Chapter 127 – Sunny’s Bomb DX

Mistress  \ ˈmis-trəs \

We refer someone as a mistress if she’s in a romantic relationship with an honorable man.

Quote from Ren-Ren’s Dictionary

Not good. My dictionary was broken.

I close my exclusive dictionary in my head and sigh.

「Ah, mistress? Did you just say that you’re a mistress?」

Even though I’m trying to escape reality, the king of elves repeated it.

When I stared at Saharoseteri’s serious face, Sunny nods to his words in agreement in a proud manner.

「Hnn. One of the many mistresses.」

Sunny said so as she raised her face to look back at Saharoseteri.

Yes, it’s the end.


I have regrettably lost point from 100 – 0 because of Sunny’s suicide bombing. Thank you for your hard work.

You were such a good child when we entered the throne room. What happened, Sunny!


I heard a voice calling my name from somewhere.

「What is it? You’re noisy.」

I was disturbed in my second flight of escapism so I returned a very moody reply.

Then, Saharoseteri, who suddenly received my violent remark, was speechless and solidified.

What I did was another mistake.

I noticed that I made a mistake in my response when I saw Saharoseteri’s reaction but it was already too late.

For a moment, the throne room quiets down then, mountain monkeys appeared.

The elves, who were kneeling on the left and right across the carpet, raised their faces and yell.

「Wh-wha-what are you saying to our king!」

「King! I’m against in leaving Sunny-sama to these guys! Regardless of being an elf or human, the man before us is a useless person!」


When the elves voice out their complaints, Saharoseteri roared that made the room silent.

I mean, who the hell said I’m a useless person? What part of me is useless?

When I looked around at the elves around, Saharoseteri looked at me with a difficult face.

「They are people from another country. Moreover, Ren-dono himself is a king. No matter how bad it looks, other countries have different cultures…Perhaps in Ren-dono’s country, being a mistress is a good thing,」

Ah, there is no such culture.

I almost instinctively replied to the king. However, even though my country is misunderstood, I want to get out of this trouble promptly.

When I thought of that, Sunny opened her mouth.

「Hnn. He has a lot of mistresses…」

「Yes, stop!」

At the time when Sunny tried to say another bomb remark, Lagreat, who’s standing behind her, covered her mouth.

Nice Lagreat. I’ll let you eat meat later.

I gave cheers for the splendid achievement of Lagreat in my heart.

However, Saharoseteri and the other elves did not back down. They are sticky guys.

「…Anyway, even if she’s a high elf, we can’t force her to live in this country of elves if she doesn’t want to.」

Saharoseteri said that as a preface and turned his face to me.

「However, though what I’m going to say is a depressing story, the time a high elf like Sunny-san can spend together with Ren-dono is limited…Unfortunately, when Sunny-san becomes an adult, Ren-dono is no longer in this world. Please give me permission to take Sunny-san to the elf country then. Once is all right. I want you to live in La Fiesch once.」

Saharoseteri sincerely said that. There is no trace of a lie. However, that is something unrelated to Sunny.

Sunny puffed her cheeks. She moved in front of me and glared at Saharoseteri.

Master will not die because he is our god.」

When Sunny said so, Saharoseteri twisted her head for not being able to understand the meaning of Sunny’s words.

Saharoseteri seemed to be bothered for a while and groaned as he looked at me.

I don’t want to get involved in such a talk. I looked at Lagreat who was supposed to have stopped Sunny but Lagreat showed me his hand that seemed to be bitten by Sunny in protest.

「G-God…? Ren-dono, is remarkable, well respected…」

I nodded to Saharoseteri’s choppy lines as he turned his skeptical eyes on me.

I stared back at Saharoseteri’s skeptical eyes. If you have any complaints, tell Sunny.

When I thought of that, Sunny noticed that the surrounding was making a noise and pointed her mouth.

「…are your head just decorations? Master created us then raised us. Therefore, he is god. As for me, I’m a child of god.」

When Sunny said so, she looked around and snorted.


In Sunny’s words, Saharoseteri brought his brows together and repeated the words emitted by Sunny.

「Sunny, don’t say anything anymore.」

When I said that to Sunny, she stopped moving.

Because I stopped her with a slightly strong tone, Sunny would never speak without permission anymore.

But it was a bit late for me to stop her.

「…What is Sunny-sama saying?」

「Cr-created? Elf?」

「No, that’s…」

All the surrounding elves are muttering to each other as they forgo their faces.

This time, because the degree of confusion is too big, Saharoseteri also stared at Sunny’s face with a steep look without stopping the mouth of the elves around.

And Saharoseteri quietly opens his mouth.

「Call for Alicequiteria-sama.」

When Saharoseteri gives an order, one of the elves panicked and went out from the throne room.

Alicequiteria, a name I’ve heard of.

「…I’m sure that she’s the most eminent mage in the world.」

When I murmur it in a small voice, Saharoseteri turned his face to me and opened his mouth.

「…Yes, she’s the most powerful mage in La Fiesch and perhaps the world’s strongest mage. The white witch, Alicequiteria-sama. Because of her magical power, she has a youthful appearance that doesn’t seem to age even though she already exceeds 700. Therefore, we high elves refer to her as an existence closest to god.」

Saharoseteri explained it to me in a heavy voice and observed my expression trying to find the subtleties of my feelings.

It is a glance with power that is different from those of nobles and merchants. I did not avert my eyes but I still can’t figure what Saharoseteri is thinking.

To meet with Alicequiteria is a great luck but it may be an immediate war depending on Saharoseteri’s speculation.

Although I am not willing to lose but if Alicequiteria has the capability above Sunny and the elves who are in the throne room have more ability than expected, it may be a little dangerous.

However, we definitely have the advantage of equipment. If every one of us has the strongest equipments, we will be able to escape to whatever kind of enemy.

Although the war with the elves is bothering me.

I was thinking of such a thing while catching the powerful glance of Saharoseteri.

At that time, I heard the sound of the door of the throne room opening.

「I brought Alicequiteria-sama.」



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