Chapter 112 – Can I Declare War on War?

It is a great army that fills the ground as far as the eye can see.

Actually, their ranks are like a very long portrait. It is a powerful large army of 100,000.

「My liege, the messenger is very slow. Can I just go there directly?」

Cartas smiled and laughed.

I replied with a wry smile and shook my head to the left and right.

「I’m planning to make our country a major power and join the five major powers. If we crush a neighboring country just to be a major power, dissatisfaction will accumulate and revolt will occur in that defeated country. We just need to fight back because the other party attacked us first. And of course, we must show our power.」

「In other words, we can’t attack first. That’s troublesome. I think we should hit them with full power to show our strength.」

As I explained it, Rosa said so while shrugging her shoulders.

「That’s overkill. From the other party’s point of view, an existence with that much power can attack them anytime. Anyway, the soldiers do not want to fight in a war. They don’t want war but the upper echelon of the empire steps on the tail of the tiger in search of profit. As a result, it is not unusual for them to die…If we make it flow like that, the surviving soldiers will say that all of that happened because of the upper echelon of the country and not because of our country.」

When I explained it, Cartas laughed in a loud voice.

「As expected of my liege! You’re vicious!」

What? I feel that he just badmouthed me.

When I narrowed my eyes and stared at Cartas, Rihanna, who had been looking at me until then, opened her mouth.

「No, every country is doing preparations in advance in order to not be blamed. When two countries became enemies, trade of goods becomes impossible. It will only be disadvantageous to both countries.」

When Rihanna said so, Keira tilted her neck and looked here.

「I apologize if I’m being rude but I have to agree. Since you can exercise magic like pouring a rain of rocks, wouldn’t it be better to make them surrender using that power?」

Keira told me that with a fearful appearance. I shrugged my shoulders.

「For example, let’s assumed that we’ll suppress them with an overwhelming military power, how Keira lived her life until now will suddenly change because your side will be under control. You won’t be delighted with that, right? Presently, being an enemy of the Galland Empire can’t be helped but I need to make friends with other countries. In that way, even if we join the ranks of the five major powers, since we care about the lives of the citizens, the number of our residents will naturally increase.」

That will also make more money for the air transport business.

I kept that in my head without saying it.

With this, we will be recognized as a major military power even though we crushed the Galland Empire in a defensive battle.

After that, we will establish an international alliance with other countries and my country will be the first leader.

If I declare to change the leadership of the alliance with an election every few years, it will be seen by the others as a clean alliance.

Even if our country will win every election.

「Ah, my liege, it seems that the messenger has shown up.」

Cartas called out to me while I’m thinking about the future development.

I looked up and checked and saw the figure of a person I have seen before.

They are the Maeas’ S rank adventurers, the mage Cromwell and the heavy warrior Owayne.

Why are they participating in this war?

While I’m thinking so, many young slave soldiers who are wearing cheap armor came out to the front in succession.

And at the end of that, the former priest, who is now a healing mage, the skinny Tidal appeared.

「Who are those guys?」

At the same time Cartas said that, Cromwell started chanting with a staff in her hand. Owayne set up a very distorted tower shield in front of her.

And Tidal arranged the slaves in the front row with an indecent smile.

「Hou, do they want a magic battle?」

Seeing the formation, Cartas said so as if impressed.

No, I’m afraid that they don’t have that capability.

「Boss, can I go now?」

I was about to explain Cartas about the other party but Rosa is already ready to go.

「For the time being, let’s set up a barrier. Mage corps, multiple barriers in front.」

When I said that, Io replied to me on behalf of the mage corps and came right behind me.

「Yes! Let’s go!」

Io said so, chanting barrier magic and creating a translucent wall in front of us.

It is a wide and large barrier. Is she cautious about wide range magic?

In the game, in order to exercise the magic while moving quickly in the battle of high-level players, one had to form a barrier in an instant. It is mainstream to set a square barrier on one side.

However, it seems that she doesn’t think that it is the optimal solution against magic in this world.

When I was looking at the barrier while thinking of such a thing, Cromwell seemed to have finished chanting. She lifts the edge of her mouth and turns the tip of her staff to this place.

「Such a big barrier is weak against magic that is concentrated at one point! You don’t even know such a thing!? Regret it after you are blown off! Vaught Tormenta!」

Cromwell yelled and the magic was activated.

The neighboring soldiers around Cromwell collapsed and rolled around as wind converges to Cromwell’s staff.

Come to think of it, Cromwell had to say the name of the magic in order to cast it.

When I thought so while paying attention to Cromwell’s magic, Sherry and Rihanna came to me from the back in a panic.

「Ah, that is the wind magic with the greatest attack and penetrating power! We have to scatter to the left and right in order to reduce the damage even a bit!」

I listened to Sherry’s explanation and nodded.

「Is that so? Then, should I set up a barrier too?」

When I say so and try setting up more barriers, Rihanna shakes her head to the left and right.

「That magic can even destroy walls easily. If you’re a mage from the elven country, you might prevent it using a barrier. That has long casting time so we still prepare…」

At that time Rihanna said so, the wind that converges to Cromwell’s wand was released.

I can see that the winds are making spiral movements as its approach.

The high density, converging spiral wind that came from Cromwell’s staff has gone straight at me like a spear.

And it collides with the barrier that Io made.

A roaring sound rages as the spear of wind broke on the other side of the barrier.


Sherry holds her breath as the sound and power of the spear of wind rages at the other side of the barrier.

However, we paid more attention to something else.

「Master, the Galland Empire’s army has begun to move forward.」

Eleanor reported so from the back.

Indeed, soldiers in the front row of the army began to move forward while parting from Cromwell to the left and right.

「How long does that wind-based magic last? Can it be fired in rapid succession? Anyway, they are going to come around from the left and right to nail us.」

When I said that, Cartas snorted and pulled out his sword.

「Oh! My liege! I’ll go to the right!」

「Then, I shall go to the left.」

When Cartas said that, Eleanor took charge on the other side.

I crossed my arms and groaned. I can see that the magic of Cromwell had weakened.

「Okay, then I’ll be in the middle. Because we received an attack from the empire, I can declare war on them. Afterwards, I’ll play with them using my sword.」

When I say so, Cartas and Eleanor nod.

「How about me?」

Rosa asked so happily.

「Rosa will hunt off the enemies we have left behind. Oh, and tell everyone that if there are slave troops who survive by accident, secure them. Heal their injuries and abnormal state and take them to the back. Leave them to the mage corps.」

When I said that, the magic of Cromwell has lost its power.

One barrier has a hole and has cracks.

It seems that the other 30 layers of barrier were untouched.

「All right, it’s has lost its effect. Remove the barrier! Sherry and Rihanna, stay in the middle of the mage corps in the back. Keira, guard them. The remaining melee fighters, come with me, Cartas, and Eleanor.」

When I gave the instruction, the dancer Verossa came to my side.

「Those who are capable of buffing should go too, right?」

「Oh, I ask of you. Well, let’s start the war. Are you ready everyone?」

I nodded to Verossa’s proposal. And when I said that, the members of my guild shouted a roar.

I raised the edge of my mouth and smiled. Then, opened my mouth.

「Let’s go and have some fun!」



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