Chapter 151 – Qualifying Competitions

A fierce battle.

Those are the right words.

The warriors strike each other making sounds similar to pounding logs. There is even someone running on the wall like he is running on the ground.

This is really what a battle of beastkins, who has high physical ability, is.

Meanwhile, there is someone who fights remarkably.

It’s the muscle foxkin.

That big guy does not run around but his opponents are being blown away each time he swung his limbs.

What a brute.

Because there are a lot of beast warriors on the arena, those who were blown away by that incredible strength were caught safely.

Beastkin’s ability might be high but the qualifying match quickly moves towards the conclusion.

Before everyone noticed it, there are only three people standing on the venue.

Of course, that muscle foxkin is one of them.



The moment their eyes meet, the muscle foxkin and the slender dogkin clashes against each other. The foxkin kicks the dogkin but he manages to crouch.

He then slides and quickly turned when he was behind the foxkin.

It’s a great move. There’s no doubt that it was a strategy he thought of from the beginning.

However, the moment the dogkin clenched his fist, the foxkin made a back kick and hit the dogkin’s belly.

The dogkin’s body was raised from the ground as the result of the kick and rolled on the ground twice before falling from the arena floor.

When the foxkin confirms that the dogkin is not moving, he looks at the big guy who seems to be a bearkin standing before him.

When the bearkin fixed his posture, the foxkin pushed both of this hands in front of him like a boxer.

They stop moving. Before long, the two of them start running towards each other at the same time.



The foxkin jumps in the air and performs a kick aiming at the other party’s face.

The bearkin blocks it by using both of his arms and kicks his opponent in the air while he’s being flipped back.


The foxkin, who was kicked back in the air, twisted his body while leaking a muffled voice and landed on the ground.

When the bearkin recovers his balance, he jumps toward the foxkin who is kneeling on the ground.

「Se ah!」

Along with his spirit, the bearkin shook his fist towards the face of the foxkin. The foxkin avoids it by twisting his body then grabs that arm and throws him.

That made the bearkin blown off to the wall of the arena.


He might have been strong even compared to other beastkin.

With such thought, I saw the end of the first qualifying match.

By the way, there are ten qualifying matches in total.

There are about 50 people in each qualifying match so there are about 500 beastkins participated in the qualifying competition.

A lot participated. These guys really like fighting.

Kudai, Fuuten, and Linshan also participated and won their respective qualifying match.

While I watch with amazement, the tenth qualifying match started.

When I looked at the participants, I saw a woman with a curvy body line standing out for a certain reason.

She wrapped herself with soft clothing but it’s not enough to hide her beautiful proportion. Her black hair is also splendid as if sparkling.

There’s a furry tail on her buttocks and big triangular ears on her head….

「… What are you doing, Soarer?」

I muttered so while looking at Soarer who’s stretching on the arena.

No, no, even if you’re a high-level priestess, you are a healer…

You have both physical strength and offensive ability of a mage so you are at a disadvantageous position no matter how one looks at it.

When I thought of overlooking Soarer, Soarer waved her hand at me with a smile.

She doesn’t even have a single physical strength improving accessory on her hand.

What are you thinking?

Thinking about it, I couldn’t give a signal to start. Alicequiteria flew to where I am.

「Re-Ren-sama! So-Soarer-sama is…」

Seeing the panicking Alicequiteria, I sigh and nod.

「She seems to be motivated.」

Well, thanks to her level, her physical strength is comparable to the other beastkins.

When I saw Soarer’s smile, I gave up. I return Soarers wave and stand up.


I gave the signal to start and the beastkins moved at once.

In front of Soarer was a big catkin female. It is a muscular female that looks like a shot-putter.

Beastkin males probably don’t want to fight Soarer after seeing her thin arms. They are clearly choosing another one and are obviously avoiding Soarer.

On the other hand, the catkin female glares at Soarer and grasps her fist.

「I’ll fight you with everything I have!」

Surprisingly, a lovely voice came out from the catkin female, Soarer gently smiled and nodded.

「Come at me.」

When Soarer replied with a beautiful, bell-like voice, the catkin kicked the ground and started running.

The catkin swings her hard arm to perform a lariat but Soarer passes through it elegantly.

The catkin’s attack swiftly blew away a dogkin who had been in her way by chance and rushes at Soarer again.

It seems that to catch Soarer this time, she spreads both of her hands.


However, Soarer jumped and hit the catkin’s head with one hand before she was able to grab her. The audience loved how Soarer landed after making one full rotation in the air.

But Soarer has yet to give the catkin a decisive blow.

「Kuh! Not yet!」

The catkin, who just received an aerial attack, turned around and attacked with everything she had while shouting that.

However, Soarer just smiled more after seeing that attack.

She received that attack by grasping the arm of the catkin with both of her hands. She twists her body and slams the catkin on the ground.

The catkin fell forward with the momentum of her attack that Soarer utilized.

It looked like a regular shoulder throw but the force that the catkin used in her previous attack was added.

The catkin’s head was buried in the ground as the result.


Soarer stood up straight and gladly said that to the stucked catkin.

Another one who saw that looked at Soarer and bowed.

「I’ll be your next challenger!」

The tall beastkin male with long ears on his head said that. A rabbitkin.


Soarer smiled elegantly to that man and put both of her hands up and took a stance. Looking at Soarer’s fighting stance, I felt a considerable sense of incongruity.

It is because Soarer poses like she’s wielding a wand. However, even I don’t know if one can fight barehanded with such a stance.

The rabbitkin started moving cautiously as Soarer opened her arms gently to match the height of her hands to the opponent’s face and chest.

The rabbitkin jumps sideways and attacks Soarer from the side.

He is quite

However, Soarer thrusts her foot aiming at the rabbitkin’s belly while brushing off his attack. She then used her other hands to elbow the rabbitkin who lost its balance.

The rabbitkin, who was countered with his own weight and running momentum with an elbow, stumbled and crumbled on the spot after giving off a voice of agony.

It is an amazing

Though there is an unreasonable sense of incongruity.

When others saw the rabbitkin killing himself, other beastkins rushed to Soarer.

And Soarer exterminated the others one by one with one or two attack.

Before I noticed it, the audience is giving out their support to Soarer.

Soarer…did you just make a fan club?



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