Chapter 119 – Let’s Go to the Country of Elves and Beastkins

The morning came.

Various things happened yesterday but the morning came as usual.

Looking next to me, beautiful blond hair with loose waves swayed, and when I looked at the opposite side, dark blue hair which looks like it was always tied spreads.

Okay, this is dangerous.

I had a good night’s sleep so I should quietly go to work.

I slipped out of bed carefully and dressed up fast out of consideration. I heard a sound of moving behind.

This is a retreat.

I have to make a strategic retreat.

Let’s have Proudia deliver them delicious tea later.

TN: If you’re wondering who are those two, I’ll give you a clue. None of his guild members from the game has those kind of hairstyle description. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

To me who’s sitting on the throne in the throne room, a  beautiful, short, blonde girl below the stairs, Sunny, opened her mouth.


To the gentle voice of rejection of Sunny, I dropped my shoulders.

On the contrary, the long blonde beauty, Eleanor, raised her eyebrows to Sunny’s attitude.

「It’s master’s order.」

When Eleanor said so, Sunny pointed her mouth and pulled in her chin.

「Because elves are annoying.」

「You’re an elf too.」

I thrust instinctively to Sunny’s excuse. Then, Sonny looked up at me and shook her head to the right and left.

「I’m a high elf. An existence that fights against elves.」

「I’m just asking you to accompany me, not to fight them…」

I am exhausted to the lines of Sunny.

There, the dragonkin Lagreat, who’s standing next to Sunny, intervened. Lagreat turned his red eyes from the blonde girl to me.

「I’m going too, right my lord? However, I have never heard about dragonkins in this world at the moment, do you think that beastkins know about dragonkins?」

Lagreat tilted his head while saying so.

Hmm, it is true that when creating a beastkin character, the strongest is the dragonkins but no one knows about them in this world.

Therefore, I’m going to take Soarer this time.

I moved my gaze to a glamorous beauty who stands next to Lagreat. A fox beastkin with big triangular ears over her long flowing black hair, Soarer.

「If Soarer is there, the beastkins response might soften so it will probably be alright.」

When I said that, Soarer smiled while tilting her head.

「I’m happy but isn’t Sainos good too?」

When Soarer said so, the black haired dog beastkin in a traditional japanese kimono like clothes, Sainos, sat down on the edge of the throne room.

「I was dumped by my liege… I was dumped by my liege….」

Sainos was muttering something with empty eyes but I didn’t bother looking at him and looked at Soarer. I’ll just send him an alligator camel meat later.

「This time, Lagreat is going to act as my escort. He’ll be the vanguard. Though I also want a scout…I don’t know how the dark elf Sedeia will be treated.」

「Is there a dark elf village?」

When Eleanor asked, I nodded, crossed my arms and groaned.

「There was one but it looks like it’s separate from the Elf village. It will be troublesome if they become hostile. There is a little information so the danger is unknown.」

When I said that, Eleanor nodded and looked up at me.

「Indeed. In addition, our guild members that are good at scouting are flying to various places with the mages. There is a shortage of manpower.」

「That’s right. To be honest, the lack of manpower might be our biggest challenge.」

I answered so and turned my attention to Sunny.

「Sunny, the other high elves might not be as powerful as you. Would you go with me?」

When she heard that again, Sunny nodded unwillingly.

「Understood, I will eradicate them.」

「Absolutely don’t.」

We fly through the sky with flight magic and pass through the sky above Galland Empire.

「Ah, soldiers again.」

In response to Sunny ‘s words, I looked at the ground from the sky.

「Currently, we have spread information on various places of Galland Empire and Maeas so the Rembrandt kingdom will be next, is that a fast horse?」

On the ground, there are more than ten horses running and all of them are being ridden by soldiers wearing armor.

Perhaps they have heard the historical defeat of the Galland Empire in the nearby town and are on their way to bring the information to the emperor.

They have suffered disastrous defeat in all three battles. In addition to that, there is an information that their finances are failing.

If you are a soldier of the Galland Empire, you’ll want to take it back to the Imperial capital city and confirm the authenticity of the information.

「The Galland Empire has it hard. Well, they are foolish to defy my lord. Compared to the Rembrandt Kingdom who is now restructuring because of their respect to my lord and Maeas who’s already making profit on the international alliance and air transport, the difference is clear. 」

Lagreat happily said so while turning round and round in the air.

「Is the empire’s capital still far? Still, the Galland Empire was a big country. 」

「Soarer, you’re saying it in past tense. 」

Lagreat plunged into Soares lines and laughed heartily.

「Fufufu, that’s right. By the way my lord, why are we going to the country of elves and not in Immenstadt Empire? 」

Soarer said so and looked at me. Lagreat nodded in agreement and looked at me as well.

「Yes, that’s right. The country of the elves and the country of the beastkins do not have much diplomatic relations with the humans, right? They are kidnapped to be slaves like its natural.」

Lagreat asked me so, so I opened my mouth while groaning.

「Hmm, the idea is, high elves are treated as royal, how do you think they will treat Sunny? Therefore, I thought that they would desire to talk with us if we take the high elf Sunny with us. Also, I feel like the empire reeks of trouble. 」

When I say so, Soarer and Lagreat tilted their heads. Sunny is still looking for soldiers on the ground.

「The Immenstadt Empire stinks of trouble? Why?」

「According to its name, the Immenstadt Empire is a country ruled by an emperor. It seems that there was a time when the empire had the widest land area but for the last two generations of emperor, the country’s power and land decreased to its present state.」

I limit the talk there and opened my mouth after vomiting a short breath.

「The present emperor is trying to change that situation. And there seems to be an existence manipulating the emperor from the shadow.」

「Manipulating from the shadow?」

Lagreat who’s been listening to me tilted his neck.

「Ah, it’s a religion that believes in one god called Melqart.」

TN: Melqart is a phoenician god. Here is the wikipedia link if you want to know the details.


Soarer was surprised to hear my words and opened her eyes a little. I have read something like that in a manga but is it really surprising?

Religionists make countries even on earth.

I turned my face to Soarer and nodded shallowly.

「Religion gives troublesome idea to the other party. I will probably be recognized as a heretic so I’ll challenge them last. In that aspect, I challenged the merchant’s of Maeas first.」

「Is that so…? The only religion I know of is the Holy Oogami religion. It is a religion that dislikes fighting and heals injured or deceased people.」

Holy Oogami religion. It is a religion in the game. Moreover, it is not a corrupt religion, they didn’t overcharge high-level players.

When I was wondering whether I should bring up the religious wars in the history of the Earth, Sunny opened her mouth.

「Ah, we’ll hit a big mountain soon.」


When I raised my face because of Sunny’s frightening words, we were already close to the mountain that I can already see branches.



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