Chapter 148 – Lagreat and Apophis (Kuudai’s POV)

AN: The battle against apophis drags on and has gotten dull.

I heard that from my mouth…

Killing all the snakes in his way, Lagreat was able to go where the evil god, apophis, is in no time.

To that brave figure, I can feel deep envy inside of me.

That’s exactly what my ideal warrior looks like.

A boy who seemed to have lived for only about half of my life has already become my ideal warrior.


I threw that word to curse myself and advanced.

I hit the face of the snake which jumped out from the front and trampled the head of the snake that’s crawling on the ground.

I accelerate while smashing snakes on the way to be able to catch up at Lagreat even a little.

However, if I’m not supported by magic power, I won’t be able to beat these monsters in a single blow.

If I thrust my fist due to impatience, I’ll definitely receive a counter attack.

If I didn’t get the support and healing magic from Soarer-dono from behind, I would have died already.

After all, if I didn’t receive the physical ability improvement buff, I’ll be knocked down by these snakes’ pincer attack.

In order to assist me and Linshan, Laurel is fighting without being assisted by Soarer-dono.

Even so, just looking at that giant snake monster called apophis ahead, my spine is already trembling and it makes me want to cower in fear.

Is he determined to win the battle even if he dies? The strength of my mind is not enough to challenge such a strong enemy.

「…I can’t lose.」

When I muttered so, I gritted my teeth and put power to my limbs.

At that time ,when I tried to take a step, flashes of light started falling from the sky.

Several lines of lights which resemble sunlight, kill the snakes like rain in no time.

Ren-dono said that he will not lend a hand so that frightening magic must be something from the elves.

While I’m surprised by that magic which is different from what I know of, the rain of light started falling again.

I gritted my molar in anger at myself and began running.


I can’t lose to the elves!

I bit the snakes, stomped at them, grab their head and bit it.

Has god given me grace? I feel that my power has increased significantly.

If it’s the me now, I can even throw my fist on that evil god.

Through the help of the rain of light, I advance while sending the snakes flying.

After a while, the view has finally cleared.

Looking at the scenery, a mythical battle, just like in a heroic tales, was unfolded.

An earsplitting high-pitched sound was screamed by apophis as it snaps a tree with its tail.

Black flame that looks like a dragon breath spreads all over.

It was a spectacle beyond imagination.

This black flame gives off a heat wave that even I can’t approach but Lagreat thrusts his small body to it without hesitation.

He’ll burn and die. I instinctively think that Lagreat will lose his life so I hold my breath.

However, Lagreat, who should have been swallowed by the flame, kicked off the chin of apophis.

That figure made my heart bounce like a cub.

Its gigantic body leans back while leaking fire from the edge of its mouth. Apophis gave out a cry of agony.

Immediately after that, Apophis struck Lagreat’s body with its tail and he floated in the air.

With deafening sounds and shock waves, Lagreat was blown away.

Lagreat’s blown off body hits trees one after another. I can’t even think about its destructive power.

I turned my face and looked at the place where Lagreat was blown off to.

I found Lagreat standing on the trunk of a broken tree trunk.

But this is strange. He shouldn’t be able to move after receiving such a hit.

At the time I thought of that, Lagreat looked up and stared at apophis.

「…what an irritating reptile. I’ll kill you so don’t run away.」

Lagrate said so with a low voice then, he rounded his back.

At that moment, I thought that Lagreat’s red eyes are emitting light.

A black shadowy haze covers Lagreat and that haze gradually spreads and forms into something.


I doubted my eyes to what had happened before me.

Before I notice it, there is already a black dragon that is as big as a tree trunk.

The dragon spread its wing and roared as if intimidating someone.

It fluttered its wings and floated in the sky. It looks like it was veiled by mist.

The dragon flies through the forest and apophis spat out black flames while raising a high-pitched voice.

While breaking through the flame up front, the dragon rushes and tries to bite apophis.

Apophis coiled its body, jumped, and collided with the dragon. It coils around the dragon’s body and tried to bite the dragon.

The dragon has a flying speed that can only be chased with eyes but it seems that apophis’ power is higher.

The dragon, which is constricted by apophis, fell to the ground.

In the situation that can be said as a slight stalemate, I swallowed spit and stepped forward.

Whether I believe it or not, if that dragon is Lagreat, he is in danger now that apophis is biting him and he’s unable to move.

I kicked the ground and jumped to where the dragon and apophis is.

I somehow kept the posture of my left hand and feet, breathed in heavily, and shook my right arm.


I breathed out sharply and hit one of the many eyes in apophis’ face which is bigger than me with my fist.


The fist that I thrust with everything I have only slightly moved apophis’ face.

However, I was able to direct apophis’ attention to me.

Immediately afterward, whether the power of apophis’ mouth loosened, the dragon unfurls its wings and managed to escape apophis’ constriction.

Then, it bit the neck of apophis, gripped its body, and flew into the air.

I was thrown to the ground because of the impact but I did not take my eyes off the sky as I was fascinated by the figure of the dragon and apophis flying to the sky.

The figure went up over the trees completely and almost disappeared.

I looked around and looked for a tree that was easy to climb in order to see the end. I saw Soarer-dono flying to the sky in a distance.

Soarer-dono is trying to help Lagreat.

I found a tilted tree trunk. I climbed up to the top of that tree a by dashing.

In front of my eyes, which is now on the top of the tree, the dragon threw apophis in the air and spat a thunderstorm from its mouth towards apophis.

Apophis did not fall because of the thunderstorm. I saw Soarer-donos figure near apophis.

Soarer-dono moved her mouth and turned her hands towards apophis who’s receiving lightning strikes. Several meters of white light wholly wraps apophis.

Shot by a torrent of lightning and white light, more than half of apophis’ body disappears and falls to the ground while scattering pieces of meat around.

Even if its an evil god, there is no way for it to survive that.

I just watched the latest mythical battle before my eyes.

To such feeling, I take a deep breath and put my hand on my chest.

AN: I’ll write a powerful battle scene.

I’ll write the country of beastkin arc with that feeling….

Idiot Nyusankin! Bad bacteria!

I heard such a voice …



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