Chapter 61 – Declaration of War

Earl Brynie regained consciousness and after that, we interviewed him with the thieves who collaborated with him.

He seems to have been convinced that Princess Caroline will fall in love with her if he saves her from the thieves who abducted her.

He thinks that this is some sort of an ancient manga.

Well, we’re like in the middle ages so is it the standard type of persuasion?

Because Princess Caroline did not fall for that plan, he tried to add violence due to anger.

This is a diplomatic issue. Even if he is the present head of the Blanc family, he will be punished accordingly.

「Let’s execute Earl Brynie.」

After taking Brynie to the capital, Lyle-sensei came and told me so.

「There is no way we can tolerate more than this. If we kill Brynie, the noble faction of Silesie Kingdom will make a fuss and the northern Lauren territory would destabilize. However, I judge that keeping him alive is far more risky.」


Sensei’s voice, that was always calm, is trembling a little.

Sensei’s disappointment is unusually intense.

「This case was my fault for being unable to read Brynie’s movement. Rather, we should have not kept him alive this far. I underestimated that man.」

「No, it’s not sensei’s fault.」

Who would have thought that there is a feudal lord, who even has his own earldom, that will use bandits to attack his ally and abduct a princess of another country?

It is too dangerous, reckless, foolish, and incredibly stupid action. He can no longer be called an idiot but an existence that surpasses an idiot.

Earl Brynie has a negative cheat that spoils all strategy of a tactician.

Even if he’s an ally, his catastrophic effect will affect you. His existence is something that can be called a lump of risk.

Brynie is being carried in a wagon with lookout soldiers. His face is fully swollen.

Until a while ago, I hated myself for crushing and almost killing him using my own hands but I don’t feel that way now.

「Hero-sama, I have reflected enough so please untie this rope.」


When my intense anger to Brynie cooled down, I can only see him like a frighteningly ugly youkai with his white make up peeled off in some places.

He is saying that seriously. He thinks that we’ll forgive him since he already reflected.

It is like I’m looking at the earl who became a fragile and innocent person.

His audacious spirit, his monster like inexplicable behavior, and how he sticks to the old custom of the country, he may be the most frightening enemy.


—Scene Change—


「Takeru, can I have a moment?」

「What’s up, Ria?」

In the corridor of the castle, I was called by Ria.

「I have nursed Her Highness Princess Caroline. Fortunately, because of A-sama’s protection, the assault ended as an attempt.」

「Ah, I have to express my deepest thanks to A-sama.」

I’m sorry for doubting the effect of Sacrament. I didn’t feel that much effect after that so I doubted it.

I have always been benefiting from it but this time, it really helped.

「However, the princess’ knight escort was murdered in front of her when the thieves abducted her to bring her to Brynie. That definitely caused her a lot of mental agony.」

「That’s right……」

「Of course, because the princess had the protection of A-sama, she got off with only that degree.」

「Why did you say that twice?」

I can’t complain openly because it seems to be really important.

「No, Takeru’s feeling of appreciation for A-sama is insufficient so I had to emphasize it.」

「Is that so? I’m sorry for doubting A-sama’s sacrament.」

She didn’t say anything annoying. Only this time…

「Takeru, if you’re really grateful, “A man should not only talk with his words alone.” as A-sama says.」

「Is that also a teaching of A-sama?」

What kind of megami-sama is she?

「Then nanodesu, could you sleep with us in Princess Caroline’s bed?」


There is no connection with that to what we have been talking about.

Is she joking? Is she serious?

「I’m serious. We have to nurse her together since I’m not enough.」

「What do you mean?」

The double hooded Ria says something in a small voice.

「Although I’m not that sure, the princess receives a severe shock and if you leave it at is its, it might result in a mild androphobia.」

「I don’t understand.」

When I tried to pass a potion, her hands were trembling and she was pretty frightened.

She is a princess with a public position. If she’s afraid of men, it will hinder her official duties.

「Therefore, I want Takeru to sleep in the same room as her.」

「Why would I do that?」

Rather, since she’s scared, I shouldn’t approach her, right?

「It is inevitable for her rehabilitation. I think that she can relax if she sleeps while holding Takeru’s hand. If you really want her to be cured, you have to cooperate.」

「I understand. I’ll help in whatever way I can.」

Though I don’t understand well, Ria is a master healer and she’s a specialist in psychological care.

If she judges it that way, it is not wrong.

「Then let’s go.」

「Okay, I understand that you’re not acting playful.」

And do not casually grab other people’s arm and press your breast against it.

However, there is something we need to overcome this time so I will not say anything.

As I was urged by Ria, I went to Princess Caroline’s bedroom.

—Scene Change—

It was quite late at night.

On the night of the Middle Ages, the only thing that can be depended is the weak light of candle lamps.

In a big bed, Princess Caroline in a blue nightgown was sitting.

Princess Silhouette, who’s wearing a silk chemise with beautiful embroidery, is sitting next to the dukedom’s princess.

「Princess, are you still awake…?」

「Eh eh, Hero-sama, thanks to you I have calmed down.」

「Are you alright?」

「I’m fine, but my escort Knight was…regrettable.」

One of the escort knights of the princess escaped death. He’s already been treated and has recovered.

The other young knight seems to have resisted till the end was killed by the bandit group.

Upon hearing it, the princess got even more depressed.

