Chapter 131 – Elf Country and Dark Elf

They said they would like to hear the battle with the Galland Empire in detail so I told Saharoseteri and Alicequiteria the flow of war against the Galland Empire and my relationship with the Rembrandt Kingdom.

The two who heard about it has an indescribable expression.

「…It seems that the Galland Empire has become arrogant for having one of the worlds best military force. But to think that they’ll defy apostle-sama…」

「The world had changed just like that. Still, to think that the king of the Rembrandt Kingdom possesses wisdom which a human shouldn’t have.」

The opinion of the two were exactly looking at different perspectives because of their respective social positions.

As a king, Saharoseteri focused on Galland empires action as a country while Alicequiteria, as a child of god,  focused on Creivis, who immediately decided to believe in me.

I keep talking as I find the two people’s reactions interesting.

「By the way, just the other day, I made an international alliance. Allied parties won’t fight against each other and will help one another if an ally is attacked. Allies will also help by sending goods and money if an unusual disaster or famine occurred. Maeas and Rembrandt Kingdom promised to join but how about the country of elves? 」

When I said that, Saharoseteri and Alicequiteria blinked and looked at me.

「…We can just offer this country to Ren-sama.」

「Or a vassal country at least…」

「I don’t want to.」

Blocking the lines of the two, I clearly showed my intention to refuse.

Then, the tension of the two of them plummet.

「A-as expected….the future of the elven country…」

「I-if we had just properly taken care of the blood of the high elves…」

The two of them looked very depressed while saying those lines. I felt that the surrounding air was getting darker.

I wave one of my hands and call out to the two of them.

「You are wrong. I will help you but you have to keep living by your own hands. Even in my country, the original feudal lords are managing the territory. Other countries will also be governed by their original rulers.」

When I said that, they both raised their faces at the same time.

「Will you guide us?」

The two of them said such a thing and waited for my answer together.

What a pain. It’s painful to do that for another country.

I somehow swallowed my sigh and opened my mouth.

「I can advise you as much as you want. It will be up to you to make best use of my advice or to ignore it.」

When I said that, their faces bloomed as if they are deeply moved and nodded many times.

「Excellent… with this, the country of elves is saved….!」

「Ren-sama, please watch over us…I really want to tell you how much we appreciate it…!」

Er…What pressure

Why are they naturally raising the hurdles? The sense of responsibility is considerably heavy when it comes to shouldering one race.

I gave up, shrugged my shoulders, breathed out a short breath, and lifted my face.

「Let’s talk about the air transport. To be frank, I’m expecting quite a bit from your country’s goods and manpower. I want to establish a branch for air transport in the elven country by all means…It is a waste for you to be hiding in this land.」

I spoke and put my back against the backrest.

It’s a difficult problem. Just by looking at the beauty of the elves, people who’ll plot something evil will surely appear. Moreover, compared to humans, elves are young looking for a very long time.

In addition to those, their magical knowledge is higher too.

If the ancestors of the elves are the same game characters as my companions, their quality as mages can be considered as number one or two from all the races.

In other words, opening the gate of the elven country also affect the life and death of elves as a race.

When I was being troubled about that, Alicequiteria smiled and nodded.

「If Ren-sama says so, we will not say no. Please, make a branch office of air transport here.」

When Alicequiteria said so, Saharoseteri, who was hesitating a little, shallowly nodded to Alicequiteria’s words.

No no, you guys should think a little more about yourselves. It already looks like a new way of committing suicide.

Now, what should I do?

It would be nice if I can think of a method to protect the elves but such thing can’t be thought of easily.

「…Well, I’ll think about it later. For the time being, I will not place a branch in the country of elves directly.」

When I said that, Alicequiteria’s expression did not particularly change but Saharoseteri appeared to be a little relieved. Is he still uneasy?

I looked at the two of them and decided to ask about what has been worrying me since we came to this country.

「By the way, what kind of relationship do you have with dark elves? 」

When I said that, the two of them closed their mouths at the same time.

Bullying? Are the elves bullying the dark elves?

When I was waiting for the response of the too of them like waiting for a child who commutes from the school, Alicequiteria opened her mouth.

TN: He’s a little worried.

「The dark elves…stubbornly opposed sharing their blood to the elves…On the elves’ side, we also opposed having the blood of dark elves in us…」

「They went out of this country?」

When I asked that following Alicequiteria’s words, she shrugged her shoulders.

「I-I am truly sorry. I heard that apostle-sama also brought dark elves and beastkins as attendants. Originally, we are all supposed to be children of god…But my grandfather’s generation had already changed their ways.」

「I see. There were those who judged that mixing blood will take away their prosperity…Hn? Then, is the dark elves population small? And, does a half child lose its dark elf characteristics?」

When I asked, Alicequiteria looked at Saharoseteri. Saharoseteri looked back at Alicequiteria and gently nodded then turned his face to me.

「Dark elves population is originally small. Because of that, their blood will be thinner than us. It seems that dark elves with thick bloods are living while moving in the elven forest or the mountain range. To those with thin bloods, I heard that they have small ears that can be hidden by a hat or hair and it seems that they are living in various countries.」

「Then, is the country of the dark elves moving entirely?」

They give a nomad ethnic group or tribe feeling.

When I thought of such a thing and asked, Alicequiteria and Saharosetri shook their head with a difficult face.

「I’m not sure if you can call it a country…but there is a temple dedicated to the dark elves deep in the forest.」

「Near that temple, dark elves with thick blood which succeed the blood of the first dark elves made a small village.」

Alicequiteria and Saharoseteri’s commentary has become an ambiguous story. I stroked my chin and groaned.

「Are you sure?」

When they heard that I somewhat become uneasy, Saharoseteri looked at Alicequiteria. Alicequiteria, who received the gaze of me and Saharoseteri, nodded and opened her mouth.

「Yes but there is no doubt that it will be difficult to meet them….However, although it is not being used now, there is something like a signal that can be transmitted by the high elves.」


When I knitted my brows and looked puzzled, Alicequiteria shrugged her shoulders as if in trouble.

「I have never used it. The only one who used it are the first high elves.」

The first high elves.

In other words, more than a thousand years ago?

Is it still possible to use that signal?



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