Chapter 111 – Galland Empire’s 2nd Army(Main Force)

Although we’re already in an open place beyond the mountain, I can’t see anyone within my eyes reach.

There are no resident border corps protecting the border.

「What the heck is this…. 」

I looked around the vicinity my army is marching at and muttered so.

Because it’s a new country, they can’t afford to put military forces to protect their border?

That’s stupid. There were always tens of thousands of soldiers in the report.

Then, did they put their main force on the highway and just put a few soldiers to watch the border…?

「General Torga! There was a watchtower but it is empty inside! Nobody’s there! 」

「…This is stupid. Why isn’t anyone there? 」

Receiving this new report, my worry intensified.

With this, the just cause disappears.

They collect soldiers and invade our territory to capture our capital but we beat and crush them with our military might.

No, wait.

I see, I understand.

They already know about our invasion and are aiming for a siege battle.

They gathered all the soldiers of their resident border corps in order to protect one city.

Did they judge that they can’t compete against the Galland Empire’s army?

「Shit! How shallow. 」

They already assumed about the siege battle too.

However, we already organized mages. I also expected that and has prepared to break through the city walls.

My genius brain can already see until the end of this war.

When I was looking at my army as I’m convinced in our victory, the soldiers on the front line suddenly stopped marching,

「Why? 」

I asked so but my surrounding subordinated were not able to answer and just looked at each other.

I’m tired of my unreliable subordinates. I looked around and found exactly the right people.

They are S rank adventurers who said that they want to participate in the subjugation of the fraudster who claims to be the dragon knight.

They are the adventurers who are based on Maeas that were also called Heroes of Salvation.

I looked at the woman in black robe with short dark green hair.

「Cromwell! 」

When I called her name, the woman turned her face to me.

「What? 」

Cromwell has returned a grumpy reply.

I heard that S rank adventurers are eccentric people but this person is rude. After all, they are people of unknown origin.

I’m irritated but I still looked back at Cromwell.

「You! Can you use flight magic?」

*TN: Torga called Cromwell kiden. It is an archaic/honorific language of calling someone as their equal or superior.

「…I can use it but it requires a considerable amount of time so I don’t want to use it.」

When I asked, Cromwell said so while knitting her forehead.

Still, don’t you have a higher ability compared to imperial mages? No, I can’t compare her with the Galland Empire’s court mages.

When I thought so, I saw a skinny man who is being accompanied by a large quantity of slaves.

It is an S rank adventurer, the healing mage Tidal. I heard that he’s the healer of the S rank adventurer party and can exercise magic that is able to cure all kind of injuries.

However, he looks dark. He has deep eyes that seem to emit sly light.

「Iyaa, I apologize. Although we are confident that we can produce the best results in battles, ask other adventurers for that cause. However, it seems that you were not able to hire adventurers who can scout. Although I took some 100 slaves from a merchant from Maeas who tried to recover them from Galland Empire, there’s not a single scout among these slaves. I’m thinking of using them as swords and shield and they should be grateful for that.」

Tidal said a lengthy line and laughed alone.

This guy is bad news. I wonder if they really are the heroes who saved a city and the lord of that city.

However, there is no doubt that they will become a fighting force.

It is also said that Tidal is one of the few people in the world that can exercise range healing magic.

And it seems that Cromwell can cast the greatest attack magic.

Now, it’s the big man who’s walking in front of Cromwell.

It is the heavy warrior Owayne. He has a large body that rivals mine and is wearing a full plate mail and has an unreasonably thick tower shield.

Owayne is a man that is also called the shield of god. His eyes have strength filled with confidence.

His unkempt silver hair is shaking but he doesn’t move and just looks ahead.

Are these guys really an S rank adventurer party?

It seems that they are fine with deferred payment. If the war intensified, should I have them fight in the front row and kill them from behind?

「Still, Maeas.」

I thought about the large country that is exploiting this fraudster subjugation.

After selling the slaves at an exorbitant price, when they found someone else who they can sell with at a higher price, they took back the goods without permission.

They have been taking money until now and shows minimum obligation to the winning country, the Galland Empire. They are likely to lose trust from all over the world.

Well, the son and daughter of the Maeas’ representative who tried to prevent the collection of the deployed slaves are promising.

In anticipation of the future, they thought that the connection with the Galland Empire is for the best.

They have eyes that can look ahead.

Well, they are merchants that do not participate in war but still do their best to collect new slaves from the city of Journal.

If they became Maeas’ representative, Maeas’ future will be bright.

When the wise me is thinking about the future of another country, the thousand man commander of the frontline is heading for me on his horse.

「The fellow who was claiming to be the Dragon Knight appeared!」


Is he a fool who doesn’t know anything about war!?

Even though he’s just an ornament, to think the commander in chief plays the messenger.

There were fools who open their mouth faster than me when I tried issuing a command to throw the enemy down to the one thousand man commander.

「Where is he!?  Guide me!」

「…show the way.」

Cromwell and Owayne.

I’m thinking why they tried to sell themselves to the army quite diligently. Do they have connections with the fraudster?

The two of them who questioned the one thousand man commander began walking towards the front rank.

「Iyaa, I’m sorry. We’ll attack first, we ask you to follow up as soon as we attacked. Iyaa, because the other party is an unpleasant opponent, don’t you think that it’s better for us to face them? They scratched our value as adventurers, if we don’t show something nice here, we’ll lose our job.」

Tidal said something lengthy again and began walking forward.

The slaves who were walking together with him seem to disturb our ranks.

It is frustrating that my opportunity to issue order has been lost but it might be beneficial for our great country to see the situation first as they hit the enemy.

If they crushed each other and fell, that would be great.

「Good, those adventurers are the vanguard! Afterwards, our Galland Empire troops will trample them!」




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