Chapter 130 – The History that Alicequiteria Knows

Since we were treated rudely at that place, Saharoseteri suggested that we moved to the most scenic balcony in the elven castle.

The balcony which protruded from the wall of the castle is constructed in a semicircular shape and is simple and elegant.

The view from the balcony is spectacular but the walls are a bit too high so you can’t see the scenery when you sit in a chair.

TN: The wall in this line refers to the fence and the wall the balcony was built is part of the castle

Is this some sort of harassment?

While all of us are sitting in a chair, Saharoseteri and Alicequiteria are talking with us while standing.

「Sit down in a chair.」

After I say so, the two of them sit on a chair.

「Then, let’s continue our talk. Alicequiteria, what did you saw on Sunny and me?」

When I asked so frankly, Alicequiteria shaped her eyebrow to an inverted ハ character as her gaze wandered.

She’s not keeping herself silent since she has the face of thinking what to say.

She kept silent for a few seconds but quietly opened her mouth before long.

「….The high elves in this country, including me, are not truly high elves.」

Alicequiteria brought down a subject. To her words, Saharoseteri did not show any particular big reaction.

My mind was full of question marks but I thought that I would just disturb the talk so I just consented Alicequiteria’s words.

Looking at my reaction, Alicequiteria looks down and opens her mouth again.

「High elves are sons of god. However, the first sons of god are no longer existing. Naturally, their blood mixes with others and the blood of god gradually thins down. That’s how the present elves were born.」

Alicequiteria’s words were hard to understand and is somewhat abstract sounding but I felt that she answered what I wanted to hear.

In other words, Alicequiteria…

「In other words, I, who is the oldest elf in this current country of elves, is the closest existence to Sunny-sama.」

「To me?」

To the words of Alicequiteria, Sunny looked puzzled. Looking at her face, Alicequiteria nodded with a gentle smile.

「Yes. Sunny-sama is a true high elf which no longer exists in the country of elves. In other words, we could say that true high elves are created by god.」

「I don’t understand what you mean.」

Sunny cuts Alicequiteria’s commentary. Alicequiteria laughed as if she was troubled and opened her mouth to Sunny.

「Sunny-sama’s eyes are pale gold. Mixed high elves like us have eye color closer to pale yellow-green. My eye color is closer to Sunny-sama’s eye color compare to other high elves.」

When Alicequiteria explained so, Sunny nodded a few times. After seeing her reaction, Alicequiteria turned her face to me.

「I will tell you a story that has passed down to us.」

Ah, don’t abandon your explanation to Sunny.

「God sent his apostle to this world with two high elves and six elves serving him as his attendant. The apostle-sama thought that the people of this world are unworthy to be the elves’ companion so he made a country of elves in this place where no one lived.」

Alicequiteria speaks up to there but I remain silent.

「However, one of the pure high elves passed away before their second child was born. That leads the elves blood joining the blood of the last high elf.」

That said, Alicequiteria looked at me with a complicated face.

She looks like a child who is afraid of being scolded by her angry parent.

「….Alicequiteria’s clothes, are those the clothes the old high elves wore?」

When I asked, Alicequiteria shook her head to the left and right.

「No, I imitated my grandfathers’ things and made them. I can only imitate them because I don’t know the manufacturing method…」

Alicequiteria answered my question with a vanishing voice and looked down.

She’s showing an attitude as if being ashamed of something, is she her oji-chan’s favorite?

TN: Dude, she’s wearing high heels and long skirt then she said that she’s imitating her grandfather. I think most people will be ashamed.

「Was Alicequiteria’s grandfather a true high elf?」

When she heard that, Alicequiteria nodded and looked at me.

「Y-yes. The child of the first two high elves is my grandfather. My grandfather married an elf and had my mother when he was 300 years old. My mother gave birth to her third child, her youngest, when she was 400 years old, that was me. 」

I thought that I’m going to go crazy when I heard Alicequiteria’s story. To summarize it, assuming that Alicequiteria is 700 years old, it means that the two true high elves remained until 1,400 years ago.

