Extra 02 – (This Has Nothing to Do with the Main Story)

I swung my sword once. I put the blade on the shoulder and looked at the stage.

There are the motivated battle junky Lagreat and the unmotivated holy knight Laurel.

The third one is the healing mage Soarer who has a frightened blue face.

We are using second-rate equipments without magic carve seal.

If we were to fight with our strongest equipments, there is a possibility that someone will die.

I tilted my neck and yawn.

Because an unequal treaty was concluded ten minutes ago, I wonder why such a thing happened.

When I was thinking of such a thing, Lagreat raised the edge of his mouth and jumped lightly on the spot.

「Now, let’s do it, my lord!」

This child is having so much fun.

I looked at Lagreat while feeling cold and opened my mouth.

「yes yes… Fuuten, signal the start.」

When I turned my face to the side, I saw Fuuten with a tense expression as he nodded.

He inhaled and looked up.


The moment Fuuten gave the signal, Lagreat and Laurel came straight to me.

Because Lagreat’s speed is overwhelming, there is already a fist in front of me before I noticed it.


Lagreat gave out a voice with a short breath as he thrust his fist with his unstoppable speed.

I know where he’s coming from so I defended using my sword.

Due to the collision of Lagreat’s fist and my sword, shockwave noise and vibration rocked around the vicinity.

Lagreat twisted his mouth joyfully and flew aside and disappeared from my view.

Then, the figure of Laurel who brandished the edge of his sword to me appeared.


I avoided Laurel’s spirit and sharp sword by parrying his sword with mine to the side.

After I thought that I parry his sword far enough, I tried swinging my sword to Laurel’s body.

Slash. I thought that I managed to cut him.

However, the moment my sword touches Laurel’s armor, it hits the barrier created my Soarer.

「I-I’m sorry! My lord!」shmtranslations.com

Soarer shouted to apologize then casted physical enhancement buff and auto-recovery magic to Laurel and Lagreat.

After seeing that, Lagreat hammered my sword from the side. But Lagreat’s attack was stopped by multiple magic barriers.

Surprisingly, after breaking two of my three barriers I quickly gripped him with one hand.

To that action, Lagreat glares at me.

「You’re having a contest of strength with me, my lord?」

I smiled and shook my head to Lagreat who’s saying defiant things.

「Don’t say stupid things. I’m a magic swordsman.」

I said that and casted magic to Lagreat.

Although I said that, I’ll also be caught up.

I casted a huge tornado flame that made the stage into a burning hell and competes with Lagreat to a battle of endurance.

Because the magic barrier of Soarer is better, my only barrier already collapsed a while ago.

Lagreat who understood what I’m planning looked at my face.

Looking at him, I raised the edge of my mouth and shook my sword.

I casted magic earlier so it’s a multiple attack.

Compared to Lagreat’s fist, my sword has a higher attack power so it will be able to make up for the magic barrier difference.

Flame tongue!」

I swung down my sword towards Lagreat who opened his eyes wide. A column of flame goes up in the tornado flame the same time I swung my sword to tear Lagreat’s barrier.

A roaring flame blazed between me and Lagreat.


Lagreat groans to the effect of the double flame damage and try to recover while setting up another barrier.


「Fool. Don’t say that since we already know each other’s capability.」

I replied to Lagreat’s complain. I waited until my skill cools down and smashed Lagreat’s face with a turning kick.

Though Lagreat manages to protect himself with one hand he flew away from the tornado flame.

After seeing that Lagreat fell hard, I also got off the tornado flame.

After that, I casted a wind blade in order to erase the tornado flame.


Then, Laurel approached my while raising such a voice.

Looking at the surroundings, there was also a figure of Soarer running towards Lagrate.

I casted tornado flame towards Laurel and approached Soarer at once.


Soarer who notices the approaching me gives off a loud scream. Why are you frightened that much?

I feel a little sad as I grab both of her hands and look at her face.

「Are you surrendering?」

After hearing that, Soarer’s cheeks blushed and averted her gaze from me.

「I-I surrender.」


After hearing Soarer’s declaration, I let go of her hands and looked at Laurel and Lagreat.

The two of them are lined up at the stage and are looking at this place for some reason.

Melee fighter lining up is good for me since I can save time and effort.

Frost Edge

When I said the skill name as I swung my sword, icicles grew up from the ground one after another.

As the icicles radially protruded from my position, Laurel and Lagreat advanced towards me.

Laurel sweeps and cuts the lumps of ice before him steadily.

On the other hand, Lagreat is crushing the gigantic chunks of ice that were cut.

Although fragments fly in my direction, it doesn’t mean anything to me who has a barrier.

What do these guys want to do?

When I thought of such a thing, the moment when Lagreat crushed the third lump of ice, it robs my vision and didn’t notice Laurel who is approaching me and Lagreat who is now missing.

Crusade cross!

The moment Laurel approached me enough, he said the skill name. The surrounding was wrapped in white light.

To that white light, Laurel approaches me while holding his sword.


I gave out a short breath and ran towards Laurel’s direction in order to figure out where Lagreat would come from.

There is no doubt, Lagreat is at the back.

I suddenly run to the side while having a sword match with Laurel and looked at the place behind him.

Inside that white light, I saw Laurel in front of me and the figure of Lagreat descending to where I am earlier.

Seeing that spectacle, I kicked Laurel’s armor that made him blown off straight.



Laurel collided with Lagreat before he landed. The two of them rolled on the ground together while giving off a surprised voice.

Frost Edge

I casted an assurance blow to the two who are tangled on the ground and my victory was settled.

A gigantic icicle soared on the stage. I put away the sword to the item box an looked at Fuuten.

「…th-the match is over! The winner is Ren-sama!」

When Fuuten declared so, a great cheer echoed in the quiet arena.

I’m glad that Lagreat didn’t need to become a dragon.

I exhaled while thinking of such a thing in my heart.



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      Lagreat does not like taking on his dragon form.
      So also from that part it is good he did not need to.
      In dragon form his attacks are more destcructive and often AoE attacks like his dragonbreath.
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