Chapter 122 – Close Call of an Elf Warrior

The Elf country is a quiet and easy to live in country.

The elves who have emigrated here always said such a thing.

Apparently, it is hard for an elf to live in the outside world.

It has been 50 years since I was born but I have never been out of the country.

However, when one turns 50 years old, he’ll be admitted as an adult and he can be made to a watchman of the twin rock which is the boundary of the country.

For me, it’s like the edge of the world.

I had no choice but to look forward to whatever happens every day.

A few days after that, I got tired of the job of the watchdog.

Nothing happens anyway.

Monsters don’t appear in the vicinity of this rock because of the power of the magic carve seal that was made in it since the ancient times.

Human forces sometimes appear but I have not seen any for the moment.

Well, my job as a watchdog is to just climb up this tree and send a signal to the senior warriors.

I’m lying on my favorite branch today as well while being tired of such boring day.

At that time, I heard a sound that I didn’t usually hear.

「Come on, let’s go!」

In addition, I heard such a voice.


I changed my posture on the branch while making sure of not making noise while somehow suppressing my uplifting mood.

I spent two days in making a hole in my favorite branch so I can look down from there.

While there are many elves who hate to damage nature excessively, I have judged that it will be no problem if I damage this tree a little.

So, I peeped down from the peep hole I made on the branch.

There are four intruders.

Two blond hair and two black hair.

They look like they are quite confident but it is hard to find anything out from my view. It looks like those blondes are a young man and young woman. The one with long black hair might be a woman.

At that time, the black haired man raised his face.

I felt that our eyes met.


I felt a chill run down my spine.

No, that’s stupid.

There is a considerable vertical distance from that place to this branch. If you don’t have eyes like us elves or beastkins, then I’m sure that I’ll never be noticed.

Incidentally, that black-haired man is not a beastkin. Looking at his face who’s looking at here, he looks like a human.

Since the others are still looking around, I’m still not noticed.

So when I was encouraging myself, one of the blondes looks at here.

His mouth moves like he saying something but it’s too small for me to hear.

Now that there are two that are looking at me, I felt a sense of crisis. I have never felt this much fear since childhood.

It’s a story that is handed down by the adults to his children in the elf country. It is a story about eyes peeping through gaps in the trees, gaps in the walls, or gaps in the doors that will turn you to stone if you don’t sleep before midnight. If you look at them, you’ll solidify like a stone and will not be able to move for all time. That’s the story.

I remembered the fairy tale from my childhood and my body trembled.

At that time, the black haired woman looked up at me this time.

Am I exposed?

Should I come out?

What should I do?  Should I run away at once?

No, there’s a possibility that they are not specifically looking at me. It will be stupid of me to let them know where I am.

My body was in agony while I think of what should I do.

And the blond girl looked up at me.



After seeing the girl, I got confused. The blond girl had long ears.

No, she’s not just an elf. Her existence is obviously different.

I have felt something like this somewhere…..

When I was searching for my memory, I felt a sudden heavy air.

As I stare at her, the blond girl had something like a round white light on her hand.

Looking at it, it releases magical light. I learned a little about illusion.

No, that’s not an illusion.

Right now, I am ….

「Wa-wait a moment! Stop!」

I panicked and screamed loudly toward the ground.

I put my face out of the branch to show that I’m an elf like the girl.

However, the face of the blond girl somewhat distorted and the white light magic brightness intensified.

This is bad. I’ll be killed.

I realized that.

Ah, mother, father….. Please forgive me for dying early….

When I cried and prayed, I felt like I heard a voice from below.

「Stop it Sunny. She’s crying.」

We waited for the elf woman to come down on the rock.

I called her out and she unexpectedly obediently comes down.

And the woman who descended dropped her shoulder and looked at Sunny.

「…..You’re so young but you already have such magic….」

The elf woman looks like in she’s around 20 years old but is her age too different from Sunny?

The woman has a pale yellow-green hair which is tied around her back. She’s wearing a tight green dress which has a lot of exposure in the middle. It looks like an ethnic costume but somewhat erotic. She’s also wearing leather shoes, bags, and gloves.

While tilting my head, I decided to introduce ourselves.

「I’m Ren. This is Sunny, Lagreat, and Soarer.」

When I said so and introduced my members, the woman straightened her back in a hurry.

「I’m sorry for my late introduction. I am a warrior of the Elf Country, La Fiesch, Itsuharuria. You are not hostile so I’ll tell the others about you too. Wait a minute.」

TN: Her name is written as イツハルリア. If you have a better suggestion other than Itsuharuria, please let me know since you’ll see more of her in the future.

Hou, they have bothered to make a country in such a hidden place but she made a decision very fast. She looks young but by chance, is she someone with strong influence in the country?

While thinking of such a thing, Itsuharuria took out a wooden whistle and put it in her mouth.

Yes, beautiful. My image of elves are not all beautiful collapses.

「Now, I have reported you. People will come here soon…Hnn? Is something matter?」

「No, nothing.」

People gathered at once like what Itsuharuria said. Itsuhararuria waved at them with one hand.

「Yo-you idiot! What are you doing!?」

「Itsuha, get away from them! They are kidnappers!」

And, Itsuharuria, who was beside me, was shouted at. This is not good, Itsuharuria.

I opened my mouth and tried to introduce myself for the time being but Itsuharuria opened her mouth first.

「Wh-what!? I thought they were good person but they were kidnappers!?」


To Itsuharuria’s joke like line, I instinctively said something in a DOS-like voice.

Then, Itsuharuria turns around here and seems to be wary.

「Damn it! You lied to me! I thought you were a good man!」

「Did got seduced Itsuha!?」

「Wha!? These guys are good at deceiving, so Itsuha…!」 (Itsuharuria’s line)

Not good. Is it Itsuharuria’s nature? I’ll punish her later.

I looked at Itsuharuria, who turned looked at me half eyed, with a sad face and opened my mouth.

「Sunny, restraint.」

「Hnn, Frost Jail

To my brief instructions, Sunny immediately activated the proper magic. A number of ice pillars appeared around the three and a cylindrical ice prison was completed.

The three elves who were trapped in the blink of an eye stopped moving and hardened.

And, they noticed Sunny’s existence.

「N-no chant, a magic of this scale…!」

「That’s…Ah! Hi-high elf…?」

「 Hi-high elf? Ah, thinking about where I felt a similar presence, it’s similar to the princess’!」

「 I-i-idiot! Say something like that sooner…! We were seriously rude to the royal family…!」

The elves saw Sunny, turned pale, and began to tremble. Are they trembling because of the prison of ice? Or because of the consequence?

「Ano, what should we do?」

Soarer looked at the three who panicked and asked me so.

When I groaned with a difficult face, Lagreat smiled and opened his mouth.

「Why don’t we kill them?」


Looking at the three elves who shrank because of Lagreat’s extreme remarks, I spewed a deep sigh.

「Let’s try talking to them first. We were able to talk with each other until a while ago then words became useless suddenly. 」

When I said that, the three elves looked up at me with admiration.

This is strange. My image of the elves is….





As you have noticed, muscle brains again…!

No, only these fellows are supposed to be like that.

Believe that the author can write other than muscle brains.



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