Chapter 117 – Magic Warrior Ren-Ren VS Muscle Brain Warrior Torga

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As Cartas dashes through the depths of the enemy too much alone, I had no choice but to join Eleanor and move forward while blowing away the enemy soldiers.

Rosa and three other melee fighters of my guild chase after Cartas while the mage corps is slowly approaching while treating the surviving slave soldiers from behind.

Rain Drop

As I cast magic, Eleanor beats the soldiers who are out of range of my magic.

Because I prioritized catching up with Cartas, I let my other melee guild members help and guard me.

I vomit a sigh while looking at Cartas who cut in deep within the camp of the enemy.

「Why does he go forward that far? That guy…Well, I certainly gave out a vague instruction.」

When I murmured, Eleanor came to my side and opened her mouth.

「During guild wars, Cartas was the incision commander. I think that his habit of rampaging to his heart’s content is returning. He is able to give accurate instructions in battle if I’m not the spearhead.」

When Eleanor said that, I thought about the days of the game.

I made him while imagining commanders from Sengoku era. He is supposed to be able to take command of an army…

While thinking of such a thing, I turned my eyes to the ranks of the Galland empire army.

As far as I can see, they have already lost the will to fight.

They have spears but there is no sign of coming towards me.

However, the slave soldiers will be cut by an ally if they will not fight.

Well, I’m not sure if the slave soldiers will listen to me but if they’re lucky enough to survive my magic, we’ll take care of them after the battle.

Rain Drop

As I cast magic and move forward in the enemy’s camp, I finally reached the area where Cartas is.

Well, it’s just a place where soldiers are blown away.

While paying a silent tribute to the soldiers who I’m not sure if dead or alive, I saw Cartas confronting a big man when I advanced all the way to the inner part.

It is hard to confirm what he looks like because of the armor but it is obvious that he’s a general because of the gorgeous armor and cloak with embroidery.

When I am observing the armored man who seemed to be the general, Cartas outstretched his hand and opened his mouth.

「You’re interesting, Torga! Now, are you going to fight me one on one! Or, are you going to challenge me again with numbers?」

「Stop it, idiot.」

I moved quickly to the back of Cartas and said that to Cartas.

The moment Cartas heard my voice, he was surprised to the extent of leaping his body then turn around.

「M-my liege! No, this is…」

Upon seeing my face, Cartas’ attitude changed into something like a boyfriend who was just caught cheating with someone. The man named Torga looked at Cartas in a bad way.

「Are you the general?」

When I said so, Torga glares at me with eyes full of bloodlust. He set up his sword without saying anything in particular.

I opened my mouth while looking at his long, thick double-edged sword.

「You’re a quiet guy.」

When I smiled and said that, I put my sword on my shoulder and decided to introduce myself in a slightly bigger voice.

「I am the king of Einherjar, Ren. This time, the Galland Empire’s army has entered our territory without permission so I came to confirm the intentions of the empire.」

When I said that, Torga clicked his tongue and put power on his arm.

「Doing something like a confirmation after all of this! Are you taking us as fools!」

Seeing Torga suddenly shouting, I nodded.

「Well, that’s right. But I informed you that I came here to talk when I arrived. A large number of soldiers heard it.」

When I said that, I lifted the sword on my shoulder and turned it to Torga’s face.

「And then you attacked us and thrown your army. This is a consequence of your deeds.」

When I said that, Torga groaned silently for a moment and immediately raised his face again.

「…No, that’s not true! It’s you who suddenly attacked our army! Cowards!」

Tolga is somehow trying to justify the actions of its own forces but it was a horribly lousy response.  Perhaps, his head is not very good.

「Why would the 50 of us attack a large army? Are you seriously saying that, General Torga?」

When I said that, Tolga stopped moving and turned his face to us.

「…Fi-fifty? Only fifty people? Foolish bastard! Even a child can tell a more proper lie!」

Torga shouts so, even if believes it or not, it is a fact.

Well, as a person who leads the army, he will not admit it.

I felt a little sympathy for Torga, I shrugged my shoulders and opened my mouth.

「Well then, let’s play a game general. Wouldn’t it be better to end this by having a one on one battle? Anyway, if this continues, the Galland empire’s army will be annihilated without being able to do anything. Einherjar doesn’t bully the weak, it leaves a bad aftertaste after all.」

When I said that, I heard a sound of crunching tooth from Torga’s mouth.

In the future, this guy will use denture.

I thought about such a thing while looking at a short-tempered Torga.

And when I was spending power thinking about such superfluous thing, Torga shouted with all he has and nodded.

「…Good! Let have a game with swords!」

「Oh, you’re good with it? There’s not going back now that you said it.」

When I tried to confirm Torga’s answer, Torga swings the sword he’s holding.

「You talk too much! This army that was handed to me by the emperor was battered here! I will not let it suffer more damage!」

Torga dropped his hips and yelled.

He possibly has moderate power with that posture. The blade of his sword is about 180 cm in length. Its thickness is about two to three centimeters.

Rather than cutting, it looks like a sword that is used for crushing.

After analyzing Tolga’s sword, I opened my mouth.

「You made a good choice. You’re going to die anyway. Come on, take it easy.」

When I said that and raised the edge of my mouth, Torga’s big body jumped out towards me mightily.

「Lick this!」

The large sword that was swung down by the angry Torga approached my head.


I was surprised by the sword’s speed so I guess I shouldn’t fool around.

I twisted my body while parrying Torga’s large sword with mine and the impact flows to the side.

「! Nua!」

Judging from the weight and the momentum of Torga’s sword, I thought that it will not stop until it hits that ground but Torga glanced at me and groaned. He managed to stop the sword before it hits the ground.

Then, swiftly slashed the sword diagonally.


I used my sword to ward of Torga’s sword. I turned my waist and kicked Torga’s armored belly with my right foot.

A low, heavy, metallic sound is heard. Torga falls and rolls on the ground.

He seems to be able to move as much as he wants even if he’s wearing a heavy armor and sword.

I nodded while looking at the rising Torga.

「You are very skillful. It is hard to predict the direction that your sword will take with that superhuman strength of yours. Interesting.」

When I said so, Torga fixed his stance.

「To think that there is a person that can prevent my sword… The world is wide. However, if you can’t counterattack with your sword, it’s my win!」

Torga shouted so and ran to me at once.

His aim is likely my shoulder and the base of my neck.

I lifted my sword and arranged it to clash with Torga’s sword.

I frowned as a metallic sound stung my ear while Torga opened his eyes wide as he saw his sword.

Torga’s sword was cut from the middle and the tip of the severed sword had disappeared somewhere.

「I’m sorry but it’s over. At the very least, I will kill you properly.」

After saying that, I looked at the dumbfounded Torga and raised my sword high.

Flame tongue

I swung the sword down while using a sword skill with fire attribute.

Torga’s body and armor were split in two from head to crotch. And due to the magic sword skill that I used, his bodies were wrapped in a pillar of flame.

To the pillar of flame the climbed to the sky, even the empire’s soldiers who were watching around forgot to escape and just watched the spectacle.


I felt that Torga muttered something while being burned in the blazing fire but I sheath my sword without saying anything.



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