Illuminated by the candlelight, her beautiful face is dark. She’s wearing the glasses she dropped when she was attacked but one lens is missing.

「Your glasses are inconvenient so let’s order one from the dukedom.」

「I’m sorry.」

Lenses with high transparency and beautiful glass beads are special products of the Transylvania Dukedom.

I know about it because I tried importing lenses when I tried creating a telescope. It was good.

I want to encourage the dukedom’s princess somehow but I can’t find a word.

Ria passed by and said something to the dukedom’s princess.

「Aren’t you afraid of Takeru?」

「Of course not, saintess-sama.」

「Then, please hold Takeru’s hand.」

The dukedom’s princess’ fine hand stretched out to my hand but trembles as it approaches.

Phew, Ria sighs.

「The things human beings think with their heads are different from what they feel with their hearts. It can’t be helped with what happened.」

「Saintess-sama, such a thing…」

With that wound she received, the dukedom’s princess was not able to fully control her body. She seemed to be perplexed.

「For the whole night, please do your best to sleep while holding Takeru’s hand. That can make your body understand that it’s okay so you will likely be relaxed. Takeru is fine with it too.」

That is certainly true for me.

It is my fault that the dukedom’s princess has become like this.

I held Princess Caroline’s hand.

At that time, the petite Princess Silhouette suddenly come between us.

「Indeed. If the princess comes between you, Caroline will not be scared.」

「Yes, this is the only part where I can help.」

Why do I feel like the patient is the princess and not the dukedom’s princess? She’s so close that it looks like I’m embracing her.

This time, I will do almost anything.


「You must not be angry Takeru or else, the dukedom’s princess will be scared without fail.」

Ria’s undergarment appeared when she took off her thick robe.

She sticks her lump of soft, fluffy meat on my face.

「I don’t think I can resist…」

「Takeru, do you find your position difficult?」

It feels good but at the same time uncomfortable…

「Right now,it feels physically stifling.」

「Then Takeru, endure it by all means. The dukedom’s princess is also fighting with her body.」

Why do I feel that what you’re doing has nothing to do with it?

I’m holding the hand of the dukedom’s princess and I’m in a state where I’m somewhat hugging the princess. It’s hard for me to do anything.

Then, I heard a light pecuRiar sound on my ear. And a heavy vibration on my face.

Ria is removing her bra!

「Don’t make a noise, her highness will be scared.」


No matter how I think, it’s impossible to sleep in this state.

I also thought of shouting and running away but…

The slightly cold hand of the dukedom’s princess made me calm.

This is inevitable. I immediately thought that this is some sort of punishment. I won’t be able to sleep so I’ll be on vigil tonight.

That time, I hardened my decision.

「I’m thinking why master hasn’t come yet, what are you doing?」

Sharon, together with Suzanne and Claudia, they might have come looking for me because I did not come to bed.

Behind them is Oracle-chan equipped with a big pillow.

「Sharon-san, Takeru is giving Princess Caroline a palRiative care in order to cure her androphobia. She has to certainly receive it tonight so leave him be.」

「Steriana-san, what are you doing with master with your bare breast!」

Yes, that’s right, Ria is the one at fault.

Though it is thought that it is absolutely impossible because of her everyday speech and behavior, Ria, who is also respected as a saintess, exerts overwhelming persuasive power in most cases.

However, Sharon is the chairman of a company and is somewhat sly, she won’t be swept away by that atmosphere easily.

「This is also part of the palRiative care for her highness princess, by all means…」

「That’s a lie. Anyway, if master is sleeping here, we’ll also stay here as escorts!」

Whoa, you’re not going to stop her?

Sharon and the others seem to be carrying a big bed. They’re planning to sleep by my side?

「Princess Caroline, is it alright?」

「Hero-sama, I can be more relieved if there are a lot of people.」

The room is completely filled with beds but because the dukedom’s princess is fine with it, I guess it’s okay.

Since the situation can’t deteriorate any further, I don’t care anymore.

Thinking that way was a big mistake.

Furthermore, Oracle climbs up my body while saying “heave ho”.

I want you to stop….I can’t be angry so please get off.

I won’t be able to sleep while being stuffed like playing oshikura manju.

TN: Oshikura Manju is a children’s game. The players gather in a circle as close to each other as possible. I think that that is all the detail you need but if you want to know more, here is the wikipedia link

「Steriana-san, I’d like you to stop pressing your chest on master’s face.」

That’s right, tell her Sharon!

「Sharon-san, let’s do it this way by all means. Let’s have a two-shift system.」

「…It can’t be helped since it’s for the palRiative care.」


I could hardly sleep that night.

Afterwards, I apologized many times saying “I’m very sorry.” to Princess Caroline who doesn’t seem to mind it for some reason.

However, if she didn’t get better soon, I’ll die of anxiety.


—Scene Change—


After some time, when Princess Caroline’s androphobia eased.

There was a report that threatens my sleep again.

In the execution ground of the kingdom’s capital, after the verdict was read aloud. It says that the body of Earl Brynie was taken by someone when his neck was about to be cut.

There is only one person who can use the magic “instantaneous movement” to steal someone from the execution place that was strictly guarded.

It is the work of the advanced magician, Jenny Walpurgis of Germania Empire.

The empire intends to create a succession war to the kingdom while using Earl Brynie, who inherited the blood of the founding king Renz, as a puppet.

The evil hand of the Empire which disturbs peace is slowly approaching here.



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