one who fought Sainos.

Still, how did he survive that rain of magic?

The wound he received from his battle with Sainos was cured so no blood is falling out now.

There are five other beastkin men and three beastkin women. There are eight human men and two human women. And, there are two elf men and two elf women.

22 people in total.Read at SHMTranslations.

My guild members who can use recovery magic such as Laurel and Sunny are still walking around healing collapsed soldiers. There is no doubt that soldier candidates for my country will increase.

「Good, there will be a recruitment test at the Val Valhalla castle. Scout more and look for talented people in the survivors. I, Sherry, Rihanna, and Keira will check the state of the other imperial army for the meantime. 」

When I said that, Sherry and Rihanna stood up in a hurry.

Barrel spoke to me who tried to use flight magic.

「Excuse me. May I have a moment Your Majesty King?」

Barrel said that in a way that seems to be not accustomed to honorific.

「What?」Read at SHMTranslations.

When I asked back, Barrel slightly distorted his face and looked at me.

「I will obey the winner as the law of our clan. However, if I could just confirm the safety of my family whom I left in my hometown…」

Barrel said so, I gently nod and open my mouth.

「Ah, if you’re that anxious, I’ll take you there myself when this war is over. Your family may come along with you too.」

When I told him so, the others who were quietly listening until then begun pleading too.

No no, are all of you going to take your families?

Well, I’ll have my guild members help them so their request can be completed immediately. Maybe.

When I see the pleased former slaves, it is not unpleasant.

There is even a crying guy.

「Well, listen to Sainos over there for now. Also, the war is still in progress. Although I’m not that busy, I have to go ahead with the declaration of war.」

When I said that, Barrel looked at me with a grimace face.

「…I apologize if I’m being impolite but this is not a war. It is a one-sided trampling by an overwhelming force.」

To the words that Barrel said plainly, I nodded lightly and opened my mouth.

「I took a great deal of restraint this time. When we fought the imperial army previously, the topography changed and no one survived. It has a bad aftertaste. This time I thought it was a success, but it wasn’t.」

I need to be careful next time. I removed my glance from the frightened former slaves and casted flight magic.

Me, Sherry, Rihanna, and Keira float into the sky and fly to the next battlefield.

Now, are those slaves usable?

There might be an individual who’ll bear a grudge against us this time but they should give up because this is war.

How many elites will join our army when this war is over? I, who’s looking forward to it, smiled softly.



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