Chapter 133 – The Village of Dark Elves?

I, who closed my eyes because of the intensity of the white light, gently opened my eyes after feeling that the air has changed.

We should have been in the beautiful open courtyard but now, we’re standing in a place that looks like a dark circular hall.

Looking around, we noticed that we are standing in a mortar shape circle in the middle of the hall.

The interior of the hall is wide and there are many pillars with the same size of a person standing.

The floor and the pillars are made of stones and they were like white earthenware.

Lights are coming from the regularly intervaled square hole on the ceiling.

「Wh-wha-what happened? 」

When Itsuharuria said so, everyone who was looking around, including me, opened their mouths.

「The white light…was that a signal?」

「No, it seems to be different. Anyway, my castle doesn’t have a place like this.」

「It is like a teleportation magic circle.」

「That’s right. This is also my first time coming here.」


「…Sunny-sama, I also wish I had something to eat.」

We were not able to move forward because everyone speaks selfishly.

Well, Lagreat and Soarer seem to recall the game era somehow.

We are in the center of the hall. We are surrounding a white stone table that looks like the one from the courtyard.

I don’t know what the principle is but are those table act like a teleportation device?

But there was no such thing during the game era.

If this was set up in the elves’ castle, it means that the player or his subordinates created this. But how did they make this kind of thing?

And where is this place?

When I was pondering, I heard talking voices and sound of footsteps of people in the dim interior.

「… Is anyone there?」

Looking back on that voice, there was a black-skinned elf girl.

The teenage girl’s ear is a little short and her hair is black. She’s wearing a brown robe.

She’s definitely a dark elf but her ears are short so she might be a half?

I observed the girl and raised my face to answer.

However, the girl who seemed to confirm our appearance had a startled face, turned around, and started running.

「She ran away.」

Sunny judged it like that already but the girl’s behavior seemed like she ran away from us.

「Was that a dark elf?」

Alicequiteria nods and replied to Sherahamira’s question.

「Yes, that’s right. However, she had a shorter ears than the dark elf I knew and it looks like her skin is a little brighter.」

「She’s a half? Then, is this the temple of the dark elves?」

When Saharoseteri muttered so to Alicequiteria’s line, Itsuharuria pointed at the direction in which the girl had run away.

「A-ano…I think it would be good if we could talk to the girl earlier…」

We can’t catch up to her if we don’t hurry. Such a thing was felt from Itsuharuria’s line.

「We have no choice. The first thing to do is to talk to the local residents. Lagreat, chase her. 」

When I said that, Lagreat looked at me while stretching.

「Should I catch her? Or just follow her?」

「Follow her for the time being. If she’s gone too far, capture her.」


He instantly responded to my simple instructions. He kicked the ground and started running.

Not only Saharoseteri, Itsuharuria, and Sherahamira but even Alicequiteria were stunned at Lagreat who disappears by accelerating fast.

「He’s so excited to finally get to do something. Though I hope I can be of help too…」

Soarer, who sees off the back of Lagreat says such a thing and smiles wryly. Itsuharuria opened her eyes wide and turned her face here.

「N-no, being enthusiastic to something like that…. and what is that extraordinary speed…?」

Itsuharuria said so to Soarer in a usual tone of surprise.

But Soarer tilts her head and answer with a face like it was nothing.

「He didn’t use any skill and just ran normally…Our scout companions can run twice as fast as Lagreat.」

When the Soarer says so, Itsuharuria had a face that she doesn’t care anymore.

「…Not good. If I hear any more, my common sense will collapse…」

While listening to the voice of Itsuharuria, I turn my face to Alicequiteria and Saharoseteri.

「For the time being, let’s get out of here as well.」

When I said that, everyone nodded and agreed.

We advance on the dim corridor that has a width of about 2 meters for about ten seconds.

This building doesn’t seem to be bigger than I thought.

When we went out of the corridor, I thought of such a thing. The light of sunlight suddenly went out. Because we came out from the gloomy place to the bright outside, I had been deprived of the view for a moment.

When I narrow my eyes and endure a sense similar to dizziness, my eyes become accustomed to the brightness of the outside.

What I saw are gigantic trees and houses standing in a row.

And we’re in a pyramid-shaped building with an entrance in a slightly higher location.

When I lowered my sight a bit, I saw a staircase to the entrance of the pyramid-shaped building we are standing on. When I lowered my sight a little more, I saw Lagreat and the girl overlooking something on the ground.

Beyond them, under the pyramid are dozens of dark elves that are uniformly looking here.

This, by chance, are we going to be treated as suspicious people who ravaged the temple of god?

On the other hand, Lagreat turned around to me who was cautious and said something.

「Can you see now that I’m not lying? That tall man in the middle is the apostle of god.」

The dark elves looked at each other and knelt on the spot while looking up at us.

Because all the dark elves are wearing the same brown robes, I frowned to the feeling that I became something like a founder of a religious cult.



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