Chapter 115 – Ikkitousen: Cartas’ Version

TN: I apologize for this ridiculously poor translation in advance. There are several characters that speak in an archaic way like Cartas so it should be translated to a shakespearean way? I tried so before but even I didn’t get what I write. Anyway, if you don’t like the way I translate this chapter, I’ll skip it next time I encounter a similar chapter.

「Nuhahaha! Let’s go!」

I gently swung my sword after getting the right timing to attack.

I activated a skill at the same time.

「Nuu! Ten Thousand Black Shadow Slash!」

As soon as I shouted that, a black blade appears from the blade of my sword that cut down the enemies.

The black shadow blade extends radially and flies.  It exterminated nearly 100 enemies at a stroke.

「Mou. So that’s how it is. It can’t kill them all. 」

I muttered so then change my sword and looked around.

Somehow, the soldiers are looking at me with a stiff face. Is it not fun to fight someone strong?

While tilting my head, I set the sword at the same height as my waist and rush towards the center of the soldiers.

「Nuueryaaaa! 」

Along with my battlecry, I activated a skill while waving my sword.

「Sword Skill! 」

TN: 禊臨覇図隷剣 – This is the Sword Skill

The moment it is activated, the blade of my sword blurred and disappears. Instead, a black wave spreads radially.

The soldiers in the front row that were hit by it in their armor were thrown up to the rear.

And, the soldiers behind them were blown off one after another according to the wave’s sequence.

「Okay! You won’t live long enough if you can’t handle this! 」

I said that and laughed. I set up my sword high.

I swing the sword down from the top of my head to the ground and activate a skill.

「Sword Skill! 」

TN: 響蹄大阿多離剣 – hibiki hizumedai omone tahanatsurugi – Multiple echoes of the fire hoof sword?

The blade of the sword reached the ground at the same time as I shouted the skill name. A white slash which is higher than me runs straight.

The white slash rushes forward deep into the back while hitting multiple rows of soldiers in the center.

「There’s still more! Certain kill! Sword Skill! 」

TN: Yup, I gave up wasting time. Here is the technique 迦尓之破斬剣.

I swung my sword as I activated my skill that has the longest attack range.

First one is a horizontal slash, then a round one, and then a horizontal slash again….

I go around waving my sword.

And each wave of my sword sends up a person flying.

Originally, it is a technique one uses to take distance from an opponent. It is a technique to blow the defending vanguard of an enemy. I find it funny seeing the common soldiers blow off.

A thousand or two thousand should have been knocked down, but still a large army. I don’t feel that the enemy is decreasing at all.

When I looked at my side, I saw my liege being repelled by a heavy warrior with a big shield.

Fuumu, as expected of my liege.

He used lower class weapons and added restrictions for him.

I don’t want to put away this favorite sword of mine but I should hold back too.

No, if I don’t return early, Camry-jisan will take my place as the lord of the castle.

That means I must annihilate these guys in a hurry.

「He stopped! Shoot arrows towards the man with weird armor! Defend the front line with shield with your very best! Kill him from long distance! 」

I heard such instructions from the soldier on the rear.

「…weird armor? Huh? 」

I cannot let those words that I just heard pass. I narrowed my eyes and looked at the direction where the voice came from.

In the back, there is a man in a red armor riding a horse that is giving orders around.

Since the man in red armor is in the interior of their army, does that mean that commanders supposed to wear red armor?

Then, is it okay for the rude fellow, who called the armor my liege gave me, be kept alive?

If he really is the commander, their ranks will be disheveled and they will be easier to suppress if I kill him.

Good, I’ll kill you. I’ll kill you at once.

As I determined the target, I kicked the ground and flew up.

「Fuuooo! Silencing Chrysanthemum! 」

I shouted so and swung my sword four times in the air.

I slashed two times vertically and two times horizontally.

By doing so, I was able to draw a square in the air. Black flame burst along the square line I drew in the air.

The black square flame continues to burn in the air even after I landed on the ground.

「Shit! 」

When I waved my sword on that state, countless of black blades had flown from the air to the ground as if I have a number of swords in the air.

And the black blades that hit the grounds and the soldiers exploded with a roaring sound.

The explosion is something like the air instantaneously expands and not the kind of explosion that produces a pillar of fire.

It may be not so flashy but two waves can blow away 30 soldiers.

Although this skill has a time limit, I can use another skill to blow away the enemies. In addition, it has a wide range and attacks in the direction I’m facing.

Moreover, it is my favorite skill since it’s effect can stack up.

「Sword Skill! Wei! 」

TN: It’s the certain kill skill again.

I activated the skill and swung my sword diagonally from my upper left to my lower right. I sidestepped and swing it from the left to the right.

「Nuuarya! 」

My body rotated using the recoil of the wave of the sword that I swung with a battle cry. By applying the momentum, I was able to swing my sword from the left to the right again.

My last strike has a good sword speed so a big wave was delivered to the enemy army.

The front line of the enemy army collapse as it was hit by a sword wave that is almost 30 meters wide.

「Well, I don’t know how many people I have cut but that’s what you get for bad mouthing my liege. 」

I have done this much just to kill 1 person. It is probably time for the skill to end.

I laughed alone and tried to sheath my sword.

Then, the shout echoes from the rear.

「Wa-wait, you! 」

When I turned my face to the direction of the voice, there was a wide man with red armor.

It is not a design of the armor, that man is simply fat.

The man lifted his right hand while staring at me.

「Mage corps! Ice spear! Mercenary Corps, Desert Wolf and Dragon Fang! Shoot!」

When the man gave the signal, magics were fired from my front in four directions. There are fireballs, ice spears, 10 or twenty cm wide rocks, and wind blades.

「All different attributes! That’s good! However, one wrong move and those will cancel each other!」

I explained so and shook my sword.

One slash, two slashes, three slashes….I swung it 15 times.

By the time I put my sword in its sheath, all the magic was canceled out by me slashing, cutting, and countering them.

Looking at it, the soldiers’ faces are dyed with fear and despair.

「This is stupid…impossible! To cancel magic with sword…!」

「You’ve seen it with your own eyes.」

I replied to the lines of the man, who seemed to be a commanding officer, half-heartedly.

Nevertheless, I cut my way in the center of the enemy forces by using long-range attack skills.

Their front line completely collapsed.

「That’s it! I’ll exterminate mages to some extent before returning!」

When I smiled and said that, the mage corps cried out loud and ran away.

「Hey, how about chanting quickly!? In about 1 or 2 seconds there will be a sea of blood here! Uwahahaha!」

TN: This is a short chapter but it took me two days to translate it. I decided to make this chapter a site exclusive so I will not remove the password no matter what.


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