Chapter 128 – White Witch Alicequiteria

A mage of wisdom who have lived for more than 700 years and is said to have the ability to use all magic, Alicequiteria.

She has magical power that is considered to be out of standard as a high elf and she has the ability to cast a lot of magic without chanting.

She has a long and beautiful blond hair which is long enough to reach her waist. Her pale yellow-green eyes are the same as the normal high elves but she looks youthful and more beautiful than other high elves.

During the time the five major powers have yet to exist and the adventurer’s guild has yet to be established, Alicequiteria has wandered the world while working like an adventurer.

Alicequiteria, who has traveled around the world from over a hundred years, is a sage who learned not only magic but wisdom and technology all over the world.

The White Witch says that she no longer has interest in new magic development or even chantless magic. Now, her interest lies in the development of technology that manipulates magic.


There was a person who opened my room violently with such a voice.

It is an outrage I have not seen over the last few decades. The last time this has happened was when the child Sherahamira came to visit me.

I put the paper on the desk and looked back.

「What is it?」

When I looked at the elf man who opened the door then said that, he finally noticed the rudeness he had made. His face becomes pale.

I’m sure he was one of the court mages who was born 200 years ago so he is somewhat still inexperienced to do something like breaking into my room.

「I-I’m sorry! I was ordered by the king to call for Alicequiteria-sama…!」

The man stretched his spine and waited for my reply. I turn my body while tilting my head and direct the front of the body towards the elf man while sitting.

「…Did a war start? Certainly, I heard that the Rembrandt Kingdom is expanding its territory.」

When I was looking through my memory, the man choked up the words to say and opened his mouth while turning his eyes to me.

「N-no! The king of the Rembrandt Kingdom has already been replaced and the Galland Empire’s power now is….」

「Ara? The world moves that much in a matter of a decade. As expected of the countries of races that have a short life span. I wish they should live more leisurely.」

I laughed after replying to the information provided by the elf man. I think that increasing one’s territory will just increase the problems.

When I was thinking about land scrambling, the elf man shook his body as if he is irritated.

「Ah, Saharo boy was calling me… Shall we go?」

When I said so, the elf man nodded in relief. He stood in front of the door, opened the door and waited for me.

I want some time to prepare, but it can’t be helped.

It might be cruel of me to expect them to understand the feeling of an elf woman of my age.

I stood up with a wry smile and came out of my room after taking the white robe hanging on the wall.

Elves basically like blue. Or natural shades such as green or brown.

But when I was wandering the world, I longed for the white armor of a man who was stronger than I was when I was young. I then started wearing white robes.

That man was a human so he left the world early but he is someone who illuminates like the sun.

Every time I look at this white robe, I remember him and feel nostalgic but that is a dim and distant past. Those days will not come back.

The number of high elves has decreased gradually. It has decreased by almost half comparing it to the number when I was a child.

Times change.

Some elves also go out and associate with other race and there seems to be an increase in the number of children with complex circumstances called Half-Elf.

What will happen to those children? Will they be oppressed by the most populous humans?

Hopefully, even if I die, the elf country will still live on. This is the place where elves can live peacefully.

「Alicequiteria-sama, are you ready?」

The elf man who’s walking ahead of me stopped and looked back. He touches the door which leads to the throne room.

「Yes, I’m ready. Though I’m wondering why we have to meet in the throne room…」

When I said so and smiled, the man bowed to me with a difficult face. He put his hand on the door and started chanting. After that, the door was opened.

The door opens and the scenery of the throne room jumps into my eyes.

Saharo is sitting on the throne.

The elven court mages are kneeling side by side and are sandwiching the carpet like when a guest from the outside has come.

If an ambassador of a friendly country has come to visit, it should be the royal high elves that should be standing around.

In other words, the four people standing there are from an enemy country or they are standing in a position where we don’t know if they are allies.

They look like adventurers. Is he going to use me as a threat tool?

No, Saharo is not such a child.

Then, did these adventurers say that they would like to see me after hearing rumors about me?

That might be wrong too. Saharo basically knows that I try not to meet anyone.

Then, what does he need me for?

「Alicequiteria has come to see you.」

I said that and bowed behind the four who seemed to be guests.

The four men and women who heard my voice send their glances here.

Though I have seen various races including fairies which had become a legend now, I was only able to confirm the race of the two women, one fox beast kin, and a high elf girl. I wasn’t able to ascertain the other two clearly.

No, the high elf girl, who I have never seen before, is somewhat different. I felt uncomfortable when I saw her.

In addition, the black-haired young man with armors made of black monster’s scale and leather seems to be more different. The young man has a beautiful face that can even fascinate high elves but he is also somewhat strange.

And, is that armor made of dragon material?

When I was silently observing the four people, Saharo coughed and opened his mouth.

「It is good that you have come. I apologize for having the White Witch, who had retired as a court mage, to come here but there are things I would like to ask you.」

Saying that, Saharo looked me with a serious expression.

「No, it doesn’t matter. So, what is it about?」

When I asked so, Saharo opened his mouth while giving a glance to the guests.

「That is Sunny-san who came from outside of the elf country. And Ren-dono, the king of a new country, who has a deep relationship with Sunny-san. The other two are Soarer-san and Lagreat-kun.」

「Is that so? I am Alicequiteria, a mage. Then, is this talk about a country where high elves live in the outside world?」

When I introduced myself to the guests, I asked the question without looking at Saharo.

In the long history, there are many stories where high elves have gone outside. There is even one saying that there is another country of elves somewhere but I don’t think of it as strange.

Saharo, however, uttered words of denial.

「… No. When I first saw Sunny-san, I thought about the possibility but things were not that simple.」

Saharo said so, turned his gaze to the man in black armor and opened his mouth.

「Ren-dono seems to have created Sunny-san.」

Saharo muttered so and waited for my reply.

Receiving Saharo’s line, I also looked at the young man called Ren.

「… Created? Do you mean a child between the High Elves?」

Even though he heard it, Saharo did not answer.

「… What do you mean?」



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