Chapter 143 – Monster Panic

When flight magic was invoked and we float over the trees, the silhouette of the flock of flying dragons is now visible and has dyed the sky black.

Their size is about 10 meters. In the game, those can be considered large flying dragon.

They are not the dragons similar to Lagreat but dragon-like monster similar to pteranodon like a wyvern.

10 meters. In other words, it is similar to a flying 3-storey building.

Though Lagreat is like that too, looking at them flying well over the sky, I can’t help but admire them.

If something of that size attacked, it must be frightening.

Well, I have knocked down bigger monsters in the game so…

Re-Ren-sama! A-are we really going to attack those!?

When I was thinking about these foolish monsters, Sherahamira asked me with the “driven to the corner” expression.

It can’t be helped. The enemies are not a high-ranked dragon species but a medium-ranked monster who doesn’t care about the surroundings and can’t understand language.

Then, why don’t I show the power of the present apostle of god to the descendants of the former apostle’s attendant?

I’ll shoot them once so I ask you to stay.

When I said that, the three elves responded in a loud voice.

Now, what flashy magic should I use? The top-tier fire magic? Though the light magic is good too. What should I cast?

…Ah, a fire explosion should be flashy.

I suddenly recalled a good magic. I took out a mithril wand with magic carve seal from the item box and murmured some words.

It is a popular equipment that increases the power and range of magic.

I set up the wand and looked at the approaching flying dragons that are about 100 meters away.


TN: Megumin, archwizard of the crimson magic clan, will be angry but it’s really not explosion

When I murmured those words with my mouth, the wand dyed red and several dim lit red sphere emerged around it.

The red sphere then leaves red trajectory in the air and spreads out towards the flying dragons.

At the next moment, the flames, that covered the view, spread to the sky.

The sky is dyed red and the blast that momentarily expands blows away the surrounding atmosphere.

Soon thereafter, a frightening explosion roared.

There is no problem since we are protected by a barrier but the trees below where the flying dragons were bent, broken, and toppled over.

And, as the black smoke that spread through the sky is slowly thinning down, it can be seen that the flock of flying dragons that were supposed to be in the sky disappeared completely.


When I looked behind me while tilting my head, I can see the elves frozen and completely stopped moving.

My bad. I guess I miscalculated.

When I said that, Canaan was the first one to reboot.

As, asas, as expected of Ren-sama…I-I never doubted your power…

Canaan gave a dry laugh and said that while Sherahamira is looking at me all over.

Th-that magic was far beyond imagination…Th-there is no way such magic exists…

While the two of them said such a thing while looking at me, Alicequiteria looked at me with eyes as if she just saw something incredible and opened her mouth.

…You miscalculated…but casted something with all your might…

No, I mean I held back too much. If it’s just power, if I replace all my current equipments, that magic will be five times more powerful. Well, I’m a magic swordsman. If it is someone with magic related job like Io, that magic would have been 10 times more powerful.

When I answered that, Alicequiteria’s eyes turned white and fell back.

A-Alicequiteria-sama!? What’s wrong…! Alicequiteria-samaaaa!!

Sherahamira somewhat manages to support Alicequiteria and shakes the shoulder to wake up the fainted Alicequiteria.

Looking at that unexpected reaction, I wasn’t able to say anything but I was glad to see the other interesting side of the elf.

When the atmosphere recovered, I looked at Canaan and opened my mouth.

Okay, let’s help the enemy subjugation on the ground. This time, Canaan and Sherahamira will be the one to go first.

I-I understand!

A-ano, Alicequiteria-sama is…

Canaan answered immediately to my instruction but Sherahamira raised her brows while holding Alicequiteria who fainted.

It can’t be helped. I’ll take care of Alicequiteria. Hora.

I approached Sherahamira’s side while saying that, pulled the thin waist of Alicequiteria, and held her in my arms.

Somehow, Canaan and Sherahamira made a ハ face. We moved to the ground while evading the trees.

Each one of the trees was surprisingly thick and lined up irregularly but the monsters seemed to be moving steadily around the trees.

If they dashed and hit the trees, they will certainly just bounced but the strange thing is, not even a single one of them collided with the trees given their number.

Anyway, looking at the depths of the forest from over the trees, I can see flocks of 3-meter ogres and 5-meter long chimera running down.

I can’t accurately estimate their numbers because of the trees but they are around 100 to 200.

Lagreat is already standing before the flock but I still can’t see any beastkin.

Looking around, there were some beastkins who were doing something between the trees avoiding the place where Lagreat is.

Even so, there’s only a few of them.

Even though there are some beastkin houses from the trees around, the beastkins are clearly abandoning their houses.

Perhaps they are setting traps or trying to reduce the number from a distance by using bow and arrow. Or their strategy is probably setting traps to lure an enemy and beat it up.

Well, can Canaan and Sherahamira show them how to defeat those?



Because I suddenly called out to them, the two made a surprised voice.

Lagreat and Laurel are sufficient to care the middle part. I’ll leave the left and right to you. Please do it before they reach the place where Lagreat and Laurel is.

When I said that, they looked at my eyes then the crowd of monsters.

….Y-yes! Leave it to me!

As expected of Canaan, she’s the one who finds her resolve first. Sherahamira, who saw her, also replies in panic.

I-I understand! I’ll do my best!

When the two of them became motivated, I turned my face towards the approaching monsters.

Okay, don’t use fire. Use wind or water if you can. If you can concentrate on one point, light and dark are good too. Also, don’t use thunder.

When I said that, they nodded and turned into the monsters.

I’m on standby on a branch of a tree. I can one-sidedly snipe them.

However, it will be difficult to aim at monsters at this place.

Should I move?

I decided to do so and put down Alicequiteria on the branch.

Alicequteria’s fainted face is fading a bit.



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