Chapter 113 – Ikkitousen: Ren-Ren Version

TN: Ikkitousen means a mighty warrior that can match a thousand

Power springs up from the bottom of my body.

This is the effect of Verossa’s dance.

When I pulled the sword out of the sheath, I saw the scenery on the other side of the lifted barrier magic.

They probably have a considerable amount of self-confidence.

S rank adventurers Cromwell and Tidal are glaring at me.

Only Owayne, who was holding a shield and was standing in a low posture, has no emotion.

Meanwhile, soldiers with long spears spread to the left and right of Cromwell’s party. They are planning to attack from three directions.

I inhaled greatly and uttered a loud voice while looking at that spectacle.

「I am the king of Einherjar. Even though I asked why you have invaded our territory, I was attacked as an answer. This army will counter-attack in response to Galland Empire’s attack.」

When I declared so, Tidal, who has a startled face, looked at his slave soldiers.

「Come on! Go! You need to earn time to be able to shoot the next magic!」

Tidal yelled and the slave troops began advancing with distorted faces.

There are many very young soldiers and half of them are beastkins. They seem to be similar beastkins so they are likely from the same hometown.

The remaining soldiers, who are also young, look at us with cramp faces due to fear.

「It can’t be helped.」

When I said that, I casted an elementary water magic.

Rain Drop

When I say so, lumps of water suddenly pours from about five meters above.

Each lump of water is similar to having one tub of water being turned upside down. Their number increases according to magical power so it has become something like a huge waterfall.

The slave soldiers who were hit by the waterfall on their head lose their balance and fall one after another. Those who fall and hit their head with their companion’s armor fainted.

Some of them stay standing to where they are and some of them came running to me with a spear. I did not move from where I’m standing at and casted barrier magic.

Then, the head of the spears of the slave soldiers broke as they touch my barrier.

I glanced at the slaves that have become startled and I shook my sword lightly.

That blow crushed their spears and hit armors of the young slave soldiers.

「Don’t worry. I used the back of my sword.」

Those who were hit by me were blown off, rolled to the ground, and stopped moving.

「Boss, I don’t think they can hear you.」

Shut up. I just wanted to say that line.

I shifted my sword and opened my mouth with a sigh.

Discharge Storm

When I mentioned the name of an elementary thunder magic spell, a blinking white light runs on the ground.


Immediately after, all the wet slave soldiers were electrocuted and their screams sounded all over.

I thought that they would faint gently but it has become something like a torture…

While watching the slave soldiers convulsed and feeling guilty about it, Rosa raised a voice of admiration.

「As expected of boss. You won’t forgive anyone who opposes you even if they are women or children.」

「Ugh. Th-this is war. Oi, Io! Treat the slave soldiers and lay them at the back!」

「Affirmative! Only those who are still alive, right?」

「Yes, only those who are still alive!」

Shit, all of my subordinates are whipping my conscience unconsciously.

I became sulky so I turned my eyes forward and set up my sword.

「Now, shall I play with the enemy lightly?」

I said that as I looked at them and saw Owayne smiling fearlessly while holding his shield.

「Cro-Cromwell! C-ca-can’t you cast a more powerful magic faster!?」

「Sh-shut up! I’m starting the chant now!」

Tidal, who has a distorted face, cried in the back of Owayned to hurry Cromwell. Cromwell took a stance in a haste and started chanting.

I walked towards Owayne while looking at him then looked at the right and left the side of the battlefield.

In Eleanor’s side, people are falling apart noisily while in Cartas’ side, people are dancing in the air like pieces of paper.

Okay, my battle has the most common sense. Those two are doing preposterous things.

I smiled while thinking so. Owayne started walking towards me while having a deep wrinkle on his forehead.

Owayne, who hid most of the body with a shield, is already coming right in front of me.

However, there is no sign of holding a weapon.

What are you trying to do?

Is he confident that he can prevent my first attack with his shield?


When I murmured that word, I swung my sword to the right side of Owayne where some parts of his body are visible.

And then, Owayne changed the position of this tower shield to match my sword.

