Chapter 144 – Kuudai’s Conflict

The sound of impact makes my body trembles.

The trees creak and the color of the sky changes.

「What … What happened?」

The female wolf beastkin, Linshan, who’s standing next to me covered her ears. Linshan turned around that makes her long silver hair shake. She’s one of the most beautiful women in the country and is popular with everyone regardless of age and sex but she’s genuinely attracted to sword.

「I don’t know but it’s probably the magic of the high elves. Perhaps that phenomenon was possible by combining the power of those three elves.」

When I said that, Lin Shan looked up at the sky and groaned a little.

「…Perhaps using magic is not stupid. The magic that the adventurers used were slow and weak but it might be different for the elves.」

When Linshan muttered so, shadows passed by our side and moved to the front line.

However, it is quite dangerous with just three people even if they are the present apostle of god’s subordinate.

「Kuudai, who are those people? Do we have weird warriors like them?」

Linshan looked at me and muttered with a dubious face. As I shook my head to the left and right, I opened my mouth while walking out to chase those three.

「No, they are the subordinates of the apostle of god. It will be tough if it’s just the three of them. I’ll go with them.」

When I said that, I could hear the confused voice of Linshan behind me.

「Wa? Wh-what? Apostle of god!? Oi, this is the first time I head of it!?」

Linshan chased me from behind while saying such a thing.

「Oi, I didn’t order you to follow me.」

When I said that to Linshan who’s lined up next to me, Linshan lifted her eyebrows and glared at me.

「I’m still a warrior of Shitamachi. According to the chain of command, a warrior of Shitamachi should take charge. Rather than that, what about the apostle of god? Was it a fake again? I heard that the real deal appeared on Maeas. I didn’t believe it but you…」

Linshan began to excitedly talk.

That’s right. Linshan loved the stories of our ancestors, who handed down heroic stories, since she was a child.

I stepped into the depths of the forest while regretting saying unnecessary things.

「Kuudai-san!? There are people I’ve never seen before….Linshan-chan! Both of you, it’s dangerous!」

And we found the cat beastkin, Woopin, who hurriedly called to us.

TN: You probably noticed it already but in the country of beastkin, name of places = japanese, name of citizen = chinese. At least it’s easier to type them compared to the name of the elves

Then, Linshan, who’s running hastily, yelled loudly at Woopin.

「Don’t say a stupid thing! As a warrior of the country, I can’t be trembling behind while the apostle of god’s subordinates are in the front line! I and Kuudai will fight with the subordinate-samas!」

When Linshan shouted, she also snorted rudely.

Woopin and those who are setting up traps in the vicinity were dumbfounded and looked at each other.

「Apostle of god…?」

「Oi, come on, do you remember how crazy beautiful that foxkin earlier?」

I heard the youngsters telling each other such a thing. I followed Linshan who’s now ahead of me.

As we move on forward, I saw the three in the place like a small hill in the middle of the forest.

After that, I saw the back of Linshan who is already approaching the three.

I also rushed up the hill and moved right behind the three of them.

「Hnn? Another one came.」

「We’re the wall. Lagreat, don’t go ahead before me.」

A beautiful blond boy and a young dogkin turned around and said that to me and Linshan.

Looking at their back, Linshan put her hand on her chest and opened her mouth.

「I-I’ll also fight! I’m confident with my sword skill so please let me!」

When Linshan said that, the two of them looked at the beautiful foxkin who still hasn’t say anything.

The beautiful foxkin female made an indescribable fascinating smile, looked at the two, and nodded.

「I’ll support her so it will be alright. I’ll put a barrier on everyone. Afterwards, I’ll also buff everyone for natural recovery increase and abnormal status nullification.」

「If Soarer says so then it’s okay. Then let’s separate to the left and right and leave the center to these guys.」

The boy called Lagreat said so and ran to the left. Linshan showed a stunned face when she saw Lagreat’s frightening speed.

