Chapter 155 – Saharoseteri’s Astonishment to G.I.Jou

Take a

When Ren-sama said so, we came into a large bathhouse in the basement.

「Wh-what is this…」

I looked at Fuuten-dono, the king of beastkins, who said that. All of the beastkins that are following him and all of my elf brothers are looking at the big bathhouse with an aghast expression.

Because looking at it, everyone thinks that this is a huge lake.

We are certainly underground but this place is bright as if it’s daytime. The lake bath it also has the right shallowness for a bath.

Yes, it is a bath.

It is a lake of warm water.

There are chairs and tables with roof that seem to be a resting place in the surrounding too. The surprising thing is, there seem to be a building where one could shop something he can eat.

There is a building in a large underground bathhouse. It seems that I am unable to understand what I’m saying myself.

Even if I am the king of elves, Saharoseteri, I can’t imagine such a world.

While thinking of such a thing, I tried conversing with the king of beastkins for the first time.

「Fuuten-dono…let us be the first one to step into the bath.」

I looked at Fuuten-dono and said that. He has a big body that can overwhelm someone just by standing. Moreover, his gigantic body is composed of strengthened muscles which does not have useless fat.

When I tried speaking with him, Fuuten, who was looking around the vicinity, looked down to me.

「I agree. If I’m not mistaken, Ren-sama said that there is a place where we should wash our body…」

When Fuuten said that in a soft manner, a thin, rabbitkin pointed at a wall on the side.

「Is it not that place?」

「Umu, it looks like a place where one could wash his body.」

This time, a large beastkin called Kuudai responded.

Certainly, there are stoneworks on that side of the wall.

「Then, shall we go?」

I said so and went to that corner.

I walked over the chilly stone and touched a mysterious round object which is stuck on the wall.

That round object was as high as my belly, I tried pushing it down and felt an interesting sensation from it.

Immediately after that, hot water falls on my head.


I was surprised by the hot water and withdrew behind in a panic.

What, happened?

Apparently, the hot water seemed to come out from a round protrusion above.

It’s dripping hot water like rain.

The hot water stopped when I approached fearfully.

「Oh, hot water will come out if you push it!」

Apparently, the others seem to have noticed the mechanism of this facility.

When I pushed it again, hot water really came out once again.

Looking at it closely, there is something as high as a knee which looks like an ornament with delicate roundness.

I lift it up to confirm what it is. It has a complicated shape and there is a wonderful picture on it. It must be a considerably great item.

On the other side of that thing is a beautiful, raven-black haired woman but what does it mean?

「Oi! This round thing on your feet has soap in it!? If you press it, liquid soap will come out!」

When I was thinking what is this ornament, someone figured out what it is.

Soap will go out if you press it?

I tilted my head and pressed the most swollen part of the ornament but I didn’t get anything.

While thinking that it might not be the one, I pressed the pointed protrusion for the first time and a semitransparent liquid came out.

I rubbed the liquid in my hand and I was surprised that it bubbled quickly.

Then, I tried to wash my hair using it and I admired it more.

What a nice scent. Is this the scent of flowers? However, I thought that it was impossible to make soap with nectar.

I fully enjoyed the fragrance and pushed the round object on the wall with my hand. Warm water pours and washes out the bubbles.


What a shock.

I tried combing my hair with my hand and it’s so smooth that nothing gets on my hand’s way.

Thinking about it, the people of this castle has beautiful hairs, is it because of this?

I left the comfortable washing space and head to the warm water lake.

Fuuten was already there.

「Oh, Fuuten-dono. Are you not going into the warm water?」

When he heard me, Fuuten looked at me with a difficult expression.

「No, I think I’m going into it, I just felt awe in this sight …Though it is shameful, I have been fairly rude to Ren-sama. Without knowing his power…」

He shook his head to the left and right when he said that then looked ahead and smiled.

The large bathroom is as large as a lake, every elf and beastkin can enjoy it at the same time.

After looking at it, Fuuten made a wry smile and murmured.

「I was told that there are three bathrooms like this one.」

「Yeah, I really can’t believe it. Just one bathroom of this scale is…as expected of Ren-sama.」

As I replied, Fuuten gave out a shallow breath. When I looked at Fuuten’s expression, he’s staring at the large bathroom while knitting his eyebrows.

「…Dragons are treated like pets and there are a lot of subordinates which are stronger than me…Even furnitures look like they are more precious than any item in this world but they are casually displayed everywhere.」

Fuuten seemed to be surprised about Ren-sama’s power and authority.

Certainly, looking at the furnitures…Especially that black, mysterious shaped, refined box was very attractive.

When I nodded to Fuuten’s words, Fuuten looked at me while having a self-ridiculed smile.

「Although you probably heard it already, we tried to challenge three of Ren-sama’s juusha in a match.」

「…It was, a good tournament.」

I told that to Fuuten but he burst out into laughter.

「No, no, it’s a complete defeat. No, it will be more correct to say that we’re not even qualified to be an opponent. It was like an adult fighting a baby, no, comparing it to that is lukewarm.」

Fuuten said so and laughed again but I was not able to laugh.

I understand the feeling of wanting to witness the power of the juusha-samas but I also understand that we are not qualified to be their opponent.

「No, even if the challengers are us, the result will be the same. No matter who it is, it will be so. If there is someone who can fight against Ren-sama and his juusha-samas, it can only be another apostle of god-sama and his juusha-samas.」

When I told him so, Fuuten widened his eyes as if relieved.

But he looked at me with a serious expression.

「Apostle of god-sama…Is there only one apostle of god-sama? The monster that appeared today was a horrible existence that Ren-sama called it an evil god. I heard about its power, it seemed that Lagreat-sama struggled to fight against it and needed to be supported by Soarer-sama…If such existence appears, not only our country that the world itself will be on crisis. However, up to now, such existence never come out…」

When Fuuten said so, I recalled the legend of the apostle of god-sama in my head.

The crowd of strong monsters, the story of the elf country foundation, the story about how the humans were lead, etc…

However, I never heard the name of the evil god.

Even I, a high elf who takes pride on the knowledge passed down to us, have not heard of it.

I doubted what Fuuten said but it is already ingrained in my heart like a dark shadow.

The feeling of

Why is it that Ren-sama was sent to this world?

Will vulnerable people like us be in a situation where we must participate in a war of gods?

The age of confusion might be coming to this world.



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