I’m not serious but he did well this time.

At the same time when I thought of that, my sword was repelled by the tower shield with a strong impact.

「! Boss!」

Rosa, who saw that my posture slightly broke, shouts upon seeing it. I was able to evade immediately backward. Thanks to the fact that I didn’t use my hips when I swung my sword.

After my evasive action, a round blade headed towards me at the height of my eyes.

I avoided the blade by bending my back and take another step backward.


The weapon of Owayne was not a thick sword like before but a spear with an ax as its blade.

「…slipped away?」

Owayne muttered so in a low voice. He hid the halberd in his tower shield again.

「I see. So that’s why I didn’t see you holding any weapon. You’ve hidden it just like that.」

I obediently praised him. I set up my sword and walked towards Owayne.

Frankly speaking, an attack of that level won’t reach me and will just be resisted by my barrier.

What I’m anxious about is the shield that was able to resist my sword.

Looking at it, the outer side of the shield is already torn by my previous blow but there is no change in the center.

Is the material in the middle different?

「Well, I’ll understand it if I cut it.」

I raised the edge of my mouth and murmured. I approached Owayne’s shield with a jump.

I’ll use this skill after a long time.

「Mow Down Level 5

When I say so, I begin to shine white the moment I began to swing my sword. I put my weight and my full power on that slash.

Though there is also the effect of the skill, the destructive sound of the collision of the sword and shield reverberated. Owayne disappeared from the spot he was standing at.

And just by shaking of the sword, the additional effect of the longsword of the storm was activated.The wind vacuum waves in the direction where Owayne was blown off. Tens of soldiers in the back were caught up.

TN: Explanation of the elemental effects of swords: chapter 13

As expected, it will be bad for my reputation if my second attack will be repelled. I used a skill to blow the opponent while thinking that but because of the cutting angle, Owayne’s body sank several meters to the ground.

Although all of his limbs including his head are clearly broken, it is shocking that the shield retains its form.

Although he prevented being slashed by my sword using his shield, Owayne’s dead body had a satisfied smile on his face.

「…! Owayne!」

Tidal who saw Owayne’s remains screamed his name.

「Rosa, please collect Owayne’s shield.」


After hearing my instruction, Rosa moved near Owayne’s corpse while Cromwell’s chant was completed.

Cromwell opens her eyes and turns the tip of her staff towards me.

「Burn everything! Prominence Nova!」

When Cromwell shouts so, the tip of her staff lits up with fire and fire spreads around Cromwell like a whirlpool.

Is she going to fire indiscriminately?

I chose a spell that emphasizes speed to crush Cromwell before she can release her magic.

Frost Rock

「It is useless to chant something! I…」

Cromwell tried to say something but a chunk of ice with a width of few meters fall over Cromwell’s head that crushed her and her magic.

The flames dissipated before they spread. Cromwell’s body was crushed by the mass of ice.

「…! Ka, wa…」

TN: Ka-wa-banga?

Cromwell’s face is on the ground spilling out blood from her mouth, eyes, and ears.

Looking at the deceased, Tidal’s body trembled and fell.

「Heal her. Aren’t you the best healing mage?」

When I say that, Tidal stared at me with a twitching face.

「Are you an idiot? No matter how you look at her, she’s dead! There is no point in healing her!」

The bloodshot eyed Tidal said that. I shrugged my shoulder and turned to his direction.

「How can you call yourself a healing mage if you can’t even do that? Yes, I will let you experience it with your body. I’ll revive you no matter how many times you die…Aren’t you glad?」

As I said that and walked towards Tidal, Tidal began crawling on the ground.

「I-idiot. You can’t do it…I-it’s impossible…」

When Tidal looked up at me with a face that is about to cry, a soldier flew from Cartas’ direction and crashed into Tidal.


「…What an unlucky guy.」

I said that while smiling wryly. The sword of the soldier accidentally fell into Tidal’s throat.


He tried saying something while sinking into a sea of blood. I talked gently to Tidal.

「Don’t worry. I’ll revive you later. Many times.」



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