Chapter 116 – Matchless Warriors

Looking at the way the front line collapse, my shameful subordinates panicked.

「Ge-general!? Wh-what is going on!?」

「Th-the soldiers are being blown away!?」

While such meaningless reports and questions were thrown one after another, I watched the battlefield with my arms folded.

The first magic is undoubtedly casted by the S rank adventurer.

Then, the soldiers in the front lines keep on disappearing continuously by being blown away.

A group of extraordinary mages is coming from the right and a group of abnormal swordsman and mages united together to the left and are now running forward.

They seem to be a frightening battle group but their war experience seems shallow.

No matter how strong they are, it is impossible to continue fighting with their full strength.

In addition, they didn’t even make a battle formation and just confront this large army head-on.

Their strategy that can’t be called a strategy is nothing but foolishness. No, it can even be called madness.

Well, I sent a considerable number of scouts to check the surprise attack from the left and right even though there is no particular problem.

「Ge-general! The enemy overwhelmed the left flank and are now advancing to the front line mages!」

「What!? Th-that’s stupid! Are you saying that nearly 10,000 soldiers on the front line were already cut down in a short amount of time, you bastard!」

I lift my face, gaze and shout at my subordinate who gave that report.

「N-no! Only the enemy unit on the left has progressed that much! 」

「Do not report misleading report, you fool!! 」

When I’m rebuking my useless subordinates, I saw soldiers of my army being blown away in the distance.

Indeed, only the left side has progressed that much.

「Tell the soldiers on the right side to move forward and make the soldiers on the left side retreat a little! Let’s lure them here! 」

As soon as I gave the instructions, one of my subordinates changed expression and left for the front line.

「Mage corps! Scatter to the left and right! Heavy soldiers, move to the center part! 」

When I commanded them so, regular soldiers moved in a good way as expected.

However, the slave soldiers movements are slow and the mercenary teams didn’t want to join the formation.

「The fast-footed mercenary teams will go around and intercept the enemy army from the left and right! You can even sneak around their rear if you can! 」

As soon as I said that, the mercenary teams have begun scattering to the left and right too.

The report that the other party is few was completely wrong.

Since there was a report that there were only a few people, I planned to crush them down using 10,000 highly skilled soldiers.

Moreover, a considerable number of mages are supposed to join the front line.

The problem is that my useless subordinates were the one commanding them. If it was me, they can even be considered the best army in the world.

While I was thinking about my frightening talent, something happened ahead.

Black flames floated above the soldiers.

「What the hell is that?」

I yelled to my subordinates but no one tried to answer.

Should I chop the head of my useless subordinates first?

While I’m thinking of doing that, something went out from the black flame.

I was speechless at the eerie spectacle. It looks like a horde of bats flew out of a cave. The soldiers of our army were blown in the air as they were hit by those objects.

Violent explosions sounded continuously and our soldiers danced in the air like a joke.

「What is that magic!?」

「I-I don’t know!」

「Ei! Mage corps commander!」

I looked around the surrounding and raised my voice. I even had a headache due to anger. An idiotic face of the commander of the main mage corps reflected in my eyes as I saw him with his corps.

Every single one of them is staring at the front with their mouths wide open like an idiot.

「Mage Corps! Someone, answer!」

I faced the mage corps and shouted. Seda, the mage corps commander, opened his eyes thinly and looked at me.

「What is that magic!?」

When I asked so, Seda made a dry laugh and shook his head right and left.

「I have never heard or seen something like that… I don’t know that magic.」

As Seda murmured with a voice like he has a fever, he looked at the devastation in the front again.

「You don’t even have a guess you bastard!?」

Seda looked up at me with cold eyes when I asked him that loudly. I feel like vomiting blood because of rage.

「I don’t know. You better leave general. Rather than talking to a fool like you, I have a more important job of burning that magic to my eyes and brain. I ask you to shut up.」

I instinctively pulled out my sword and turned my horse head for Seda as I heard his unbelievable rant.

「You need to be disciplined!」

When I said that, something like a white blade passed through between the mage corps and me.

The sound of the wind being cut and the sound of scooping the ground and the sound of soldiers being blown off can be heard.

When I turned my face forward to see what was happening, a bearded man with weird black leather outfit is standing there.

「Oh! You’re one of the commanders, right?」

When the man raised his stout eyebrow as if he is pleased, he readied his sword and pulled in his chin.

「Now, don’t come halfheartedly or I’ll immediately take your neck.」

The man laughed fearlessly as he said so.

Looking at it, the man is alone. I looked at the far rear of the man. Beyond the corpses of the Galland Army’s soldiers are three people who seemed to be companions of this man. Still, the enemy is in this place alone.

No way, did this guy damaged our army this much alone?

I instinctively imagined such a foolish delusion in my head and shook immediately.

「I’m the strongest general of the Galland Empire, Torga! You’re the one who’s going to get killed!」

After introducing myself, I dismounted from the horse and grabbed my sword.

Did he like what I said? He is laughing dynamically. He directed his sword at me at my chest height and opened his mouth.

「You’re interesting, Torga! Now, are you going to fight me one on one! Or, are you going to challenge me again with numbers?」

When the man said so and raised the edge of his mouth, a voice of a young man suddenly sounded from the rear.

「Stop it, idiot.」

After saying that, a young man with black hair stood behind the bearded man.

The young man looked straight at me and leaked a “Fu” breath.

「Are you the general?」

I looked at the young man who called me “you” impolitely and tried to complain.

However, I was not able to emit a voice.



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