Chapter 138 – Visiting the Beastkins, and the Country of Elves Again

The morning

When I gently turned sideways, a fragrant smell tickled my nose.

When I raised my body, there was the figure of Proudia holding a cup of coffee near the bed.

That’s right. Yesterday, the maid troops devastated me for a long time.

They attacked me alternately while making small threats!

Proudia casts her healing magic with exquisite timing.

Every time she does so, my foolish son becomes energetic again.

I took my gaze off Proudia to forget what happened last night.

However, Proudia looked at here sideways while putting her hands on her cheeks. She opened her mouth.

「Master…you were splendid.」

「What are you saying!?」

I was not able to ignore the meaningful remark of Proudia and reacted instinctively.

Then, Proudia made a fearless smile and turned her face away from me and opened her mouth.

「You shouldn’t make a lady say such a thing.」

「Who’s the lady…」

I groaned. It’s still morning but I’m already tired.

I drank the coffee I got in the elven country earlier and it was delicious.

「You’re going to the country of beastkin, then I!」

When I was talking about my plan for today on the throne room, Sainos, who heard the destination began to appeal.

Looking at Sainos, Lagreat shrugged his shoulders and sighed.

「I said that the balance is bad. I’m a vanguard so I can’t remove Sunny and Soarer.」

「It will be fine if Lagreat and I swap.」

「Eh, I don’t want to. If we’re going to Wanwanland, I don’t mind if Sainos will be the one to go but I’m interested in the country of beastkins where various type of beastkin lives. I wonder what kind of animals are there?」

TN: Dog’s bark in japanese is wan.

「We’re not going to a zoo!」

The two are happily playing with each other so I’ll leave them be. I looked at Soarer.

「Soarer’s participation is compulsory.」

As I said so, Soarer bowed delightfully.

「The pleasure is mine.」

After listening to Soarer’s reply, I turn my eyes to Sunny.

Sunny looked up at me looking a little sleepy.

「Sunny will housesit.」


And, repeating my words, Sunny tilted her head. I vomit a sigh looking at Sunny and knit my eyebrows.

「It was good that last time went well but Sunny needs to think before you speak.」

When I said so, Sunny pouted. She looks dissatisfied. I want her to reflect on her actions.

I put my hands on my chin while thinking about such a thing.

「The beastkins are likely to be descendants of the attendant of the apostle who came into this world in the past. In other words, there is a possibility of having a scenario similar to what happened with Sunny and the high elves.」

When I was playing with words to persuade Sunny, Sunny looked at me with a proud look.

「Okay, I will not leave any evidence.」

「What evidence?」

It seems that my words were weak and were not able to connect with Sunny. I put my elbow on the armrest and lean against it since power is escaping me.

What should I do?

When I thought so, Eleanor, who had just been watching, approached Sunny and opened her mouth.

「Sunny, listen to me, can you not go this time for me?」

When Eleanor said so, Sunny looked down, groaned and nodded in the end.

「…I understand. I’ll housesit this time.」

When Sunny gave up on accompanying me on the trip, Eleanor smiled at Sunny and turned her face to me.

「I can go with you as an escort today, right? Apparently, there seems to be no other high human so they will not mind my race…」

「No, this time, I’ll take Sainos or Laurel…」


When I negated Eleanor’s words, she froze as if she became a stone.

Then, Sainos wags his tail and makes a guts pose.

「Yes! I’ll go! You’re safe if I’m with you! Ha ha ha! Don’t worry Eleanor! I’ll do Eleanor’s share! I’ll do it neatly! 」

Sainos said so and laughed while tapping Eleanor’s shoulder.

Every time Sainos hit her, Eleanor’s face looks like it’s disappearing but it’s probably just my imagination.

I looked at Sainos and saw that a shadow of death appears before him. I thought it would bring bad luck if I take Sainos.

「Okay, I’ll take Laurel this time. 」

「Why!? 」

He was convinced that he’ll go. Sainos who heard my words raised his voice with an aghast face.

「No, this time, I’ll be with Lagreat and Soarer, right? Instead of adding another melee combatant, it would be better if I take Laurel who can do a lot of things. 」

When I explained it, Sainos dropped his tail and his shoulder.

I told Laurel what happened when we were traveling to the country of the elves. Laurel smiled cheerfully and nodded many times.

「Sainos was recessed? Ha ha ha. Then, I’m going to do my best to do Sainos’ share. Leave it to me. I won’t let master have any regrets.  」

Laurel said that and laughed happily.

Now, the

Do they also take pride as an attendant of the apostle like the elves? Or, do they value their country’s history that they built themselves?

We descended from the sky to the country of the elves. There is already a crowd in front of the castle.

It is an extraordinary number. The main street which is like a descending staircase from the castle was completely filled up on the part near the castle. I don’t know how many of them were lined up there.

For the time being, we moved in front of the castle and the elves kneeled one after another like a wave.

This is spectacular. You can only see something similar if a popular singer will have a concert at the dome.

When I was puzzled by the scene, the high Elves showed up from the castle led by Saharoseteri.

「You have come, apostle of god, Ren-sama.  」

When Saharoseteri says so, the high elves kneel altogether.

Then, Saharoseteri raised his face and looked up at me.

「This time, we wanted to make a request to Ren-sama… 」

「I don’t need your country. 」

Blocking Saharoseteri’s words, Saharoseteri was startled and stunned.

「Wa! Why is that!? 」

You already know why.

When I disappointedly looked at Saharoseteri, he knitted his brows while having a cold sweat.

「Th-then please, at least take half of us as your subordinate! 」

When Saharoseteri said that, several elves also raised their voice to ask unanimously.

With the way they say it, it looks like they rehearsed. You have been preparing since yesterday, Saharoseteri.

I narrowed my eyes to Saharoseteri and eventually gave up. I opened my mouth.

「… I understand. I’ll accept 5000 people in my country like the dark elves. In order to be fair, we’ll conduct an examination to decide who’ll go to us every year. We’ll measure magical power, physical strength, and intellect and 1000 people will be replaced every year. With that arrangement, the power of the country of elves will rise and my country will always have excellent human resources.」

When I said that, Saharoseteri raised a voice of admiration as he smiled.

「Oh! As expected of Ren-sama! That’s a wonderful idea! Then, I’ll immediately nominate excellent individuals in order! 」

「Ah, those involved in the administration of the country are no good. If this country becomes shaky, it will have no meaning at all. 」

When I told him so, Saharoseteri looked up at me with a stupendous expression.

「…Then, that means, I…. 」

「That’s a bad idea. You can’t be selected.」

「W-why!? 」

There is no reason for me to take in a king.

But somehow, Saharoseteri looked like Sainos.



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