Chapter 129 – Time of the Elven Country Panic

I heard that she’s the existence that is called the best mage in the world.

Looking at her, I can see nothing but a 20-year-old lady but she really is over 700 years old. That is something unbelievable.

I’m thinking of such a thing while observing Alicequiteria.

In any case, I’m just simply wondering how she chose those clothes. Her white robe looks good but her others clothes are different.

I have never seen such a unique design since coming to this world. There are undershirts and pants that are made of fabric and leather with different designs.

Talking about the clothes here, they similarly look like they should be at least above the collar, the sleeves are too loose, and the sewing method is completely different.

It is different from the new designs that have come out. The clothes here are comparable to the casual clothes of the old folks.

However, Alicequiteria’s clothes do not resemble that at all.

Or rather, her shoes are sandals with heels, she has a plain shirt and a long skirt that seems to be from a famous apparel brand….her t-shirt even has a collar.

She’s a high elf but her fashion sense is like an earthling…No, like a japanese.

Could it be that Alicequiteria…

When I thought that Alicequiteria is an otherworlder like me, I have the taste of unprecedented nervousness I have never tasted before. Alicequiteria looked at me after his conversation with Saharoseteri.

But she immediately turns her gaze back to Sunny.

「Sunny-san, can I get a closer look at your face?」

When Alicequiteria speaks with a smile, Sunny looked up at me.

「Sunny, let her look at your face.」

I said that to Sunny. I indirectly told her to cooperate. I do not know what Alicequiteria wants to do but I don’t think that it will be anything bad.

If she’s an otherworlder like me, I want to exchange information with her.


When she heard my words, Sunny nodded and looked at Alicequiteria. Alicequiteria smiled again and gently approached Sunny. She bends her knees to match Sunny’s height.

Alicequiteria, whose head position is lower than Sunny now, looked at Sunny’s face from below.

Sunny seemed puzzled by Alicequiteria’s behavior but stood upright so as not to move.

After looking at Sunny’s eyes for about one or two seconds, Alicequiteria takes a deep breath.

「Na, did you find out anything?」

After seeing Alicequiteria’s behavior, Saharoseteri bent forward from the throne and looked at Sunny and Alicequiteria.

Alicequiteria did not respond a single word to Saharoseteri’s question. When she gently departs from Sunny, she turns her attention to me.

「…How did you meet Sunny-san? Is Ren-san a human? If it were pure age, Sunny-san would be older. 」

Alicequiteria has turned at me with a harsh eye as if her expression earlier was a lie. It felt like her eyes blocked the surrounding but I somehow managed to look back at her and opened my mouth.

「I looked like a human but I’m a high human. I’m different from an ordinary human.」

When I told her that, there was another uproar in the throne room.

High human….Is human a human?」

TN: just a reminder, italicized words are written in engrish

「No way, is it a race born between a high elf and a human…? 」

Various guesses and questions were heard from all over the room but Saharoseteri kept his eyes on me and Alicequiteria without paying attention to those voices.

Alicequiteria has been looking at me for a while but she nodded and lowered her eyes quietly.

「…Is that so? This is the first time we met and I’m kind of nervous but let me greet you again… 」

Alicequiteria muttered and walked in front of me.

What will she do? Immediately after thinking about it, Alicequiteria bends her knees in front of me, curled her back and lowered her head so deep that it hits the floor.


My thinking stopped unintentionally because of Alicequiteria’s action.

However, the elves in the room did not react like me.

「A-Alicequiteria-sama!? 」

「What are you doing!? 」

「Did her physical condition deteriorated…! 」

They made a fuss in an instant and the elves who have been kneeling stood up.

However, Saharoseteri, who’s eyes are widened, descended from the throne and walked diagonally behind Alicequiteria.

And, like Alicequiteria, he dogeza on the spot.

What? What is going on?

While I was puzzled, the other elves were also at the peak of the chaos. They are in a situation where even their king dogeza before me.

They are wondering if that human used a dubious technique.

Although nobody said that, I felt it with their glance full of hostility.

To break this situation, I opened my mouth.

「…Why? Why are you lowering your head? Can you explain? 」

When I asked so, Alicequiteria and Saharoseteri’s back trembled once and they raised their face from the floor a little.

I have no intention of speaking like that but when I asked them, it seemed that I gave out an angry-like low voice.

Alicequiteria was quiet but she opened her mouth with a voice that resounded in the hall.

「I have judged that Ren-sama is the apostle of god and I’m doing this to apologize for my rudeness earlier. I’ve been very rude and I don’t really have a word of apology. If my body is enough, I will give it. But I humbly ask you to not forsake the country of elves…I beg of you. 」

Hearing Alicequiteria’s words, all the elves in the throne room become frightened. They dogeza on the place they were standing one after another.

Eh, what’s with this situation?

I somehow turned my face to my guild members.

Soarer is smiling like she’s troubled and Lagreat looks strange.

Sunny is nodding in satisfaction.

I looked at Sunny, what did Alicequiteria saw in her?

I can only see an idiot girl.



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