Chapter 152 – The Finals

The qualifying round ends so the final starts.

Although there is a break, it is not yet evening.

「Soarer-sama is amazing!」

「Right. After all, you can’t be an apostle’s subordinate if you can’t fight like that even if you’re a mage.」

「I-I can do it too…」

The elves are completely enjoying watching the matches. It would have been perfect if there are popcorns.

「Soarer can do that much with her beastkin opponents.」

Laurel laughed cheerfully as he said that.

「Hahaha, master, isn’t Soarer a hard worker? From cooking to martial arts, she can do anything.」

When Laurel said that, I tilted my head.

「That’s amazing but what is she aiming for?」

When I muttered so, Laurel looked at me with a meaningful expression.

「Master, she seems to want to be your bride?」


I instinctively looked back at Laurel and gave out a stupid sounding voice for his line.

Then, Laurel takes off his armor and leather clothes and began walking into the arena.

「Well, do your best!」

I said that to Laurel who ran off and vomit a short breath.

This, I feel like it is necessary to consider marrying again.

But currently, my bride will exceed twenty people.

I looked at the stage while thinking of such a thing.

Including Soarer, there are 10 people who won the qualifying matches.

They’ll fight against Lagreat and Laurel.

Something is

I looked at the stage and checked the composition while tilting my head.

Twelve beastkins are watching me as I landed gently.

I looked at their eyes and saw their bloodlust while raising the edge of their mouth.

「Well, congratulations warriors who got the chance to challenge my subordinates. By the way Soarer, are you going to challenge Lagreat or Laurel too?」

I looked at Soarer and said so. Soarer tilted her head and smiled.

「Well, what should I do?」

You haven’t thought of it?

I feel like I almost slip and fall from Soarer’s answer.

What a frightening beautiful woman. What a regrettable beautiful woman.

When I was racking my brains on how to treat Soarer, Linshan raised her hand and opened her mouth.

「Ren-sama, can I say something?」

「What is it?」

When I replied to Linshan, she sharply narrowed her eyes and pulled back her chin.

「If it is possible, I want to fight against Soarer-sama…」

When Linshan said so, another beastkin female raised her hand.

「Me too me too!」

That stupid female doesn’t feel the tension. She’s a slender beastkin with small ears on her red hair.

Looking at her tail, there are round patterns so that means she’s a leopardkin.

「I am a warrior or Shitamachi, Tanyao! Please let me fight with Soarer-sama!」

When she said that, the female who introduces herself as Tanyao jumped lightly and landed next to Linshan. This one seems to be light and fast.

When I thought so, Soarer nodded and looked at me.

「Then, I shall fight against these two. It seems to be interesting.」

When Soarer said so, Linshan and Tanyao kneeled on the spot and lowered their heads.

「Thank you very much!」

Apparently, these three decided the rule one way or another. If that is the case then I guess I’ll have to decide the rest.

「Well then, let’s start the showdown between Soarer and Linshan!」

When I said that, Soarer looked at me and shook her head to the left and right.

「No, I don’t mind fighting them together at the same time. Let’s fight with two on one.」

「Eh? No, that is…」

When I tried to reprimand Soarer for her remark, Linshan got up and clenched her fist.

「Y-you intend to win against the two of us…?」

Linshan knitted her eyebrows as she said that in a low voice. As expected, that will hurt the beastkin’s self-esteem.

When I was thinking about such a thing, Linshan quickly lifted her face and looked at Soarer.

「As-as expected of the subordinate of the apostle of god-sama, Soarer-sama! You have such a leeway even though you’re a healing mage! Exactly the dignified presence appropriate for a subordinate-sama!」

Linshan complimented Soarer with great excitement.

Oya, it seems that my fear about the pride of beastkins is an imaginary concern.

When I was sending my amazed look at Linshan, Lagreat opened his mouth and laughed.

「Well then, I’ll go against 5 people. That’s good, right? 」

Lagreat said that and laughed at Laurel.

No, what exactly is right? What kind of calculations did you do?