And the young dogkin who looks like a heavy warrior called Laurel shrugs his shoulders and looks at Linshan.

「Ojou-san, if it becomes dangerous, obediently withdraw, okay? I’ll grieve if your beautiful face get wounded.」

Laurel left after saying an itchy line.

Soarer shakes her head to the left and right with a wry smile.

「I’ll heal her though.」

As I watched that weak exchange of words that doesn’t have a hint of tension, Linshan looked at Laurel’s back with a dull face.

I was angry for some reason.

「They’ll be here soon, you two.」

Soarer said such a thing with a gentle tone. Completely different from me who’s getting irritated about unnecessary things.

Looking at it, two or more ogres and two chimera’s are approaching behind the trees.


I switched my feeling and lowered my waist. I took a stance in order to be able to move anytime.

Linshan also pulled out the long sword on her waist and took a stance of pointing the blade of the sword in front.

At that moment, a flash of light ran over the positions of the monsters.

The white flash went straight breaking trees in its way and erased the figure of the monsters from the view.

Immediately after that, a mysterious sound like a metal trying to crack an ice resounded around the area.

「Wh-what is…!?」


As I and Linshan were shaken, the torrent of white light gradually faded away.

And the burnt bodies of a number of monsters can be smelled.

「Laurel’s skill… or is technique more appropriate? It is in between magic and sword technique. Maybe he found a place where he can’t damage many trees.」

Soarer said it like it was nothing and smiled. Hearing it makes it sound so easy but I did not say anything.

That’s a technique?

What a stupid story…

「Eh, no」

I saw a monster blown away parallel to the ground. I was stunned and my mind screams the same time it fell to the ground.

When I looked around the area, I saw Lagreat approaching monsters by running, jumping and kicking trees.

The next moment, Lagreat’s figure disappeared and monsters were blown up again.

His speed is something that can’t even be chased by eyes.

「….wh-what technique is that?」

When I murmured, Soarer laughed like she’s troubled.

「Lagreat is just hitting and throwing them. He judged that he doesn’t need to use techniques. That child especially like to fight against powerful enemies.」

Saying that, Soarer laughed elegantly.

Am I dreaming?

Certainly, even I can beat those monsters on a one-on-one basis but such an overwhelming battle is impossible.

Is that the power of the subordinates of the apostle of god?

When I thought of that, Linshan ran in front of me with her sword.

「Kuudai! Move!」

Linshan slashed the arm of an approaching ogre with her sword as she shouted.

The dark red skinned, yellow-fanged ogre shows an expression of agony.


When the ogre makes an ugly scream, it swings his other arm towards Linshan.

「….! Nuun!」

I ran to the side of the ogre and hit the elbow part of the arm that was swung towards Linshan.

The ogre lost its control in both of its arm so it opened his wide mouth and took a step towards me but Linshan already swung her sword.


Linshan cuts the defenseless neck of the ogre with a single hit.


When we knocked down one together, Soarer said that with a smile.

That attitude and gentle smile made me realize that she’s at a far greater height than us.

Looking at the front, Lagreat is still blowing away ogres with a single blow.

And Laurel cuts down a chimera in two with a single swing.

「…Kuudai, we can’t lose.」

Linshan told me that and I clasped my fist.

「…that’s obvious.」

When I say so, I put my strength into my right arm and aimed at the approaching Chimera.

I put all the weight on the thumb of my foot and kick the ground. That made the distance between the Chimera and me close.

And, with that fist, hit the lower jaw of the chimera that opened its mouth.

My fist has magical power so that’s a mortal blow.

With that blow, the Chimera‘s lower jaw blew off and the chimera itself floated in the air.

The gigantic body of the chimera looks like it’s standing in front of me.


As I yell, I clenched my left fist and moved my weight to the thumb of my right foot again.

Then, drive it to the chimera’s belly.

A low sound can be heard and a fist size hole opened up at the chimera’s belly.

Does it really only take two shots to kill monster of this class?

But I cannot

I am me and that’s my nature.



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