Chapter 141 – King of Shitamachi

As we climbed upstream the river, the width of the river suddenly became wider and we reached a part where water is accumulating like a dam.

There are buildings in the vicinity that is unlike the wood houses we have seen earlier. They made up of stone and some of them have 3 or four floors.

As for the other houses beside those buildings, they are all made up of wood.

There is also an unbelievable number of people.

Comparing it to the towns and villages we have passed by, it seems that people are concentrated on Shitamachi.

Looking around, the cultural level and standard of living of those who are living here, it is comparable to the other cities of other countries.

They have jackets over their clothes and they are also wearing shoes.

On the other hand, this city looks easier to live in compared to the human-dominated cities. I neither see vagabonds nor orphans.

When I was observing Shitamachi while thinking such a thing, Kuudai pointed at a four-story building.

「Over there.」

「Is it alright to descend there?」


When we heard Kuudai’s reply, Canaan dropped us in front of the building.

The surrounding beastkins has a “what’s going on” expression on their faces. Kuudai opened the door of the entrance of the building and went inside.

While being exposed to the curious glances of the beastkins around, Kuudai put out his face from the door after waiting for a while.

「Permission to meet granted.」


I instinctively said something to Kuudai’s line.

The representative of the country, I did not expect to meet him so soon after my sudden visit.

I looked at my subordinates, the high elves, and the dark elf…perhaps his schedule is light that he was able to cancel it.

When I thought of such a thing, Kuudai told us to come along and went inside again.

We looked at each other and followed Kuudai as he walked into the building.

We went inside the building and checked the interior.

The interior makes me reminiscent contemporary Japan. Gray wall, wooden floor, and long rectangular side window with framed clear glass.

There isn’t anything extra on the corridor except that there are no carpets.

As we follow the walking Kuudai, he occasionally looks and waves at us when he’s going to take a turn. We entered a room with a sliding door at the end of a corridor.

Looking at it, it is a room that can fit up to 10 people.

It is a room without window that makes Canaan knits her face.

「… What is this room? No way, they deceived us…」

「Ah, look at that.」

With a sense of distrust, Canaan glares at Kuudai. Kuudai went to the wall near the entrance of the room and put his hand on it.

On the wall, there are carvings that are similar to an elevator.

「An elevator? Magic carved seal?」

When he heard that, Kuudai looked back at me as if he was surprised.

「You know what it is? I thought you’d be surprised.」

Kuudai laughed while saying so and muttered something towards the wall.

Then, the fluffy feeling of moving vertically can be felt.

「Wh-What the hell is this?」

「The ground is moving…?」

「I-I’ll set up a barrier. Come here, Ren-sama.」

「Calm down everyone.」

Surprised by the elevator, the two high elves and the dark elf began to be flustered in the elevator.

I looked at Lagreat and he’s standing calmly.

「We use elevators to go to the basement.」

「That’s right.」

When Lagreat and Soarer had such a conversation, Laurel entrusted the weight of his body to the wall of the elevator and made a wry smile.

「Well, comparing it to master’s castle is a foul. Thinking about it normally, there are no elevators elsewhere.」

Laurel said something with regards to common sense and the elves were astonished.

「As expected of apostle-sama…」

「Let’s introduce it to the country of elves…」

「I’ll study about magic carve seal when we return…」

The elves mumbled something. When we got to the desired floor, Kuudai opened the door and went out.

As soon as I got out of the door, the light of the room pierces my eyes.

There are windows on all walls of that room. It is quite bright and we can see the sun shining brightly outside.

The interior was made like an office.

Desks are arranged in a column and there are beastkin women in each desk who are busily processing documents.

It looks like a japanese office except the clerks are beautiful beastkin women.

And, there was one desk which was obviously of different luxury compared to other desks. There is a muscular beastkin that is sitting tightly on a chair. How did he manage to fit his bulk body on that chair?

I can see his ears and his tail on the back of the desk. He is a tiger beastkin.

The tiger beastkin saw us, stood up and walked here.

Huge. Though Kuudai is big, this one is bigger. He exceeds 2 meters. Though he is wearing a suit, he looks like a pro wrestler.

That guy makes a cheery, manly smile and looked at us.

「Greetings, I am Fuuten, apostle of god of the present age…! What’s more, the elven royalty and the elder of the dark elves…? Though I can’t see the elves…」

The guy named Fuuten looked at us in turns but was unable to see the elves.

Then, Kuudai turns his neck, checks the rear and opens his mouth.

「Ah, did I left them in the elevator? I did something bad.」

When he said that, Kuudai went back and headed for the elevator. Fuuten, who was watching the scene, laughed.

「No, I’m sorry. Kuudai is clumsy. No offense but he always feels good when quarrelling with stubborn old people. Well, because the villagers knew Kuudai’s sincerity, he became the village chief of Ryukyu.」

Quarrel with old people. It’s not hard to imagine but he doesn’t seem to be hostile to the elves. Elves are super old compared to beastkins….well, it’s true.

When I thought of such a thing, Alicequiteria and the others showed up with Kuudai.

「I apologize, Ren-sama. I got absorbed with the magic carve seal…」

「Fuh, I never thought that analyzing magic carve seal is a habit for high elves.」

「Did Canaan get it?」


The three of them walked here while having a sense of defeat.

「Stop being shameful. If you really want to be my lord’s follower, you shouldn’t tremble by seeing something a little unusual.」

When Lagreat said that as he sighted, I saw the elves reacted by drooping.

「Okay, that’s enough. Let’s introduce ourselves. I am the king of Einherjar, Ren. The high elves here are from the royal family, Alicequiteria and Sherahamira. This is the elder of the dark elves, Canaan. Those are my direct subordinates; Lagreat, Soarer, and Laurel.」

When I introduced everyone, Fuuten nodded and opened his mouth.

「Again, I am Fuuten. I’m the representative of beastkins. Until I while ago, I was still swinging my sword as the nation’s foremost warrior but I was chosen as the representative under the traditional electoral system of the beastkin country. Although I’m not sure if I can do something like that, I will not spare effort for our country.」

After saying that, Fuuten did not say anything for a while. He looked at us in turns and opened his mouth.

「I sincerely hope that the visit of the apostle of god is an event that will benefit our country.」

That said, Fuuten laughed again.

I see. His patriotism on his country where he grew outweighs the loyalty to the apostle of god.

Saying it clearly, I feel like I didn’t have to do anything for this country.

This country is self-sustaining and can be considered complete even if it’s alone.

Now, the International alliance and air transport… can these two move the feelings of the beastkins?



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