Chapter 121 – The Elven Country is Hard to Find

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We avoided crashing into the mountains. We decided to look for the country of elves on the ground for the time being.

Well, the main reason is we won’t find anything from the sky.

Though we received information on the country of elves from Rembrandt Kingdom and Maeas, the location they are saying is misaligned.

The information from Rembrandt Kingdom says that it is in base of the highest mountain at the northern tip of Galland Empire.

That information is doubtful because they didn’t know where is the border of their territory.

Maeas says that to go there, you should follow the river at the foot of the third highest mountain upstream until you pass a huge rock that was split in two. Maeas said that elves usually attacks there.

The country that attacks the country of elves and country of beastmen to enslave them has a very detailed information.

Well, it’s not like they always abduct someone when they go there like it’s the way their country looks at it, only bad peddlers are doing that… Well, since it was Finkle’s brother that’s doing it, it can be said that their country is involved.

In any case, I guess it’s correct to trust the information from Maeas that we’ll get attacked when we get close to the country of elves.

I think that we have been going through the river endlessly but I do not feel like getting anywhere at all.

We have been flying over the river going upstream so it’s not like we’re tired but a considerable amount of time has passed.

Because the river winds, it is not possible to speed up.

「As I thought, elves’ character is bad. I’ll exterminate them.」


Because we have only been seeing forests and rivers forever, Sunny started to babble out extreme things.

Who said that nature enriches the mind?

「But we already have spent a long time. If it is someone who can’t use flight magic, it will take him one or two weeks, right? The information was wrong.」

Lagreat who got bored walked. To his words, Sunny’s eyes glow dim.

「All right, I’ll burn Maeas.」


The extremist Sunny complained. I shrugged my shoulders and looked around.

The atmosphere is dusky thanks to the dense forest. This air will make you feel depressed.

When I was looking over the river, I found a huge rock.

It’s a huge rock. It is about 10 meters high.

It is split in the center to the left and right part of the river as if someone had arranged it that way.

「That’s it.」

I looked up at the rock and said it in a loud and bouncy voice. Soarer stands under the rock and opens her mouth while looking around.

「I heard that we should be attacked by elves in this vicinity. Let’s be careful.」

As Soarer said so, she casted barrier magic for each of us.

That barrier has three effects: physical damage resistance, magical damage resistance, and elemental damage reduction.

Originally, since each of us has status increase because of our equipments with magic carve seal, even without a barrier, we are in a state where we can fight with a boss anytime.

After confirming my own condition, I touched the rock with my hand and looked back at everyone.

「Well, let’s go to the other side of the rock. The vanguard…」

「I’ll go.」

「Then, it’ll be Lagreat.」

Because Lagreat the monk, the fastest melee job that can fight with its bare hands, volunteered to be the vanguard, I approved it.

「You two will be behind me.」

When I looked at Sunny and Soarer saying that, they nodded and went behind me.

「Come on, let’s go!」

Lagreat confirmed our arrangement. He then raised his hand and hopped onto the rock.

We jump on the rock in the same way and look around.

When I stood on the rock, there were fewer trees blocking the sky and I somewhat felt that the surrounding became bright to some extent.

However, there are still neighboring trees that are considerably taller than this 10-meter rock. They are about 40 to 50 meters tall.

Their height is about as tall as a japanese cedar but looking at the branches, they look like cherry. It has a strange feeling of incongruity.

Looking at the trees while thinking such a thing, I saw a person’s hand on a thick branch of the tree.

Yes, it appeared. Is that the ghost of this place? I see. So that’s why its white hand is awfully thin. This atmosphere is excellent for that idiot rascal.

「Hnn? What’s the matter, my lord? Ah, someone’s there.」

When I was looking up and froze, Lagreat looked at the end of my line of sight and made extra remarks.

Lagreat, you idiot.

I tried to make it look like I didn’t see anything but you ghost watch with me.

Ah, this is not good. We will be marked down by the ghost. This guy absolutely can’t see the point? I have to think that I didn’t see it! Lagreat saw something but I didn’t!

When I was sending the ghostly thoughts away from my heart, Sunny looked up.

「… If you’re not coming down, why don’t you go away from here?」

「What should we do? My lord seems to have an intention of looking at the state of the other party.」

「Taking into account the possibility of that being an elf, he seems to be trying not to irritate it. As expected of my lord, how considerate.」

Eh? That ghost? Is an elf ghost?

Ah, that’s right. There is a magic that is effective against ghosts.

Both Sunny and Soarer can use holy attribute magic.

「Sunny, Soarer」


「Yes, what is it?」

When I called their name, I felt a sign that the two of them turned their heads to me.

Holy Ray

「Eh? A, ano…」

「Preparing Holy Ray

「I-is that all right? Perhaps that won’t even leave a trace…」

Although I gave instructions, Soarer hesitated and confirmed it to me.

It will be good if it won’t leave a trace and completely enter nirvana. What will you do if it gets lost again because you hesitate?

「Discharge preparation complete」

I heard the reliable Sunny’s voice.

Sunny is really reliable.

When I was about to give the shooting order of the magic, a cursed voice echoed from the tree.



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