Chapter 156 – Morning, the Elves and the Beastkins are Still Crying

The morning came.

I, who woke up due to the light coming to the bedroom, rolled over sideways to keep my face away from the light.

Then, I felt something soft.

I can’t see someone on the top of the bed but I’m sure there is someone else on the bed.

I think that it is impolite to suddenly flip the bed so I investigate the one who is concealing itself with my hands and feet.

It seems that I hit a strange place, I heard a muffled laughter from the bed.

Mou, no chest!

Why is a cutting board here!

What is this unnatural phenomenon!?

While thinking about such a thing, my thigh was suddenly pinched.

Painful. What a terrible thing to do.

「You look like you’re having fun, master.」

「N-not at all.」

I unintentionally said that as a reply when I heard a voice from behind.

TN: Just change her expression to a cold one to make it the appropriate image.

Though there was a little fuss in the morning, after it was settled, I sat on my throne.

As I look down from my throne, I can see the elves and beastkins looking up at me. It doesn’t feel like they’re my allies at all.

Why? Because they looking at me with shining eyes of a vassal.

I looked at the hall while thinking such a thing and opened my mouth.

「Everyone, did you sleep well yesterday?」

「Yes, Ren-sama!」

When I asked them, all of them answered at the same time. Did you guys rehearse?

While I’m looking at the elves and beaskins who are making a shining smile, Saharoseteri opened his mouth.

「This divine castle has the best meal, wonderful musing, unimaginable large bath with excellent scenery, and sophisticated and comfortable bedroom… We enjoyed Ren-sama’s castle more than enough.」

When Saharoseteli praised my castle with those words, everyone else nodded greatly in agreement.

When Saharoseteri was done talking, the king of beastkins, Fuuten, opened his mouth.

「As the representative of the country of beastkins, we express our gratitude. Over the years, we thought of being a juusha of the apostle of god-sama is just a legend and we did not think anything of it. However, yesterday and this morning, I was convinced that we really are the descendants of the juusha that once serve the apostle of god-sama.」

Once Fuuten said those, he lowered his head and continued.

「Therefore…we humbly request of you to add us as the lowest seat of your juusha.」


I have anticipated Fuuten’s request halfway so I interrupted him and refused.

Then, Fuuten looked at me with an aghast expression. No, think about your country. You should think about your country with utmost importance. You should work for your country with all you have.

Saharoseteri and Fuuten were looking at the sky due to shock while Canaan, the dark elves’ elder, looked at the two of them with a doya face.

TN: Here is the goddess the apostle is serving in her doya face.

「Fufufu, the dark elves will do your share as Ren-sama’s juusha. Please leave it to us with ease.」

When Canaan said that, Saharoseteri and Fuuten glared at Canaan then looked at me.

「Ren-sama! Why is it the dark elves are accepted!?」

「If it is because we have our own country then please, at least make half of us your juusha!」

The two kings appealed to be my subordinate with a shout.

Something is

To me who was bothered by it, Eleanor, who is standing next to me, gently drawn her face to me.

「Master, I understand why they are in pain. How about we both accept a number of them while we dispatch several people to the country of elves and the country of beastkins…with that, someone can respond to emergency and the people we can accept here will increase. It will be good for both sides.」

When Eleanor told me so, I crossed my arms and groaned.

The elves and beastkins who wanted to be my juusha will be satisfied while the insufficient manpower of my country will increase. I’ll also have more loyal subordinates.

The result will be great for both party but the problem is, the country of elves and the country of beastkins population will suddenly decrease.

How many people are needed to administer a country?

Though the monster problem will be resolved, it will definitely affect various industries of their country so it cannot be allowed.

What’s the point of having the country of elves and the country of beastkins participate in air transport?

Those are the reason why I want the country of elves and country of beastkins to participate in air transport.

With new countries participating in it, it will definitely increase the number of new products on the market. With that, the number of countries that will want to join the international alliance will also increase.

That will be a favorable factor for me to become the first leader of the international alliance.

After thinking about it, I looked at Saharoseteri.

「Saharoseteri, how much products can the elves’ country produce compared to what is being consumed?」

When I said that while tilting my head, Saharoseteri shut his mouth for a while then looked up at me.

「Is it about the air transport? Most items such as food, miscellaneous goods, and luxury items are being consumed domestically. We have a lot of stock of materials for weapons…」

Saharoseteri might have understood what I’m thinking even though I did not say it directly. His voice declined gradually until it went out.

I turn my face to Fuuten and ask the same question.

「If it is something that is to be handled by air transport…Our country has various products such as leather and wooden goods, furniture, weapons, liquor, and food. Though they are things that need to be created, we have stockpiles.」

Fuuten looked at me with eyes full of expectation.

I nodded while smiling wryly and looked at the two of them in turn.

「I want the country of elves to prepare for the import and export of goods using the air transport. Of course, it can’t be helped if you have low stock but it is better than having no goods at all. The country of beastkins have some to spare so I’ll accept you other than warriors. I’ll also accept children as foreign students from both countries.」

When I said so, Saharoseteri and Fuuten reacted immediately and raised their voices.

Saharoseteri lowered his head with a complicated expression showing mixed feelings and Fuuten replied joyfully.

I smiled at the two of them.

「Good. Then, our exchange as allies had ended. I assume that everyone will return to their country. I’ll send you back with flight magic so it will be fast.」

「Eh, eh, eeehhhhh!?」

When I said so, screams like that were raised by the elves and the beastkins.


「Who’ll run your country? The leaders are here so everyone, please return to your country at once and choose who’ll you send first.」

When I said that, Saharoseteri and Fuuten both had a face full of despair.

「O-one month…No, at least one week! I might not be able to come here again easily!」

「There is no one from the country of beastkins that can use flight magic…I will not be able to come here for several years!」

Oi, Fuuten, don’t resign as the representative of your country within several years.

I gave off a sigh to the complaints of these two and opened my mouth.

「Are you stupid? I’m busy. Once the air transport began, many things will come and go. Not only goods but also people. You two will also be busy for a while.  If we get used to it to some extent, have someone from the next generation to take over. After you strictly selected them, you’re free to come to this country. Well, if you can endure it and be patient for four or five years, you can probably live here.」

When I said that, tears overflowed like a dam who broke down from the eyes of the elves and beastkins for a while.

Eleanor, who heard the sobbing and sniffling sounds, looked at me as she knitted her eyebrows.

「Master… If you mention a specific number of years…Won’t they have a pessimistic view of the future for having no choice?」

TN: I think that they’ll be pessimistic since they can only see Ren after a specific number of years which is really long.


In consideration of the elves and beastkins, we decided to hold a festival to the three countries in turn.

Of course, I will attend.

What a troublesome thing…!



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