Chapter 146 – The Threat of Apophis

As the number of monsters declined, Apophis, who’s wrapped around the tree, has begun moving its body.

Though there is no problem with it not moving so far, it was now sliding towards the ground smoothly.

It means that the number of monsters it controls is about to run out.

「… So what’s next?」

Right after I said that, Apophis, who landed on the ground, coiled its body and looked below.

Sherahamira immediately opened her mouth upon seeing the glowing red eyes of apophis.

「Wh-what is it trying to do?」

I nod to Sherahamira’s words and yelled loudly at the Lagreat who’s below me.

「Lagreat, Laurel! There is an apophis! It will summon its kin soon! Can you take care of it with just the two of you!?」

When I shouted so, Lagreat, who just kicked a chimera, looked up.

「Apophis!? I and Laurel are enough! Ah, Soarer can also use her large-scale magic!」

「If Soarer was to do that the forest will disappear! Their numbers will probably like a while ago, can you do it?」

When I replied to Lagreat, Laurel looked at me with his sword on his shoulder.

「Well, he can do it, master! For the time being, I’ll support him as much as I can!」

After saying that, Laurel cut a nearby ogre’s torso to a 一 character.

Hearing Laurel’s words, I look back at Canaan and Sherahamira.

「At this moment, Apophis will spit out a large number of snakes from its mouth. It looks like a miniature version of apophis but it is not its child but its other self. A single one doesn’t have much strength, it will just be a little stronger than an ogre. Will you support the two from above?」

When I said that, Canaan and Sherahamira tightened their facial expressions and pulled in their chins.

「P-please leave it to me! It is an important role suitable for a new attendant! I will do whatever it takes to show a good result!」

「Ren-sama! I also do my best to fulfill that role in spite of my poor ability!」

They said so and turned face to Apophis.

Apophis body shook for a moment and lifted its face as it opened its mouth wide.

At the next moment, countless of pale green mucus and translucent white eggs are vomited from the mouth of apophis.

It looks like a frog’s egg but as it sticks to the ground, it changes its shape and small black snakes came out from it.

One meter long black snakes wiggled their bodies while giving off a high pitched shriek.

Before I noticed it, hundreds of snakes are already gathered four to five meters around apophis.

In the sight, Canaan and Sherahamira are at a loss for words and stop.

「Aaahhhh……. It’s disgusting! Wh-who made that thing!?」

I gathered magical power while shivering. I’m also full of goosebumps.

「Lagreat, Laurel! If I reached my limit, I’ll burn down this forest! Understand!?」

「When that time comes, give us time to escape, my lord!」

「Master! We don’t need that kind of support!」

To my line, Lagreat and Laurel screamed.

This is troubling my lord.

It can’t be helped since he hates snake.

But it’s the first time for him to not participate in the battle. Why is it?

「Laurel, it is unusual for our lord to leave everything to us, right?」

When I asked him, Laurel groaned as he turned his head.

「Incidentally it is. I guess there’s a point in showing our power to the guys in the beastkin’s country.」

When Laurel said that, I tilted my neck.

「Power? Why?」

「The citizens of the country of beastkins are descendants of those who are like us who came here from a long time ago, right? To the beastkins, their ancestors are amazing…Shouldn’t they want to see them in action?」

Laurel answered my question by such lines. I tilted my head again and groaned further.

If their ancestors are amazing, what will happen? What’s good about the people of the past?

When I was worried about such a thing, Laurel shrugged his shoulder with a wry smile.

「It is impossible for me to know what’s on master’s mind. Judging from the beastkins we met, they had already forgotten the pride of being a brave’s descendant. If they were to remember it, then maybe, the country of beastkins will be cooperative to master.」

Laurel said so and laughed, he turned his eyes to the back of the forest.

At that time, as if found the right timing, Soarer and the others came to us from behind.

「A-ano! The dignified voice from a while ago, could it be possibly…!」

A beastkin nee-san called to us first. She’s the one we saw earlier.

「Hnn? Is it about my lord? He is the one called the apostle of god.」

When I said that, the nee-san’s eyes sparkled and looked around while lifting her face.

Beside her is the stupid beastkin with a steep face, Kuudai.

「… Please tell me the meaning of those words. I understand that there seems to be a very dangerous monster coming up.」

Kuudai looked around and said so.

And, finally noticed the apophis from the depths of the forest.

「Wh-what is that huge snake…! Horrifying…its red eyes are shining.」

Kuudai’s eyes are wide open as he stares at apophis and says that.

Well, anyone will be surprised upon seeing a snake with dozens of meters in length.


The beastkin nee-san turned here when he heard Kuudai and saw apophis when she traced Kuudai’s line of sight.

「What is that? It’s some sort of evil god. A strong and troublesome enemy.」

When I said so, Laurel burst out laughing.

「Lagreat, that’s too vague. Well, it is such an existence. That fellow can produce a large number of snakes. The snakes it produces are stronger than the enemies earlier and its main body is stronger than a high-rank dragon. Well, it’s annoying.」

When Laurel explained so, their faces showed despair and opened their mouths.

「E-evil god…They were such existence in this forest…」

「Stronger than a dragon….If that comes….!」

Listening to those two words, I got a little angry.

What a

I wonder if our future descendants will turn out like them. I won’t ask them to struggle to death but I want them to grin if a powerful enemy appears.

I thought so and snorted as I looked at the two of them.

「…I thought that you were descendants of an attendant but I guess you’re different. There is no way an attendant will be frightened to a god or two.」

When I said that, Kuudai knitted his forehead deep and stared at me.

「…If that is the case, can a true attendant win against a god?」

Kuudai says such a thing and stares at me.

What a misguided thing to say.

I laughed out loud, hold my fist, and lift it in front of my face.

「A strong enemy appeared. Challenge it with the purpose of winning. If you’re scared, stand down or the heat of the battlefield will cool down.」

When I said that and laughed to ridicule Kuudai, he opened his eyes wide and stopped moving.

And power came out from me somewhere naturally.

「…Is that so? Is that the mental attitude of a true attendant? The unbending will that doesn’t mind dying…is that the resolve of an attendant?」

When Kuudai said that, Laurel shook his head to the left and right and laughed.

「There are various way to say it but we love to fight and we don’t mind dying.」

It Laurel’s follows up, Soarer looked like she was in trouble.

「…You two make it sounds like we’re battle freaks. My lord has left everything in this place to us. We will not regret dying for that… do you get it?」

When Soarer said so, the beastkin nee-san nodded greatly.

「Exactly! This is what an attendant of the apostle of god is!」

After listening to the lines of the beastkin nee-san, I saw the scene where apophis is discharging a large number of eggs in its mouth when  I turned.

Uwa, that’s

I can understand why my lord hates it.

Well, is it good to start the battle?

Now, it’s snake-hunting after a long time.



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