And since the apostle of god is neither an elf nor a high elf, he’s probably already dead.

Then, are elves a race born because players of the same game as me came into this world?

No, if that is the case then the beastkins…

「Do you know the race of the apostle of god? Is he a high human like me?」

When she heard that, Alicequiteria shook her head to the left and right.

「I don’t know. It is said that apostle-sama has left this land early. The only thing apostle-sama did was purging the monsters in this area, carving the mountain, and making the elven village. After that, apostle-sama has left this place in order to make the elves enjoy the country with their own power …」

Alicequiteria said so as she raised her face.

「There is no doubt that Ren-sama is the new apostle-sama. And it might also be true that you have created Sunny-sama…Please, with Ren-sama’s hand, point the way to the elves. We have been making an effort of trying to keep our blood as the child of god but we high elves might become extinct. As the representative of all of us, it really pains my heart…Please, I ask of you a country where elves can live in peace.」

When Alicequiteria said so and lowered her head, Saharoseteri, who’s stunned after hearing the story, also lowered his head in a hurry.

I compare the parietal area of the two of them, are elves not going to go bald? I thought of that in an instant and immediately switch what I’m thinking of.

「… Do you think elves can coexist with other species?」

When I briefly asked, Alicequiteria and Saharoseteri looked at each other and nodded.

Then, they looked at

「We can. If that is what apostle-sama thinks of, we’ll do anything.」

「I, also, will do everything I can to help.」

I listened to the answer of the two of them and saw that their eyes are full of determination. I nodded deeply and replied.

「You heard the story that I founded a country.」

When they heard that, the two of them nodded and looked at me.

There was no doubt in their eyes, only the light of trust.

「The name of my country is Einherjar, but it was the west part of the Rembrandt Kingdom’s territory. Although it is not as big as the five major powers yet, it takes pride of having national strength and a higher standard of living compared to other nations. It’s still undergoing reform but there is no doubt that it will even be better.」

When I said that, they opened their mouths in surprise.

「Did Ren-sama established a country but cutting out Rembrandt Kingdom’s territory? Such a big incident, I didn’t know of it until now…」

When he heard my words, Saharoseteri dropped his shoulders and is discouraged. Probably because of his responsibility as the king.

Alicequiteria knits her eyebrows and tilts her neck.

「We didn’t know because we kept ourselves away from the outside world but, when did Ren-sama found a country? Until a little while ago, I thought that the Rembrandt Kingdom was ruled by a fierce king who invaded other countries… 」

「It’s been a few months since I founded it. It’s no wonder that you don’t know. 」

When I said that, the two of them were speechless and froze.

After a while, Saharoseteri opens his mouth in a fearful manner.

「I-in such a short time, the Rembrandt Kingdom’s territory….But other countries won’t stay silent with that… 」

Saharoseteri said so as he crossed his arms and groaned.

「Ah, the Galland Empire attacked. The first was about 80,000 men? Then, they attacked two places simultaneously. 」

When I said so, Saharoseteri stood up on the spot and put his face closer to mine.

「E-eig-eighty thousand!? They collected that many soldiers three times in a few months!? 」

When Saharoseteri cried out, Alicequiteria looked like she’s chewing insects.

「… If attacked by that many soldiers, the country of elves will undoubtedly be overrun. It grew up into a frightening country….」

「Then, what did happen to the Galland Empire’s army? Did you repel them?」

Saharoseteri, who became frustrated because of what Alicequiteria said, interrogates me closely.

I outstretched my body and took some distance from Saharoseteri and answer.

「We exterminated every single one of them in the first round. Because it was too easy, we made some restrictions on ourselves on the second round like attacking with only half of our forces…Speaking of which, there were elves in the slave troops. I apologize for what we did.」

While telling them, I also spoke words of apology but the two of them are not moving while being popeyed.



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