Chapter 134 – Elder of the Dark Elves

Dark elves’ houses have an atmosphere of a Japanese tenement house.

The roof is of course not tiles but is made using wooden pillars and boards. The floor plan is similar to Japanese tenement house layout including the location of a common toilet. Four rooms are lined up side by side like that one-room apartment with a bath.

The size of one room was about twelve tatami mats and there was not so much furniture. There was a common kitchen at the end if you passed by the rooms.

There are a lot of four room tenement type dark elf houses lined up.

Presently, the dark elves are still revering us who came from the pyramid so we decided to talk at the elder’s house.

By the way, I was surprised the elder’s house is one of the tenement houses.

「I’m sorry but my house is small. I’m the elder, Canaan. 」

TN: Her name is カナン (Kanan) but I decided to make it Canaan since the author is using terms/names from ancient Levant like Melqart

That said, the tall dark elf woman who looked like in her twenties lowered her head. She has a long black hair. She has taken off her brown robe and now she’s only wearing leather clothes that fit and perfectly shown the line of her body.

Looking at her clothes, it somehow looks like a rider suit. Elves were slender but Canaan appeared to be voluptuous.

However, the noteworthy feature of the dark elves is their culture. They are like Japanese. Before stepping into the house, you have to take off your shoes. Canaan even bows while she’s in sieza.

I can feel the Japanese culture in the dark elves’ village.

I open my mouth to Canaan, thinking such a thing.

「No, don’t worry. This is a nice clean room. I am called Ren. Behind me are my men; Sunny, Lagreat and Soarer. The others whom I brought from the elf country are Alicequiteria, Saharoseteri, Sherahamira, and Itsuharuria.」

When I did the introductions, Canaan looked at everyone and bowed.

The four people of the elven country lowered their heads to Canaan in a considerably tense state.

They feel complicated after all. As Alicequiteria said, they are descendants of their former comrades who cut off ties with them.

Canaan looked at the attitude and the expression of the four of them without worrying and turned her face to me at once.

「Ren-sama, I heard from your attendant boy that you are the apostle of god. We have been training every day to serve the apostle once he comes down again.」

As she said that, Canaan fondled something in her leather clothes in the chest area and took out a 20 centimeters long dagger with sheath.

Its sheath is black with complex decoration. She pulled out the dagger from the sheath and quietly put it down on the floor without a sound.

The handle is different but the blade is reddish gold. It’s an orichalcum dagger.

Looking at the dagger, the four people from the elven country gave out a surprised voice.

I don’t remember seeing orichalcum in the elven country but does this mean that they have equipments made of orichalcum?

「That is, a brave’s proof…」

As Alicequiteria muttered as she saw the dagger, Canaan nodded.

「This is the treasure of the dark elves. This is something that the dark elf chief will inherit. The elves surely have a brave’s proof since we served the same apostle. 」

Canaan said so and that cuts the conversation at once. She opened her mouth while looking at my face.

「This brave’s proof is the pride of our clan. In order to serve the apostle again, the dark elves traveled around the world and has become an organization that can be the hands and feet of the apostle.」

When Canaan said so, she pulled her chin and looked up at me.

「Therefore, we are proud that our present power surpasses one country but if that power is used in the wrong way, it will lead to a serious situation…The ancestors of our clan, who were so concerned, have given a strict order to confirm the identity of the apostle if one appeared.」

At the same time Canaan said so, a strange color light leaked out from the outside of tenement house.

Looking at the light, Sunny wrinkled her forehead and stares at Canaan while Saharoseteri and Alicequiteria tensely stood up.

「No chant…!  What magic…!?」

When Sachalocetery says so, Alicequiteria grits her teeth and turns her sharp gaze around.

「That’s…so many people using chantless magic…Are you saying that they have studied magic more thoroughly than us elves?」

While Alicequiteria was looking around at the leaked light, Canaan who heard Alicequiteria’s words laughed.

「Who designated the elves as the best mages in the world? The people of this world? Their power is so weak that it is incomparable to the descendants of the attendants of the apostle like us…From the viewpoint of those people, the elves, who have a lot of moderate level mages, are the best in the world…」

Canaan said so and turned her eyes to me.

After coming to this world, this is the first time I heard the word level from someone else besides my members.

They are really descendants of NPC characters.

The lights outside are lights that goes out before and during a magic invocation. Because the hue of each magic attribute is different, variety of colors mixes and made the light’s hue strange.

I don’t know how powerful their magic is but looking at the light, I understand how many they are.

When I was looking around while sitting, Canaan quietly lifted her face.

「Apostle Ren-sama…Though we took different paths with the elves, we believe in their eyes. They judged that Ren-sama is the apostle that’s why they used the teleportation circle that was not used for 1400 years.」

Canaan said so and turned her eyes down. She inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly.

After that, Canaan opened her eyes.

「We also believe it. Ren-sama has a high-level magical power so you can defend against it without difficulty….Ren-sama, can you please accept the rude ritual of testing an apostle?」

Canaan’s lips were slightly trembling when she said that.

I looked at Canaan and raised the edge of my mouth.



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