Chapter 142 – Information From Fuuten

Looking at the country of beastkins, I thought of whether to bring up the talk about the alliance to Fuuten.

There are certainly merits there.

The strength of the country of beastkins and the resources they get from hunting monsters will be greatly appreciated by the alliance and the air transport business.

It may even become a factor for other small country to join the alliance.

However, on the beastkin’s point of view, since they are not dissatisfied with their present life and there is no threat from neighboring countries, the alliance and the air transport are not that attractive.

When I was having a troubled expression, Fuuten and Kuudai looked at my face.

「What’s the matter?」

「Was there anything that bothered you?」

When they asked me so, I ambiguously raised my face and smiled.

We have moved to the corner of the room from our previous location. Now each of us are sitting on chairs side by side.

「No….Please let me hear about the country of beastkins from you. The name is Hinomoto?」

When I said that, Fuuten blinked for a moment but soon nodded and opened his mouth.

「Yes, that’s right. First of all, visitors do not come to this place but I never thought that when one arrived, he will ask that question.」

That said, Fuuten talked about the country of beastkins.

The country of beastkins seems to have not developed the area until some time. It seems that Ryukyu Village was completed at the time of Fuuten’s great-grandfather.

Therefore, the Ryukyu has the lowest population and it has a lot of young people.

The country of beastkins is constantly exposed to the threat of monsters. They expanded a bit to the left and right area around the river because the riverside is safe especially for old ones, women, and children.

On the other hand, the further you are from the river, the more dangerous it is so young and strong people are placed on those locations.

As for why houses are built under the trees, it seems that it will be hard for monsters to destroy a house built that way.

Beastkins have various skills. They seem to have no problems with things necessary for daily lives such as blacksmithing, cloth making, carpentry, and cooking.

The only thing they have a problem with is salt.

「Indeed. By the way, why is the name of this city Shitamachi?」

When he heard that, Fuuten tilted his neck and groaned.

「The name of the city, is…well, why….Oh, by the way, one of the elders has an in-depth knowledge about the history of beastkins.」

Fuuten opened his mouth then turned to Kuudai while saying so.

「Please call elder Nansou.」

When Fuuten said so, Kuudai stood up and nodded.

I looked at Kuudai’s back who’s about fetch elder Nansou. Fuuten looked at me with a wry smile.

「I apologize for the inconvenience. I’m the one who supposed to know all the details but beastkins has a nature of living from hand to mouth…especially if you’re a strong male.」

****TN: He admittedly said that strong male beastkins are muscle brain***

He said that and laughed. I looked around the floor and looked at the female beastkins who are doing office work.

「So it’s a woman’s job to do office work?」

When I asked, Fuuten shook his head as he laughed.

「No, they are all my wives. Beastkins accepts polygamy in order to leave the blood of superior people.」

「All of them? All of those beautiful beastkins are your wives?」

When I said that and looked at Fuuten, he nodded as if he’s ashamed.

「Don’t tell me you’re envious because I have a lot of wives? It’s troublesome.」

「Fuuh, you’re amazing.」

When I replied to Fuuten as if I’m impressed, Lagreat looked at me with a disgusted face.

「But my lord has more than a hundred mistresses.」

When the Lagreat said that, Soarer smiled and nodded.

「That’s right. Please give everyone a child, okay?」

「Hahaha. Master is also troubled.」

Laurel replied to Soarer’s remark while laughing.

Then, Fuuten who heard us rounded his eyes.

「Hu-hundred….As expected, the digit in on a whole new level for the apostle of god.」

Fuuten, who heard my harem situation, talked with an appalled face.

On the other hand, the reactions of the elves are extremely dangerous.

「What! One can receive Ren-sama’s love…!?」

「I heard that Sunny-sama is also Ren-sama’s mistress…」

「If Sunny-sama is also favoured then the other high elves, even if they would be the lowest ranked….」

For some reason, my mistress will likely increase even if I don’t do anything.


I never acted before to increase my mistress.

Before I know it, the number of mistresses….This will blaze up.

Even if there is no internet in this word, I have to do something about it before it spreads like fire.

While I was terrified with the invisible flame, Kuudai, who should have gone to pick up the elder, came back.

However, Kuudai is alone.

「Hnn? Is there a problem with Nansou?」

When Fuuten asked him so, Kuudai looked down on Fuuten, who’s sitting on a chair, without expression and opened his mouth.

「Monsters attacked. There are even wyverns are among them, there are about two hundred. There are also a bunch of ogre and chimera.」

When Kuudai reported that, Fuuten knitted his eyebrows that broke his gentle expression.

「…Monsters don’t actually act together. There might be a powerful monster behind this.」

When he said that, he stood up and looked at me.

「Ren-dono, I’m really sorry but we have to prepare for the monsters attack. I’d like to talk to you later.」

Fuuten said that and headed towards the elevator.

Leaving here even though he has the highest position in the country, can that be considered confidence?

There is also a moderate number of monsters but Fuuten did not look impatient.

「What are we going to do, my lord?」

When I was thinking about it, Lagreat asked me frankly.  When I turned my gaze at Lagreat, I saw him pointing out the window while looking at me.

When I looked out the window, I saw the silhouettes of the flying dragons from afar.

I don’t know their exact number because it is not clearly visible due to large trees but this probably can be considered as a dangerous situation.

Well, it won’t hurt if I gain their favor.

「Okay, shall we help them with monster extermination?」

When I said that, Lagreat nodded and took a guts pose.

And dark flames rise from the eyes of the elves.

「… It’s a good opportunity. I’ll show them what true magic is…」

「We must show them that mages can fight too.」

「I-I’ll do my best in spite of my poor ability.」

It seems that everyone is motivated.

I have to keep an eye on them in order to prevent a disaster to the country of beastkins.



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