Chapter 149 – The Snake is Gone, Renren is Pleased

Apophis was subjugated.

Honestly speaking, I averted my sight from most part of the battle because it’s scary but before I noticed it, Apophis’ meat pieces are already falling down from above.

It is a surreal spectacle that burnt meat pieces fall to the trees. The smell of burnt meat is appetizing.

Though I have never eaten snake’s meat.

「A-ano…!  Th-the E-evil god….its…!」

And when I was thinking strange things, I got distracted by Canaan’s voice which is filled with emotion.

I look back on three elves and nod.

「Ah, they did it. Lagreat and Soarer defeat apophis, thanks to you.」

When I told her so, Canaan sheds flood of tears and Sherahamira also tears down while putting her hands on her mouth.

Meanwhile, Alicequiteria looked down with a difficult face.

「….if Ren-sama’s party were not here, what would have happened to this forest and the country of beastkins…? Ren-sama was fated to visit the country of beastkin this day. 」

When Alicequiteria said that, Canaan wiped her tears and looked at me.

「As a descendant of apostle-sama’s attendant, I was able to participate to the battle of gods that can be handed down later as a myth…I will be proud of it until the last days of my life!」

When the tearful Canaan said so, Sherahamira brought the equipment I gave her and presented them to me with both hands.

「I never thought that I will be able to use legendary equipments with my own hands. I respectfully return it.」


When I replied and received the equipments from Sherahamira, Alicequiteria opened her eyes wide.

「Legen…dary…that wand…!」

Alicequiteria leaned forward and stared at the wand in my hand.

With the sage wand on my hand, I looked at Alicequiteria.

「This wand is my favorite. If you want proof of attendant, I’ll prepare another one.」

TN: It was previously called proof of brave(eiyu) but now proof of attendant(juusha)

As I said that, Alicequiteria turned and put both of her hands together in front of her chest.

「I-is it true!? I-I’m now an attendant…!」

When Alicequiteria shouted with trembling voice, Canaan opened her eyes wide and looked at Alicequiteria and me alternately.

I smiled wryly to that view. I looked at Canaan and Sherahamira.

「Though I already planned Canaan to be my subordinate from the beginning, I’ll also permit Sherahamira.」

TN: I forgot what chapter it is but there was a kind of confusing chapter before where I began using attendant for the former apostle’s follower and subordinate for Ren’s follower to differentiate them though they are both translated from juusha.

「Y-yes! I’ll do my best!」

In response to my words, Sherahamira replied loudly.

Should I report his later to the king of elves, Saharoseteri?

I’ll only accept Alicequiteria and Sherahamira from the high elves.

Other high elves are involved in the operation of the country.

「Well, let’s get down and gather everyone…」

I said so and looked down at the ground. There are too many snake corpses that they covered the ground completely.

I almost screamed the moment I saw it.

「…Okay, have them make sure that nothing survived before returning to the country of beastkins. Go to them now.」

When I said that, Canaan straightened her back and agreed. Sherahamira nodded too.

However, Alicequiteria mysteriously tilted her neck.

「What will Ren-sama do?」

「I-I’ll go back to the country of beastkin first.」

When I answered Alicequiteria’s question, Alicequiteria smiled and opened her mouth.

「In that case, I’ll just use group flight magic and go with everyone! Okay, let’s go!」

「Eh, no, wait a….」

When I was thinking of an excuse to delay Alicequiteria, it was already too late.

Alicequiteria immediately casted group flight magic and took me to the ground before I was able to say anything.

Alicequiteria…I’ll punish you later.

I firmly swore that in my heart.

We returned to the country of beastkins taking a lot of beastkin soldiers with us along. The king of the country, Fuuten, came in front of me and bowed.

A lot of beastkins were surprised when their king lowered his head without saying anything.

The noise started to spread out but slowly turned to silence.

In the silence where no one talks, Fuuten raised his head.

「I wish to express my gratitude for your help…apostle of god, Ren-sama.」

When Fuuten said that, the place was thrown into a commotion but everyone kneels before long.

Meanwhile, Kuudai, who is previously behind me, stepped forward and opened his mouth while staring at Fuuten.

「King, warrior of the country of beastkin, Kuudai, wish to leave the country.」

When Kuudai said so frankly, he knelt on one knee and bowed to Fuuten.

