Chapter 137 – Dark Elves, Addition of Two Armies

I was

Each attribute that was released did not erase each other. Outside the barrier were flashy explosions like a scene in a Hollywood movie.

「Maa maa, what a scene.」

Lagreat looked around from inside barrier in a relaxed manner when he said so.

Certainly, I responded this way because I took the other party’s competence into account but I never thought that they have a trump card like this.

Magic is proportional to the magic power of the caster.

Thus, to be able to cast superior magic in the game, you must at least be level 50. If you also took other extra skills, you won’t be able to get superior magic until you’re at level 60 to 70.

There’s a difference in equipment too.

We set up multiple magic barriers. Soarer’s barrier is the outermost and Sunny and my barrier are in the inner part, I put in at least 5 barriers.

Soarer put 3, Sunny has 8, and I have 5 barriers.

It is exactly a multiple barriers.

「I’m a little tired.」

When Sunny said that, Lagreat smiled.

「It would have been a sturdy barrier since it was the last line of defense during a guild war. 」

When Lagreat said that, Soarer nodded with a wry smile.

「Yes, that’s right. You might think that we have been unexpectedly careless. If we get injured in this situation, wouldn’t that be a bit embarrassing? Nee, my lord.」

Soarer said that and turned her face to me with a shining smile.

I closed my eyes slowly and forcibly pulled up my cranky face to smile.

「Every once in a while, we have to do our best in times of emergency. I thought that it would be a good exercise…yes.」

When I said that, Lagreat raise a voice of admiration.

「Oh! As expected of my lord! You already thought that we won’t be able to use the four side barrier from the beginning?」

「Hnn? Ye-yeah…」

「Oh, is that so? As expected of my lord. This is certainly a good practice.」

「So that’s how it is. I can’t cast a barrier and I’m the fastest so I don’t need to practice.」

Lagreat was convinced with my excuse and nodded with a sense of satisfaction.

TN: Remember, Lagreat was offended when Ren hinted him to not join them in that ritual

I opened my eyes and slowly checked the surrounding while dripping with cold sweat.

The view has already improved.

When the scenery cleared, the figure of dark elves kneeling side by side as if surrounding us can be seen.

The fellows from the elf country were kneeling on one knee behind Canaan. They don’t want to dogeza anymore?

When I undid the barrier and stood up, Canaan lowered her head deeper and opened her mouth.

「Apostle of god, Ren-sama! That power that can’t be found in this world, I burned it into these eyes! Our attendant’s blood has weakened and we don’t have sufficient power either but, please put us on your side as your attendant by all means!」

Canaan shouted loudly, stopped moving and waited for my reply. Looking around, the other dark elves are silent and not moving as well.

In the silence that hurts my ears, I opened my mouth.


When I called her name, Canaan’s shoulder trembled.

Seeing Canaan’s tension as her body stiffened, I laughed instinctively.

「No, that was an interesting idea. I will add you to my subordinates that’s directly under my control. Come with me with confidence.」

When I smiled and said so, there was a moment of silence then a great cheer like rage came up.

I felt a sharp gaze when I was looking at the dark elves shedding tears of joy and embracing each other.

When I turned my face to the direction of the gaze, the four elves from the elf country were standing there.

「…Our country, was not received…」

「After all, our power is inadequate …」

「Good for you, Canaan-san…」

「…how about me alone…as a proof of friendship…」

Three high elves and one elf were looking here with envy but I did not mind them and turned to Canaan.

Canaan was tearing her eyes like a waterfall. She was moved too much that her character collapsed.

I hesitated momentarily but I have to speak with her either way.

I cough once and spoke to Canaan.

「Canaan, gather all the dark elves at once. If possible, go directly to my country, Einherjar. Can you do it?」

When I asked, Canaan raised her face wet with tears.

「We-we can! We can do it!」

Though Canaan is crying, she manages to reply.

Will you be all right?

「…Anyway, that is for today. By the way, do you know the location of the beastkin country?」

When she heard that, Sherahamira came running here.

「I-I know where it is! Please leave it to me!」

When Sherahamira ran and volunteered as the guide, Canaan glared at her looking angry.

「Don’t be stupid, high elf…Don’t think that our first task will be given to you…!」

The royal family member of the elven country turned silent and retreated after seeing Canaan who lifted her tearing, demon-like face.

No, it’s just a simple request so I don’t mind whoever do it but I wonder if the dark elves get pleasure in receiving work?

I smell corporate

I gently talked to Canaan while feeling a bit pity.

「Yosh, I’ll be here again tomorrow. I asked Canaan to be my guide.」

「Y-Ye-yes! Please leave it to me!」

When I formally gave Canaan the job, Canaan replied and bowed deeply.

Oh, what a painful

Maa, that’s good but it will be a pain if the beastkins are like this too.

While thinking about such a thing, I suddenly thought about something important.

「Canaan, how many dark elves are there? This village has about over 100 people.」

When I asked, Canaan raised her face and nodded.

「Yes! There are about 250 dark elves in this area! And if you count the dark elves in every place, we will likely exceed 5000 people!」

Eh, you’re that many?

When I thought about that, the high elves groaned and tilted their necks.

「The dark elves did not increase their number that much after all. Does that number includes people with diluted blood?」

「I can’t say the elves are great in number but it exceeds 20,000.」

「If you count the half-elves, it will probably be around 25,000. The high elves managed to increase their numbers at first but then declined.」

A keen conversation of the elves comes into my ear.

It sounds like they are protecting endangered species.

I decided to come home on that day while thinking about such a thing.

By the way, I’ll invite the high elves, the elves, and the dark elves to my castle after meeting the beastkins.

It’s a pain to invite someone to my castle one after another.



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