I looked at Laurel while thinking so but he just nodded as usual.

「Yes, that’s right. I’m good with taking it easy. That’s a good plan, Lagreat. 」

When Laurel said so, Lagreat stuck out his chest proudly.

Laurel just want to take it easy huh.

So in the end, Soarer and Laurel will fight in a two to one match while Lagreat with fight a five to one.

The first match is Soarer versus Linshan and Tanyao.

We move to the edge of the stage and watch the match.

Maybe I should just think that it will be over after three matches.

I change the way I think about it and look at Soarer.

I take a deep breath and open my mouth.

「Start! 」

When I gave the signal to start, cheers echoed in the venue.

I somehow feel that Soarer has a lot of supporters.

「Let’s go! 」

When she heard the signal to start, Linshan lowered her stance and jumped out.

It is low enough for her head to match the height of Soarer’s waist.

Linshan accelerated as she approached Soarer and thrust her fist.

Her dive crushed their distance in an instant while she put all her weight on a right straight.

However, Soarer reacted to that speed without difficulty.

She twisted her body while setting her foot forward. She warded of Linshan’s fist with one hand and threw a high kick to back of the head of Linshan.

That blow is too good, Soarer.

The moment I thought of that, Linshan rolled forward and collapsed.

However, due to that momentary but exquisite evasion, Soarer’s high kick cut through the sky.

Seeing that chance, Tanyao dashed.

She kicked the ground and approached Soarer’s immediate side before she noticed it.

Her moving speed is similar to Lagreat.

After Soarer’s high kick, Tanyao jumped slightly off from where she started running and put both of her feet in the air and trust them to Soarer’s waist. It is a low sky dropkick.

There wasn’t enough time to evade so Soarer blew off and rolled on the ground.

Oi oi, that’s a hit with all of one’s might.

I feel a chill seeing that Soarer is still not moving and is still collapse on the ground.

Should I stop the match?

When I thought of that, I heard a mellow laughter from the fallen Soarer.

「Fu, fufu…fufufufufu… 」

A demon king woke up.

I thought of such a foolish thing after feeling such a pressure from Soarer.

The air in the arena suddenly felt cold and there wasn’t a single sound as Soarer stood up.

Looking at it, Soarer has a disheveled hair and is laughing while looking down.

「…I was kicked, in front of my lord… 」

Soarer muttered such a thing with a low voice.

You do not need to mind it, Soarer-chan.

You were blown away beautifully, Soarer-chan.

Therefore, smile brightly, Soarer-chan.

As I thought about such a thing and prayed for the depressed Soarer, Soarer gently raised her face.

A serious face. She looks like she’s somewhat smiling but…

Chan nen, Soarer-chan.

Someone who’ll see that smile will not be able to sleep.


When I tremble while thinking of such a thing, Soarer began running suddenly.

There is no preliminary movement, she suddenly dashes.

Moreover, she’s surprisingly fast.

Soarer, who started dashing suddenly, approached Linshan, who’s now standing with vigilance, in a blink of an eye. She grabbed the face of the panicking Linshan with one hand.

Soarer, leans forward, to avoid Linshan’s fist while she’s grabbing her face.

Linshan, who was thrown by Soarer to the ground like a doll, fainted.

She’s like the green skin superhero.

TN: Hulk smash!

「Su-surrender! I surrender! 」

Tanyao cried so as she feared the behavior of devil Soarer.

However, before she noticed it, Soarer already moved behind her. Soarer grabbed Tanyao’s head and whirled her in the sky.

「Th-the winner, Soarer… 」

I said that after hearing the sound of Tanyao falling into the ground. Soarer raised her hand with an incredibly bright smile as if everything that happened earlier was a lie.

「I did it, my lord! 」

Eh? Did you kill her?

TN: She said “yaru” which could also mean to injure, harm, or kill

I am in a situation where I seem to mishear something.

The great cheers until a while ago also turned into silence.

Fear is already what dominates the arena.

For some reason, Lagreat and Laurel did not try to look at Soarer in her eyes.



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