Chapter 147 – Battle with Apophis

Looking at it from above, it seems that Kuudai and the other beastkin woman will also fight against apophis.

They are amazing to decide to face such a strong enemy.

Should I speak with the two of them?

I should scout them for being strong against snakes.

When I thought of that, Canaan turned her face to me.

「Does that monster called apophis has a weakness?

Fire, light, and holy attributes are its weaknesses. The darkness attribute has little effect. Also, if you’re going to fight from here, aim for the kins and not the main body. If the main body is attacked, they will change their target.

When I said so, Cannan nodded with a drawn face.

I-I understand… I’m not very confident, but I think I’ll use light attribute magic.

Canaan said that and started chanting. Apparently, she needs to chant to use that magic.

Looking at it, Sherahamira opened her mouth with a difficult face as she moved her hands on her head.

T-then, I’ll use fire… However, the trees around…

After Sherahamira said that, I remembered an item that I used while I was training the characters.



When I called her name, Sherahamira straightened her back and replied.

I looked at Sherahamira and took out the training equipments from the item box.

This item can make you cast light attribute magic although until intermediate level only. This wand and ring can increase your magical power.

I took out a silver ring, a witch’ hat like one in a manga, and a sage wand that is made of orichalcum.

When I hand them to Sherahamira, she holds the items with both hands fearfully.

Th-This is…!?

The startled Sherahamira said that.

Just don’t lose the wand, okay? The other items are okay but that wand is undoubtedly the most valuable one in the world. Ah, your magical power consumption will be intense. I’ll give you a number of magic potions.

When I said that, I placed magic potions besides Sherahamira’s feet.

Eh? Eh? The world’s most valuable wand!? Ah…..

Sherahamira, who received various things, said something in a panic. I glared at Sherahamira to silence her.

I knew that apophis’ group has already started moving even if I don’t see it.

In other words, there is no time. The end of this world is approaching.

Sherahamira, if you want to be useful, wear everything quickly.

Y-yes! I understand!

To my words, Sherahamira carefully equipped the items that I handed to her.

Sherahamira, who became like a magical girl, grasped the sage wand and looked down at the ground.

The magic is radiation. Converge the light and shoot. It is possible to bend the light to some degree. Be sure at what you’re aiming and don’t hit the trees.

When I said so, the tense Sherahamira nodded, set up the wand and opened her mouth.


The moment the name of the magic was uttered in a loud voice, the sage wand emitted light and bright orange light sphere emerged around Sherahamira.

The number of the sphere of light gradually increased and then poured to the ground.

To that spectacle, Sherahamira and Canaan followed the spheres of light with their eyes while having a startled expression.

The spheres of light ran through the forest like sewing trees and burned several snakes.

Although late, Canaan completed her chant and a stream of light gushed through her hand and hit a snake. The snake shriek and coiled its body.

Oh, you can take out one with a single blow? Canaan is good.

When I muttered so, Canaan looked at me then Sherahamira and opened her mouth.


When Canaan said that, Sherahamira raised the wand and showed it to Canaan.

Ah….no…ano, the power of this wand…I don’t…

When Sherahamira said so apologetically, Canaan rounded her eyes to the wand.


I’m telling you, that wand is the best of all the weapons I’ve ever made. Don’t you think so too?

When I said that, they looked at me with a shocked face.

No, don’t give me that look.

When I thought of that, white light shined on the ground.

Seeing it from above, a light in the shape of a cross emerged on the ground and swallowed the snakes.

That’s…! Attendant-sama!


It seems that the battle on the ground started before I noticed it.

Looking at it, the snakes were being slashed by two beastkins.

Behind them is Soarer is casting some magic. Perhaps she’s buffing the two.

It’s reassuring that the two of them are seriously taking down snakes.

However, it seems that the way they handle the snakes is not enough.

Looking at my back, Canaan is chanting and Sherahamira is drinking magic potions.

By the way, what happened?

Hmm, I can’t find Lagreat anywhere…

When I looked around as I muttered so, I saw Lagreat running towards apophis main body with a round back.

No, the state of apophis is bad.

Its eyes are starting to glow red.

In other words, it’s going to summon more followers.

A large number of eggs are spat from its mouth. It is like a nightmare like scene where snakes grow like straws and spread around.

Alright, I’ll burn this forest.

A great man once said.

Filth should be sterilized.

Hnnn….wh-where am I…?

And, at that time, Alicequiteria, who had fainted, woke up and said something with a sleepy voice.

When I turned around, I called out Alicequiteria’s name in a loud voice unexpectedly.


Y-yes!? Wh-what!

Alicequiteria straightened her back in a hurry. I opened my mouth while pointing at the ground.

An evil god invaded. Destroy the snakes using light or holy magic.

When I said that, Alicequiteria came to my side and looked at the ground making her eyes black and white.

E-evil god…!? A, ano, those large quantity of snakes are…!?

Those snakes will grow as long as 10 meters in an hour. If that happens, I will burn everything you can see from here using the greatest magic.

Everything I can see!?

To my words, Alicequiteria looked at me with a bloodless face.

So, get rid of it quickly. Alicequiteria, the fate of this forest is hanging on your shoulder.

When I said that, Alicequiteria was speechless and dropped her eyes on the spectacle on the ground.

Then, she gritted her teeth, lifted her face, looked at me, and nodded.

I-I’ll do it! Leave it to me!

TN: Ren used threat + hostage, it’s super effective!

As she said, Alicequiteria looked down on the ground and spread her hands.

Holy arrow!

The moment Aliskitera said so, more than a dozen light spheres appeared and arrows of light poured into the ground leaving a trajectory of light after image.

TN: Light sphere probably turns into arrows when casted.

Arrows of light hit the head of the snakes with a good hit rate. Before I can confirm everything, Alicequiteria opened her mouth again.

Holy arrow!

Looking at Alicequiteria’s series of magical attack, I instinctively raised a voice of admiration.

You can do it, Alicequiteria. It seems that we can manage this way.

Alicequiteria’s kill share is soaring.



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