Chapter 150 – The Beastkin Warriors are Crazily Overjoyed

Surrounded by a large number of beastkins, the hesitating Fuuten looked at me and opened his mouth.

「I-is it alright, Ren-sama? It is the best method to persuade a beastkin but…」

Fuuten is not looking down on me but it seems that he’s purely worried about me because of his confidence.


Lagreat is enough to conduct genocide here.

I want to do something like a sumo wrestler in an athletic meet in a neighborhood association.

However, the beastkin warriors around are not yelling half-heartedly.

They even sounded like howling.

I feel like I’m on a zoo.


I turned around to that big shouting voice.

There, a big male full of scars is standing. That male is a beastkin.

That big beastman is wearing a simple armor that exposes his muscular bodybuilder like body. The frightening thing is that, the beastman is a foxkin.

That big beastman, who can’t be thought of someone who’s the same race as Soarer,  looked at me and dogeza.

「You may kill me! Apostle-sama, subordinate-samas, your power! Please engrave it to this body!」

Eh? Are you a DOM?

I don’t know how should I reply to that muscular DOM.

Then, Kuudai walks towards the beastman and calls him.

「I understand how you feel. I also want to take this opportunity to challenge Lagreat.」

Oh, an additional suicide volunteer appeared. What’s with this country? Are they sick?

I looked around while feeling tired.

Participants are likely to increase more than I imagined. When I thought of such a thing, I felt tired. Fuuten approached me then.

「Ren-sama, let’s decide the schedule. Let’s decide the number of people who’ll participate. Let’s choose who’ll be the representatives.」

He said that and looked at

I looked back at Fuuten’s gaze. I crossed my arms and groaned.

Honestly speaking, I just want to make it a battle royal but if I propose that, I am likely to offend the beastkins.

Is there any way for us to choose quickly?

If I have Fellow or Delta here, I can just ask them to summon monsters and let the beastkins fight them…

When I thought so, I was reminded of a certain scene of a manga where there is a qualifying battle before the tournament.

「Fuuten, let’s hold a qualifying tournament.」

「Qualifying tournament? What kind of tournament is that?」

To my words, Fuuten tilted his neck.

I looked at Fuuten, raised the edge of my mouth, and opened my mouth.

「I will make a venue. Is it okay to place it on the river?」

When I said that, Fuuten nodded and tilted his neck again.

「Ye-yes….Hnn? On the river?」

I got Fuuten’s consent so I headed for the river quickly. While the beastkin crowd split to the left and right to give way, I dashed to the river and casted magic.

I casted an earth base magic, sand wall.

An oval pillar is built at the center of the river. A board gradually expanded on top of it and stairs were built to the left and right. There is now a huge plaza built on the river.

It seems that I made it somewhat high, can the spectators watch over there?

I, who had thought about that, set up an auditorium at once in a bowl-like shape which is similar to a baseball field venue.

Before they noticed it, a stadium which is similar to the Colosseum, is already completed on the river, voices of surprise echoed around.

Yes, the result is good. Looking at the thick walls and pillars, it really looked like the one on those ancient ruins.

I was satisfied with it and looked back.

「Okay. The venue is ready.」

When I said that, the speechless elves at the back were looking at the towering arena as if they are floating in the air.

Lagreat and Laurel are happily looking the arena beside them and Soarer looked at me and smiled.

「As expected of master. It’s splendid.」

「If Mira or Camry is here, we could have built a sturdier one with more decorations.」

When we were having such a conversation, Fuuten looked at the arena with a blue face and opened his mouth.

「…This is, a true mage…」

I twist my head to Fuuten’s words.

「No, I’m not a mage. If it’s a true mage, it will be more amazing.」

When I said that, Fuuten looked at me with a frightened face.

「… I was able to know the horror of magic without fighting. It looks like the adventurers who occasionally showed up here are the weakest in the world.」

He said that and

I somewhat feeling sympathetic to Fuuten so I selfishly pointed at Lagreat and opened my mouth.

「There is no doubt that mages are the strongest against multiple enemies but if it is one on one, warriors, swordsmen, and monks are stronger. If Lagreat is serious, no mage can beat him.」

When I said such a thing, Fuuten looked at Lagreat with eyes like he’s looking at something incredible.

「…that boy, has that much power…?」

I laughed at the astonished Fuuten. I raised my face and looked around after that.

「Find it out by fighting. Warriors are perfecting their strength by fighting to the extreme.」

After my remark to Fuuten, I used flight magic and moved to the wall of the arena.

I overlook the beastkins and open my mouth.

「The qualifying match is 50 people each. The venue is wide but if there are too many people, it will be just a brawl. Proud warriors should fight against each other on a one on one battle as much as possible. Do not worry about injuries. Even if your eyes are crushed, hands and feet cut off, I can heal you. However, don’t start killing each other, understand?」

I used magic to make my voice reach far. After explaining, the beastkins shout of joy rose.

This development is fast but I think it’s good.

「The first 50 people. Move to the venue. The rest of the audience, move to the spectator seat. The seat will be first come first serve.」

When I said that, the beastkins began to run in a hurry.

The venue I made is considerably big but it looks like it’ll be full.

After increasing the number of pillars so that the venue will not collapse, fifty beastkins are already on standby.

Looking at them, the muscular foxkin has mixed with the first 50 contestants.

They are really motivated. Their expressions and movements are overflowing with excitement and bloodlust.

The arena’s audience’ seat is filled up too. Some are even standing.

Well, should we get started?

I looked around and thought so and opened my mouth.

「Let’s start the first qualifying match. Are you ready?」

When I said that, the beastkin warriors became quiet and prepared to go against each other.


The moment I shouted so, deep roar sounded in the arena.



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