Chapter 135 – Towards the Dark Elves’ Ritual

Canaan’s trial… No, it is a trial that a game player like me had spread from one thousand and several hundred years ago.

There is no doubt that the strongest mages I have ever met in this world will shoot magic at me.

What a terrible trial. The person who thought of it must be a muscle brain.

Why would one use the common sense of the game in this world?

But still, I think that that trial is interesting.

This is strange. I, who assumes intellectuality and being cautious as creed, is smiling and feel excited like the hot-blooded protagonist of a shounen manga.

Certainly, if the dark elves, with the strength comparable level to a game character, is added to my ally, they will become an unfathomable war potential.

It would be possible to put several military bases on this continent.

As for what I should be concerned about, can I endure the magic of the dark elves?

If it’s my guild members…for instance, if there is someone equal to the Fairy magic king Io, my barrier might be able to endure it. But if there are five of them that will shoot magic simultaneously…..

I have to do something one way or another.

I opened my mouth looking at Canaan who is quietly waiting for a reply.

「I have a condition for taking the trial. 」

When I said that, Canaan nodded deeply.

「Of course. We specialize in every single attribute and continue to inherit all magic from the first generation. Even if it is apostle-sama, receiving those magic unscratched will be difficult. It will be good as long as you demonstrate the power of an apostle.」

In other words, I can borrow the power of my guild members.

The problem is the magnitude of magic.

If it is the highest level magic, it will be bad but my member with me now will be able to endure those.

Everything depends on the level of that former apostle which is a player.

I thought about that and raised my face looking to Canaan.

「I don’t understand much about it but, what is the level of superior magic? 」

When I said that, Canaan swung her head to the left and right and opened her mouth.

「Fire, water, and earth are called most significant magic. Lightning, wind, ice, light, and dark are superior magic. 」

When Canaan said that, Alicequiteria held her breath as her face cramped.

「…All of them…are mages equal to me. I-I’m losing my confidence… 」

When Alicequiteria murmured so in a feeble voice, Canaan knitted her eyebrows and looked at her.

「You can use superior magic even though you’re so young? There are only about 10 dark elves that can use superior magic…Looking at you, I think you’re a high elf but you’re only about 100 to 150 years old, right? 」

When Canaan said that, Alicequiteria made a dry laugh and averted her gaze from Canaan.

「… I’m already over 700 years old.」

When Alicequiteria said so, Canaan was stunned.

「… are you different from other high elves? Pure dark elves live for about 400 years but they already look older than you when they turned 100.」

When Canaan said so, Alicequiteria nodded and dropped her shoulders as if depressed.

「My aging stopped but I wanted it to stop when I look like an adult…」

Alicequiteria muttered so as she snorted.

Alicequiteria’s complex was discovered at an unexpected time but that’s not the problem.

In the game, you can choose whatever race you are and you can pick any job for it. The difference between races is small.

If I were put it more precisely, I can say that the elves or fairies are the best mages. If you want to make the strongest character, that is not something to neglect but even dwarves that has the worst magical aptitude can use superior magic if you persevere.

In other words, there is no difference between elves and dark elves. If I would say it forcibly, the elves have a high bow aptitude, the dark elves have high magical aptitude but within the range where it is negligible.

Anyway, the characters I brought up are made with emphasis on appearance but my guild became the strongest of its class.

And that means…I might find answers to some things if I were to experiment.

That means it is necessary for me to make the dark elves my ally.

Even if I use underhanded methods.

「Canaan, can you use anti-magic barrier?」

When I asked so so abruptly, Canaan nodded while making a strange face.

「Y-yes. Every single one of the dark elves can put one barrier. There are some who can defend against high-rank magic once but…」

To the troubled Canaan, I smiled and said something.

「Okay, let me undergo that ritual.」

I said that while crossing my arms.

Hearing my words, the four elves of the elf’s country had an uneasy face and Canaan had a tightened expression.

「Bu-but….Ren-sama, to received the same magic of the former apostle’s attendant…」

「You already heard the magical capability of the ancient apostle and his braves. Shouldn’t Ren-sama call for his followers?」

Such words of worries was heard but I shrugged my shoulders and looked at everyone.

「It’s okay. If it doesn’t work, I’ll bring all my 200 subordinates next time.」

When I said that, I laughed and opened my mouth to Canaan.

「Are we going to do it right now? What about this tenement house?」

When I asked, Canaan smiled, nodded and breath out with a “fuh”.

「If Ren-sama is good with it, we’ll begin immediately. Don’t worry about the tenement house.」

When Canaan said so, she got up.

「I will wait outside to be fair but what about the elves?」

When she heard what Canaan said, Alicequiteria looked back at Canaan with a harsh eye.

「At the very least, we will be Ren-sama’s shield. If it’s me, I can be a shield against two superior magic… No, I will endure three.」

When Alicequiteria says so, Saharoseteri and Sherahamira nod.

「I don’t know whether we can prevent one superior magic but we will stop one even if it cost our lives」

I heard the words of the three high elves. The only elf, Itsuharuria, clenched her teeth and clasped her knees.

「I-I’ll manage superior magic somehow…gununu, even if I’m worthless….」

I smiled at Itsuharuria for some reason and looked at everyone.

「You guys should go out too. The barrier will weaken if it is enlarged.」

As I said that, the four of them were astonished and stood up.

「I-I can’t do that! Such danger….!」

「If Ren-sama’s body is safe then we are…!」

I smile at the high elves that are saying such a thing.

「It’s all right. What are you going to do, Lagreat? You’re not a mage.」

When he heard that, Lagreat looked at me as if he’s offended.

「Am I not good enough? If I’m serious, I can endure five superior magic without a barrier.」

Lagreat said so as he stuck out his chest. As expected of a dragonkin, his durability is first class.

It seems that Lagreat’s line amazes the elves who are not physically strong. All of them are scared but I didn’t mind them and wave my hand to the elves.

「Well then, only us will remain so you should leave. That’s right, start the ritual one minute after every one of you got out.」

When I said so, they still said some various thing but the elves finally left the tenement house and closed the sliding door.

I confirmed that there are only four people in the room; me, Sunny, Soarer, and Lagreat. I smiled.

「I’ll set up a four side barrier.」

「Isn’t that a sly trick my lord?」

When I said the strategy, Lagreat said such a thing with a wry smile.

To his words, Soarer shakes her head.

「No, perhaps that’s the real answer because it is something that only my lord can do.」

When Soarer said so with a smile, Sunny pouted as if dissatisfied.

「Though I think that Soarer and I can also set up that barrier.」

When Sunny said so, Soarer and Lagreat looked at me as if they are in trouble.

I shrugged my shoulder and took out the item for all side barrier from the item box.

It is the mithril statue of the guardian deity of the east Seiryu, guardian deity of the south Suzaku, guardian deity of the west Byakko, and guardian deity of the north Genbu.

If you put them on each side, you can completely negate all kind of magic for five minutes.

Originally, this is something to protect the flag against magic and has the ability to influence the outcome of a guild war. To the side being attacked, this is an item to use to seal mage’s attack. This might be the best article for this ritual.

「By the way, which way is north?」


「….Which way?」

「I don’t know because we’ve been teleported.」

It looks like Sunny’s words are the signal. The world was filled with light.



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