Chapter 132 – Signal?

That signal has taken my interest so we immediately moved to a certain place.

It is hidden in the courtyard of the castle. It seems that it is under the table and chairs that are placed in the middle of the courtyard.

But when we came to that place, Sherahamira and Itsuharuria are having tea while using the chairs and table.

Well, the courtyard of a pure white castle with red and white flowers blooming is a spectacular place.

The weather is also not bad, the temperature is just a little cooler.

However, their timing can be said untimely.

「Ah, everyone, are you done talking?」

「Oh, Ren-dono, are you going to have tea? Or are you good with coffee?」

The two smile carefreely while saying such a thing.

But when they realized that Alicequiteria is with us, they hardened.

「You two looks like you’re having fun.」

When Alicequiteria smiled and said so, Sherahamira and Itsuharuria stood up and lowered their heads.

「He-hello Alicequiteria-sama!」

「It’s been a while Alicequiteria-sama! Don’t you have a new magic experiment today?」

The smile on their faces is strained with tension and excitement like animals being intimidated.

Alicequiteria is smiling bitterly at their reaction.

「You guys, why did you react differently to Alicequiteria?」

When I asked that, the two of them leaned forward and turned their faces here.

「Th-that’s natural! She’s the high elf among the high elf! Also, she doesn’t appear in public that much…」

「That’s right. Alicequiteria-sama is the world’s best mage.」

When the two of them said that and turn their glittering eyes to Alicequiteria, Alicequiteria laughed as if she was in trouble.

There are two kings here. When I look at Saharoseteri, he’s smiling bitterly.

Alicequiteria shakes her head lightly to the left and right and opens her mouth.

「No. I will hand down that title today. Sunny-sama who came here is a true high elf.」

When Alicequiteria said so, the two of them looked at Sunny with astonishment.

Sunny sticks out her chest and looks back at them while raising the edge of her mouth.

「I’m a true high elf. My eyes are golden.」

Sunny pointed her own eyes after saying that and the two of them looked at Alicequiteria’s eyes while looking suspicious.

Alicequiteria nods firmly to the two to affirm Sunny’s words.

「Yes, it’s true. She’s a pure high elf with no mix.」

When Alicequiteria said so, Sherahamira gave out a loud voice either from surprise or excitement.

「Oh! Then, is Sunny-sama a princess of an elf country in the outside world?」

When Sherahamira says so, Sunny shakes her head and opens her mouth.

「No. I was created by master.」

When Sunny muttered so, Itsuharuria and Sherahamira, who didn’t know the circumstances, tilted their heads together.

「Who is this master?」

Itsuharuria raised a simple question and Sunny pointed at me.


That’s too impolite, Sunny.

I knitted my eyebrows and glared at Sunny’s finger. Itsuharuria and Sherahamira were looking at me with a kyoton face.

TN: If you have forgotten what kyoton face looks like, chapter 54.

Alicequiteria adds a supplementary explanation to the two.

「Ren-sama is the apostle of god. He will lead the country of elves from now on.」

No, I never said lead. It’s advice, advice.

I thought so and tried open my mouth to correct Alicequiteria’s lines but the two, Itsuharuria and Sherahamira, screamed earlier than that. They raised such a marvelous scream.



After they screamed, they looked up at me and opened their mouths several times without any voice.

Saharoseteri nods and opens his mouth.

「That’s right. And we were about to use the signal to meet the dark elves.」


To Saharoseteri’s words, a question mark popped up above Sherahamira’s head.

Then, Alicequiteria covered her mouth and spoke with a little mean face while pointing the ground where Sherahimira and Itsuharuria are standing.

「You are stepping on it.」



When the two of them left the place in a hurry while raising their voices, Saharoseteri looked and laughed at Alicequiteria and immediately approached the table.

The table only has one leg and it was thin. I thought that it was somehow made of metal but it seemed to be made of a white glossy stone or something.

Saharoseteri put his palms on the table and slowly mutters words like chanting a spell.

Then, a white circle of light which is about 5 meters in diameter showed up on the ground with the table as its center. A geometric pattern gradually extends making that circle its center. I noticed that the pattern on the table was similar to that on the ground.

It’s a magic formation.

During the game, magic formation is usually used for summoning magic and some large-scale range magic. It is also used in facilities for teleportation purposes like in dungeons.

And, this magic formation resembles teleportation magic a lot.

「…Oi, is this really a signal…?」

At the very moment when I murmured so, the white light suddenly expands and put us, who were watching out of its range, in the magic formation.

「It’s a trap …!」

I said so but I was too late.

I feel like floating for a moment.

And the white light devours everything.

My vision was dyed white before I noticed it.

The apostle who made this country of elves must have had a very bad personality.



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