Chapter 145 – The Monster Who Controls the Monsters

Observing from above, Lagreat’s prominence is obvious.

Although he has no means of attacking with a wide area, he overwhelms the monsters just by using his physical ability.

He is on par with Sainos who has the strongest equipments. Or maybe he’s superior if he makes full use of his skills.

He’s strong enough to not rely on weapons and just beat, kick, and throw enemies.

After all, his job is the strongest in terms of melee combat.

And, I’m surprised how well balance Laurel is.

During the early days when I created him as my guild member, he can’t handle anything alone due to unskillfulness.

Even scouting is impossible but he can be strong in a one on one battle if he is buffed.

Moreover, he should have the skill to fight against a moderate level enemy that time.

The only thing he can do is to lure monsters while playing wall and let the long-range attackers to attack from the rear.

That’s the only strategy he can be of use.

With regards to Soarer, she’s obviously weak in physical battle.

Since her build is of a  healer, she’s a full rear support character.

However, it is thanks for her skill build that she can use two holy attribute attack. Those are Soarer’s greatest weapons.

Perhaps if she cast it in this world, it has enough power to make Villiers’ castle into a ruin.

In other words, it is inconvenient.

Lagreat, Laurel, and Soarer, you can say that their party of three is overkill for these flock of monsters.

And, when I was observing the battlefield with that in mind, a silhouette entered my sight.

Kuudai beats down the huge chimera in front of him in an instant.

「Oh, he can do that?」

When I said that, Canaan’s face got startled and looked around.

「I-I’m fascinated by the battle of Lagreat-dono and Laurel-dono! I-I’ll back them up!」

When Canaan said that, Sherahamira nodded in a hurry.

「That’s right!I’ll also show something good!」

When the two of them said so, they leaned forward from a branch and checked the ground. After that, they targeted a slightly further place from Lagreat.


「Aqua Flood!」

Canaan and Sherahamira each invoked magic and began to snipe far monsters.

Canaan managed to incapacitate a monster with a single blow but Sherahamira was unable to.

There is no way for monsters to invade the country of beastkins.

When I thought of that, I observed a further place from the branch.

Then, when I raised my face, I saw a strange shadow in my line of sight.

There is something on a tree.

Looking at it, it turns out to be a giant snake with livid scales.

I remembered seeing that figure somewhere. A branch is blocking my way so I decided to cut it out.

Its mouth looks like it was torn and has 10 round red eyes.

There are many sharp pointed gray horns in its head and it has black hair.

TN: It took me some time to imagine this but there really are mythical snakes with hair/man like quetzalcoatl.

「Uwa! What a nasty guy…it’s horrible.」

When I murmured while thinking about the monster’s name, Canaan and Sherahamira raised their faces and looked at me.

「What happened?」

When Canaan quickly asked me, Sherahamira tilted her neck and looked at me curiously.

「The monster subjugation is very successful… No, it can be said that the situation is too favorable that it seems abnormal.」

When the two said that, I knitted my brows and vomited a sigh.

「… Look at that.」

When I pointed out the enormous monster on the tree, they raised their faces and caught their breath.

「Wh-what is that ridiculously big snake!?」

「Is that a monster?」

They screamed with disgust and looked back at me.

It seems rare in this world that even the long-lived elves don’t know.

「That’s apophis… It is an enemy of god and is called the evil god of destruction and chaos.」

TN: Apophis is an ancient egyptian god who embodied chaos. It looks like a giant serpent.

When I said so, the faces of the two paled.

「E-evil god…!?」

「Su-such a frightening existence…in a place like this!?」

When the two of them said so, I stared at apophis.

I am anxious about what Sherahamira said. I think about it while stroking my chin.

Apophis is one of the dungeon bosses in the game. It was a mid-rank boss that appeared during a time-limited event. It sometimes looks like a person that that can manipulate monsters so a good subjugation force is needed.

Apophis material is also popular with players because it can be used for creating dark attribute equipment.

If you make an armor made of apophis material and give it an attribute resistant magic carve seal, you can make the strongest anti-darkness attribute armor.

The problem is, it’s pretty strong for a mid-rank boss. It is not an exaggeration to say that its strength is comparable to a high-rank dragon.

But why did a boss character in the game appear in this world?

The more we examine the world, the more we know it’s different from the game world.

No, there are only traces of the game in this world.

Orc subspecies have become weaker.

The existence of a player from the game that claimed to be an apostle of god and his attendants who are likely his guild members.

Magic spells, magic carve seal.

There is no difference in this world compared to the game. They are certainly from the game.

And this

It looks like it slips out of the game.

In the same way as me, did some monsters got transferred to this world, too?

If so, we can deal with it but those from this world would just be killed.

No, because we’re also in this world, this world would not be overrun by monsters…

「…Nevertheless, why should it be an apophis?」

I unexpectedly muttered so.

The shoulder of the two who heard my words trembled and looked at me seriously.

「A-as expected, that is a considerably dangerous existence…」

「E-even if it’s dangerous, I’m willing to sacrifice my body as Ren-sama’s shield!」

The two of them said so with blue faces and waited for my reply.

I groaned and folded my arms while looking at the apophis from a distance.

I can’t do it after all.

I can’t believe that I can’t still do it after being transferred in this world.

「… I don’t like snakes.」

When  I said, Canaan and Sherahamira stopped moving as if turned to stone.

It can’t be

No matter what world it is, I dislike snakes and cockroaches.



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