Chapter 118 – The Withdrawal of the Galland Empire’s Army and Thereafter

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The death of their commander-in-chief was clear to everyone.The Galland Empire’s army collapsed.

Red armored commanders turned their backs on us and escaped.

Majority of the mercenaries ran away but some of them switch over. They came to greet me.

As for the slave soldiers, some run away and some stands to where they are with a stunned face.

For the time being, all of those who remain on site were treated and the slaves were also release from slavery magic.

In the end, there are about 20,000 slaves that survived in this battlefield and half of them promised to live in my country.

The remaining 10,000 will return to their hometown.

The surprising thing is, most of the beastkins will come to my country.

There were more than one hundred elves but 90 of them will return home. It is according to expectation.

Healing magic was continuously chanted on the vast battlefield. I also had to separate those who want to be a citizen of my country to those who don’t, that alone took a considerable amount of time.

「Master, what should we do now?」

In front of ten thousand people who would come to our country, Eleanor asked me so.

「…For the time being, let’s take everyone to the capital today. There are also people on the other battlefield, do we have enough empty houses for all of them?」

When I asked, Cartas crossed his arms and groaned.

「Yes. There will be if we have four of them to sleep in a room.」

When Cartas said so, Rosa nodded.

These two are the lords of the Val Valhalla castle so it might be okay.

When I agreed with that, I opened my mouth while looking at the former slaves.

「All right, from now on, you will be a citizen of my country, Einherjar. Because there are plenty of jobs, you will not become jobless. If you wait a few days, I will give each of you a house! Those who are separated from their families will be helped to pick them up after a while! Well then, please take care of me from now on!」

When I told that to everyone, cheers shook the ground.

And after hearing the treatment, more than three thousand more people wanted to become a citizen of my country.

A few days after the war.

Including the former slaves we picked up on the battlefield near Collinwood, the newly migrated people exceeded 30,000.

The total number of guardsmen in our country has reached 10,000.

Even if I say that they are guards, they also act as police and military so their number is still insufficient.

By the way, we increased the number of building so all of their family members can live here. We also formally opened a school with the help of Keira.

The adventurer’s level is still low but Brunhilde’s Silver Wind was finally able to stay overnight in the forest of abyss.

There are a lot of strong monsters but they are rare and materials from them had high value so not only Brunhilde, the B rank adventurer Wolf is also making a lot of profit while challenging the forest of abyss with a large number of adults.

Thanks to the materials, the Merchant Guild records top-class sales in import and export. The Merchant Guild executives, Vian and Kubido, seem to be one step closer to promotion.

Finkle’s siblings were also captured due to the cooperation of the Merchant Guild and were deported to Maeas.

The Alchemist Guild and normal blacksmiths had a hard time processing rare materials but my guild members disclosed some information and they profited a lot.

Because I want the other feudal lords to do as much as possible in their town, I reformed them little by little with the orphanage and school as a start.

The scary thing is, a beautiful highway had opened from the capital to Ramblas when I asked some production inclined members and mages to do something about it when they don’t have anything to do.

The country building has been amazingly smooth.

However, the international alliance and the air transport business is having a rough time.

There is no reply from Galland Empire.

Rihanna seems to have made documents after making postwar arrangements or something but there is no news at all.

Well, I know why but there is nothing I can do about that.

The reason is caused by the fact that the soldiers and the mercenaries who survived the war were not paid so they attacked the city where the emperor lives.

And, there are also signs of revolt in each prefecture which they forced to collect goods and soldiers from to use in the previous war.

Why has the historical defeat of the Galland Empire’s army so spread to various places?

It’s because the information was spread by the Maeas’ peddlers.

Of course, since my guild members can use flight magic, the information was scattered all over in just three days.

Therefore, the emperor Hakan lost his authority and each prefecture started moving in preparations for a coup.

Originally, the empire is a country where one can be a magistrate if you have enough ability so they might have judged that there will be no future with the empire.

Perhaps the Galland Empire will be separated to different countries in each prefecture but I will leave them be.

If they become a separate country, air transport services can be allowed in several places and that will increase the tariff.

Therefore, the international alliance and the air transport are on hold until the problem in Galland Empire is settled.

The current problem to be solved is that the country of elves, the country of beastkins, and the country of dwarves have expressed their opposition to the alliance and air transport.

We’re still under negotiation with the Immenstadt  Empire so I need to wait.

I want to send messengers to the elf, beastkin, and dwarf country in order to make them join the international alliance and the air transport business.

It’s important so I’m willing to head to their king myself.

「Elven country…」

I’m currently sitting on the throne when I muttered.

Then, Eleanor looked at me with a thin smile.

「Master, what’s with that loose face?」



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