Chapter 125 – Elven Royalty

I, who had entered the castle, had been overwhelmed by the spectacle.

Like the exterior wall, the interior wall and the high ceiling are white and had no stain.

There are evenly spaced long windows and the sunlight alone makes the castle bright. Furthermore, the ceiling has a different kind of chandelier, there are crystals installed upside down.

The crystal glowed brightly as if it took the sunlight inside.

It is a beautiful castle which can be called solemn and mysterious. I feel that this castle is more mythical….do I need to mind that kind of thing?

「This way, please.」

When I turned my gaze to Zukajennu who said that, there were several doors that looked like an entrance to a hall from where we’re standing.

Zukajennu is standing in front of an average size double door.

When the door was opened, the inside was a wide hall of about 20 tatami mats. In that hall is a long, wide table and simple wooden chairs.

「Well then, please excuse me.」

Did he judge that they are done guiding us? After confirming that we entered the room, Rahamutsuvi said that and lowered his head deeply with Eruzesuka.

I turned my gaze to Itsuharuria and he opened her mouth.

「For the time being, we’ll leave Itsuharuria here. Please request of her of anything.」

「Mou, that’s right. We don’t want to discomfort Sunny-sama.」

After saying such things, Rahamutsuvi and Eruzesuka left.

Zukajennu and Itsuharuria stayed in the room. When the door closes, Zukajennu pulled the chairs to make it easier for us to sit.

「This room is a room for the messengers who come to the country. This is a regular procedure so please relax and wait.」

When Zukajennu said that, I tilted my neck to the words that I was suddenly anxious about.

「Regular procedure?」

When I sat on a chair and asked her, Zukajennu laughed as if she was in trouble.

「Even if I say that it is a regular procedure, everyone other than the elves doesn’t know about it. I don’t know much about it but there are many elves living in the outside world. It is said that only those who are recognized by the elves in the outside world can get a map and a permit to come to this country.」

「…You’re not sure?」

When I mutter instinctively to the soft explanation of Zukajennu, she knitted her forehead and nodded.

「As a matter of fact, before you entered into this country, the last regular procedure was more than 80 years ago…」

「Do you mean that the elves outside do not readily give their permission?」

When I asked, Zukajennu nodded and opened her mouth.

「It’s like that. Well, I understand how you feel. We don’t want the location of this country to be known to the outside world.」

Zukajennu said so with an extremely serious look. It seems that patriotism in this country is strong. It would be bad if the guests who were invited by them vandalize the country.

When I was convinced and consented, Itsuharuria tilted her neck and looked here.

「Come to think of it, Sunny-sama will surely not undertake the regular procedure but did Ren, who brought Sunny-sama to this country, undertake it? How did you know the way? I heard that that road was the slave merchant’s from Maeas found…」

When Itsuharuria says so, Zukajennu’s eyes narrowed down.

「You did not use the regular road? Come to think of it, there is a beastkin among you…」

Zukajennu mentioned it while observing us. A threatening atmosphere suddenly drifted but we have nothing to be guilty of.

I nodded obediently, looked at the two of them and opened my mouth.

「I am a king of a new country. The road we used to get to this country is from the information we obtained from the Rembrandt Kingdom and Maeas. Well, the information we heard from the Rembrandt Kingdom was “on the base of the highest mountain”.」

When I told them that, they were surprised that their eyes widened.

「K-king? A king? In addition, a king that can interact with major powers?」

「… I see. It seems not to be a lie. The information of the Rembrandt Kingdom is correct. I heard that the one who came here 80 years ago was a Rembrandt Kingdom royal. Actually, that information comes with a special map.」

The two of them were surprised in different ways. They looked at me.

I crossed my arms and breathed out shallowly.

「That was such a crude information.」

When I said that, Zukajennu nodded and confirmed that all of us are sitting on the chair and opened her mouth.

