Chapter 114 – Ikkitousen: Eleanor’s Version

The enemy is a large army of tens of thousands.

They divided in half in the front line.

Nonetheless, there are still thousands of soldiers, who are holding spears, approaching me.

They are gradually closing their distance as they turn their long spears here.

While doing so, countless of arrows draw an arc from the sky and they are probably aiming at me.

Normal soldiers can’t use magic and although they can use weapons, they have weak bodies.

I picked up the sword that I love while watching their spearmanship in order to determine the strength of the Galland Empire’s army.

A sword featuring a wavy blade, flamberg.

The length of the blade is about one meter. It is made of orichalcum and has a magic carve seal that increases one’s physical ability.

Although it has a side effect of lowering my defense, master made a white dress for me using scales of the dragon of color, and boots, earrings, and, bracelet made of Mythril.

All of those have magic carve seal. As a magic swordsman, my skill is considered to be poor but I have top class ability in terms of speed and attack power.

Master said that unless someone has the ability to hit me, I’m the strongest.

Moreover, my physical abilities have been improved with the assistance of Verossa.

「…Let’s go.」

I muttered so as I saw a large number of spears approaching in front of me.

I quickly played with the three spears in front of me with the sword in my right hand, took one of the spears with my left hand and raised it to push up.

With that, a little opening showed up.

I lowered my body to a gap of about 1 meter from the ground and slips to the approaching soldiers in a dash before he could pull the spear.


The soldiers in front realized that I’m close enough for him to counterattack.

I cut the hand of a soldier in front of me quickly and cut the arm of the soldier next to him.

While other soldiers are losing sight of me, I cast magic in a small voice.

「Earth Edge

When I murmured so, blades of earth with 30 centimeters height sticks out innumerably to the range of about 10 meters centering on me.



While the screams of soldiers, who were torn up from their foot up to their knees, echoed, I cut in and dash in the interior of the army and breaks their ranks.

In order not to be caught, I moved faster.


I heard the screams of the soldiers everytime I slashed one. I cut off the legs of the enemy soldiers while running low to the ground in a zigzag manner.

After returning to the front line, the soldiers I failed to cut was only about 200 – 300.

The front ranks of their army completely collapsed.

When I took a breath and looked sideways, master was fighting a man with a huge shield.

While I’m instinctively looking at master’s brave figure, an arrow has flown to me with the sound of the wind being cut.


I sidestepped lightly, set up my sword and cut off the dozens of flying arrows.

「Shit!  What is that woman?」

「This is stupid! She’s the only one here…!」

「Finish her! Surround her!」

When I looked at the direction where I heard those words, a man in red armor, which seems to be the commanding officer, was giving instructions to his surrounding on top of his horse.

Then, the soldiers in the back run and surround me in a panic.

Even if the other party is the enemy, I can say that they are quite capable of making a quick judgment.

However, if your target is only one person and has the ability to move quickly, you should have gathered a small number of people with high ability to defeat that person instead.

If the ability is too different, you should challenge it by quantity from the front and continue to attack until that person runs out of physical strength.

Otherwise, it will be like this.

I kicked the ground on the spot and started cutting the crowd of soldiers that tried to surround me.

I cut two, three people to break their encirclement and cut again those who turned their back to me.

If you really want to stop me, who’s faster than a horse,  from moving, you should have used traps or magic.

However, it is impossible to use that in this terrain which is a flat ground.

「Ma-mage corps! Where is the mage corps!?」

The commander finally noticed it and raised his voice.

Then, I saw a mage corps coming here from a place a little bit away.

I can also use barrier magic but not as versatile as master.

Therefore, I decided not to use magic when fighting against mages.

「Here I go! Aerial Slash!」

Wind attribute sword skill.

This is one of my favorite techniques.

After activating the technique, I confirmed that a three-meter blade of wind has stretched out of my flamberg and started flying in a dash.

A weak man will be split in two with this but with this number of people, I don’t expect much.

I concentrated my consciousness on the enemies and ran forward. It felt like I’m in slow motion as I pushed behind the surrounding landscape.

After that, I simply have to kill.

I run to the left and right and cut everything on my way.

Because of my speed, it is now impossible to hit me with a bow.

Frost Rain!」

While raising my body from my posture, I turned my empty left hand towards the enemy and said those words.

Immediately afterward, a number of ice balls, as large as a head, fell over a wide area diagonally left in front of me.

If my magical power had been on par with master, that same magic would have been quite different.

However, my build is focused on speed and attack power so that move of mine is just for restraining.

「…although it seems that I was able to give enough damage with magic of that degree.」

I muttered so as I put out my sword and looked around.

A few dozen people have collapsed with my ice magic earlier.

「Stop! Stop! Go go go!」

When I was looking around, the commander shouted loudly again.

Master doesn’t care about the regular soldiers of the imperial army so their life and death don’t matter.

When I judge so, I run up to the commander’s side and open my mouth.

「Earth Edge

The moment I casted that earth magic, screams echoed around.

The horse that the commander was riding on also fell down and hit the ground.

However, the commander is no longer in that area.


When I looked up, the man who seemed to be the commander, who is wearing a red armor, was about to slash me with a sword.

I don’t have a sword in my hand. I raised my left hand and expose it to the blade of the sword that the man swings down.

The next moment, the man’s sword that touched my hand shattered into pieces.

When the man landed on the ground, he was shocked as he looked at his sword.

「Th-this is stupid! This is ridiculous! A steel sword was smashed with bare hands!? That superhuman strength, you’re a monster!」

While listening to the hoot that man uttered with astonishment, I silently tear the man’s body with his armor in two.

You’re rude.

It is just one of my defensive skills.

On the other hand, your weapon is horrible for shattering just by me defending.

If it is master, that kind of weapon level is just a throwing weapon.



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