Fuuten widened his eyes to that spectacle.

「…What do you mean, Kuudai? You’re going somewhere and throw away your country?」

When Fuuten asked him so with a low voice, Kuudai looked up with a serious face.

「The country of the apostle of god, Einherjar. I want to see it with my own eyes.」

When Kuudai says so, a female beastkin knelt next to Kuudai in a hurry.

「Warrior of the beastkin country, Linshan! I’ll also go to Einherjar with Kuudai!」

When the beautiful female beastkin called Linshan also said that, Fuuten sighed.

「…You wanted to be a subordinate of the apostle of god?」

When Fuuten says so, voices of marvel came out from the beastkin warriors.

However, Kuudai laughs at himself with self-ridicule and shakes his head to the left and right.

「…I can’t be a subordinate. My ability is too minimal to even be mentioned.」

When Kuudai said that, Fuuten looked at him with an aghast face.

Voices of surprised were also raised from the warriors around. It is understood that Kuudai is recognized by everyone.

Kuudai only said up to

Fuuten looked at me with eyes of curiosity but there is a tint of awe.

However, I am in a very bad mood for some reason.

Later, I will punish Alicequiteria with 100 butt slaps as stress emission.

I vomit a short breath and open my mouth while looking at Fuuten.

「Do you want to see it, Fuuten? Although you have to listen to what I have to say if you lose.」

When I said that, the ferocious fang of a tiger showed up on Fuuten’s face.

Fuuten coughs, looks down at me, and nodded while suppressing his fighting spirit.

「Hahaha! As expected of the apostle of god-sama! I’m really interested in what Kuudai has seen. But, what are we competing for? And, what are our bet…it is necessary to decide them.」

To those line of Fuuten, I burst into laughter unintentionally.

「What, are you reluctant? Anything is alright in particular. I have already decided my demand. You’ll join an organization called international alliance and build an air transport branch. After that, you’ll have to participate in the supply of goods to the air transport industry.」

「In-international alliance? I don’t quite understand the air transport though…」

Fuuten knitted his brows and tilted his neck upon hearing my request. I laughed at the figure of the big beastkin male who contracted his body and tilted his neck.

「Be relieved. It is an equal alliance. Most of the major powers are already involved. The air transport is simply an industry aimed at reinforcing logistics. Though our country receives all tariffs that merchants pay, there is no harm in importing and exporting. Especially since the country of beastkins has a lot of monster materials.」

When I said that, Fuuten crossed his arms and groaned.

「I see…Air transport is importing and exporting using the sky? That idea is something I can’t imagine. As expected of apostle of god-sama…」

「I do not need such flattery. What is your demand? Let’s talk about it first.」

When I said that, Fuuten drew back his chin with a difficult face.

「No, at first I thought of arguing about it but hearing that, it seems to be full of merit. I can’t demand anything big.」

He said that and groaned again. He’s too serious.

This bet was started by me. Though I think the receiving side, the country of beastkins, has no problem with it.

I laughed aloud while looking at the serious Fuuten.

「I will win anyway. Ask whatever you want. Do you want a sword?」

I took out two swords to hasten the talk.

Those swords are bigger than me. One is made of mithril and the other is made of orichalcum.

When I stab the two large swords on the ground, voices of admiration came up from the beastkins.

These are items with good materials and flashy decorations.

Fuuten looks at the two big swords. His eyes are shining.

「Th-these large swords!? I have never seen anything like these, is it okay!?」

Fuuten asked me that for confirmation. He looks like he’s about to jump at the swords.

Well, these are strong swords but don’t have any special ability but even so, these are excellent gems that can make them salivate.

「Tho-those swords are… attendant’s….」

I could hear Canaan’s voice from behind but let’s ignore her.

「Let’s do it! What kind of match do you like? I won’t accept if it’s a magic battle.」

Futen, who has gotten enthusiastic, smiled and laughed.

I smiled and

「That’s obvious. I need a stress-reducing match so we will fight in a round, sand ring. We’ll fight using our bare hands.」

When I said that, Fuuten’s eyes flashed as he solidified and shout of joy roared from the surrounding.

This might have been the favourite development of the beastkin warriors.



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