「I’ll bring you something to drink. We have water, tea, coffee, and fruit wine, which do you prefer?」

「Coffee!? You have coffee!?」

To the words of Zukajennu, I stood up involuntarily and put out such a loud voice.

I might have shown a considerable reaction. Zukajennu, who did not break her manly expression, rolled her eyes in bewilderment and looked at me.

「What? You know about coffee? Though I was going to try serving it to you because it was rare.」

Itsuharuria said such a thing and somehow looks disappointed.

No, there’s no time for that.

「Give me a cup of coffee. I want to drink it.」

When I said that, the other members who were watching my reaction also nodded and opened their mouths.

「I would like coffee too.」

「I think I’ll go with coffee too.」

「I’ll also have coffee.」

「Then I’ll have tea….」

My guild members placed their order too. Then, Zukajennu turned her face to Itsuharuria with a disgusted expression.

「Serve it yourself, Itsuharuria. And why are you seating with the guests?」

「Mou, are you unwell? Please.」

When Itsuharuria said so and laughed, Zukajennu sighed and shrugged her shoulder.

「It can’t be helped. Well then, Sunny-sama, dear guests, please wait a little.」

Zukajennu said that and leave. I feel that everyone is sweet to Itsuharuria, is it because she’s the youngest?

I was looking forward to the coffee while thinking about such a thing.

And the door of the room is opened from the outside.

「Welcome guests-sama. I brought you something to drink.」

That said, a beautiful woman in a blue dress appeared. She rolled down a beautifully embroidered cloth on the table.

She’s a beautiful elf with long, blond hair and pale green eyes. She looks like she’s in her teens. She put the tray on the table and distributed cups.

「I will excuse myself. Then….did you put milk in the coffee?」

I received the coffee while returning a vague answer to the elf woman who’s serving coffee.

Meanwhile, Itsuharuria opened her mouth with a smile on her face.

「She’s the third princess of the elf country of La Fiesch, Sherahamira-sama. Sherahamira-sama, thank you for your trouble.」

Itsuharuria stood on the spot while saying so and lowered her head to the elf woman, the third princess Sherahamira.

Then, Sherahamira hid her mouth with one hand and laughed.

「No desu wa. Itsuha, please call me Shera like usual.」

TN: This is the story of Princess Shera before she became Diablo’s slave

When Sherahamira said so, Itsuharuria nodded with a wry smile.

「I was careful because I was in front of the guests, but was it weird?」

When Itsuharuria said so, Sherahamira nodded lightly, turned his eyes to us, and stopped her glance at Sunny.

「Maa…I can’t believe it but a high elf really came… I am the third princess of this country La Fiesch, Sherahamira.」

Sherahamira said that and lowered her head deeply.

Following Sherahamira ‘s greetings, Sunny looks at me without saying anything.

I don’t want things to be troublesome so I opened my mouth instead of the unwilling Sunny.

「I am the king of the newly found country Einherjar, Ren. This is the high elf Sunny and the beastkins Lagreat and Soarer.」

When I introduced everyone instead, Sherahamira looked surprised and raised her face.

「Maa, you were with a king of a country. That was very impolite of me.」

When Sherahamira said that and lowered her head, Itsuharuria looked at me while tilting her neck.

「Come to think of it, Ren-dono is a king, right? Then, how about Sunny-sama….No way, fiance?.」

When Itsuharuria murmured so, Sherahamira looked at here with a startled face.

「No, that’s not it.」

As I said so, Sherahamira stroked her chest in relief.

「Th-that’s right…No, this rule is only applicable in this country because the number of high elves is too few…They have to make child with other high elves as much as possible.」

Saying so, Sherahamira smiled.

Listening to it, I nodded with a feeling that I couldn’t say anything.

Child with other high elves?

There are five high elves in my guild. Five dark elves. Ten elves.

And, there are only two dark elf men and one elf man.

This will be a bad topic.

I somehow thought about such a thing and put coffee in my mouth.

Oh, isn’t this delicious?



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