Chapter 157 – The International alliance has Come into Shape

They are my only allies in this world. I founded a country for the sake of my guild members who are proud of their master.

Though I thought that everyone would be delighted if I become the king of the best country in the world, we’ve only been here for a short period of time.

I was thinking of such a thing while flying in the air.

Master, are you okay?」

I brought Sunny with me as a flight mage. Upon hearing that, I smile and nod.

「Yes, so far various things are going well.」

「Is that so?」

Sunny, who heard my answer, smiled joyfully and was bashful.

I smiled at Sunny’s happy face then saw Fuuten.

Since we already pass through the country of elves, the ones remaining are the beastkins.

While looking at the dispirited beastkin, I tried speaking with Fuuten.

「Fuuten, it will be impossible to make it today but I’ll build a wall surrounding the country of beastkin next time. Will there be a problem with it?」

TN: Fuuten: as long as the monsters pay for it

When I said that, Fuuten lifted his face.


I nodded to Fuuten, who seemed to doesn’t care much about it, and opened my mouth.

「A castle wall. I will build a strong wall surrounding your country that monsters will not be able to break. Non-combat merchants will also be coming through air transport. We’ll also dispatch guards and people who can use flight magic but it will be better to increase the safety level.」

When I said that, Fuuten agreed.

「Indeed, that’s true. In addition, the number of people that will be needed for national defense will decrease. More people will be able to go to Ren-sama’s country.」

Fuuten, who said that, has gleaming eyes but I did not say anything in response.

He’ll need to adjust and do various miscellaneous things for me for several years. I’m sorry.

「By the way, about Linshan’s treatment.」

When I said that, Kuudai looked up.

「I humbly ask that favor.」

Kuudai said so and bowed.

For some reason, Linshan became the bard Nest’s disciple to learn how to play piano.

Nest was so enthusiastic about his first disciple so I let her in G.I.Jou for experiment but what will happen?

While thinking about such a thing, I looked at Kuudai and nodded.

「Yeah, she can do it if she tries her best. Then, maybe I should recruit some musician candidate from the country of elves as well.」

When I said that and laughed, I felt like all the beastkins looked at me at once.

At that time, Kuudai looked at me with a serious expression.

「…Ren-sama, can’t I be Lagreat-dono’s disciple?」


When he heard me said that, Kuudai nodded deeply.

「I might not even be half qualified but Lagreat-dono is the ideal warrior I’m aiming to be. In addition to his strength, he has a heart of a true warrior. I want to stand on that stage.」

Kuudai said that in a low, quiet voice but his words are full of enthusiasm.

I looked at the eyes of Kuudai which is full of determination and shrugged my shoulders.

「Lagreat is good but there are a lot of people at the same level as him too. It might be good for you to be a disciple of one of them.」

When I said that, Kuudai gave out a rough snort and replied.

「Thank you but I will keep lowering my head until Lagreat-dono recognize me.」

And Kuudai declared that.

I wonder why he’s impressed deeply with Lagreat. I really don’t get it.

I nodded to Kuudai as a reply and looked at the direction where the country of beastkins is.

To be honest, with the addition of the elves, dark elves, and beastkins, our war potential has increased more than expected.

If I have some time, there is something I wanted to start.

Imagining about the future, I raised the edge of my mouth and smiled.

I, who sent back the beastkins, am back at Val Valhalla castle in the capital.

「Oh! My liege! What is the current state of things?」

「Welcome home, Boss.」

「Ah, everything is fine. I’m just a little tired.」

When Cartas and Rosa greeted me on the throne room, I replied, smiled, and sat on the throne.

After confirming that I’m on the throne, Rihanna, the fifth princess of Rembrandt Kingdom, who is on the side with her attendant Keira, stepped forward quietly.

「Welcome back Ren-sama. It is good that you seem to be fine but there is something I would like to ask of Ren-sama…」

Rihanna shook her long blonde hair and smiled but I felt like something is wrong.

Anyway, Rihanna’s eyes are not laughing.

「…What is it?」

When I asked her, Rihanna raised her face.

「International alliance, air transport industry, the reports on the result of negotiation with each country, problems occurring within Einherjar…May I have some of your time?」


Okaa-san, I’ll work overtime today.

I replied and nodded to Rihanna with such feeling.

The three of us, Rihanna, Keira, and I, moved to the office. I sit on a sofa and Keira spreads papers on the table.

Rihanna unexpectedly sat down next to me when I was scanning the documents.

「Ren-sama, are you okay with it for a moment?」

「Okay with what….」

Rihanna suddenly embraced me when I was replying to her words.

I stopped moving because of the sudden embrace. Rihanna put her head on my chest and rub her forehead against it.

After separating from me, she sat on the sofa before me as if nothing happened and proceed with the meeting.

To that series of event, Keira doesn’t have any reaction in particular and Rihanna is relaxed while checking the documents.

Eh? Is it a daydream?

「…What, just now..」

When she heard that, Rihanna turned her face to the other way.

「I just replenished my energy.」

When Rihanna said so, Keira handed Rihanna some documents as if she waited for the right timing.

「Princess, should I take over and talk from here?」

「Thank you Keira.」

After their conversation, they reseated on the sofa and looked at me flatly.

Perhaps my reaction is wrong.

I should be more natural.

I should not be deceived.

Rihanna’s ears, are red.

「Then, the first report is about the signatory of the international alliance. With the fall of the Galland Empire, four major powers; Einherjar, Rembrandt Kingdom, Maeas, and La Fiesch in addition to the country of beastkins have signed as members. Einherjar, Rembrandt Kingdom, and Maeas have already announced their participation to the international alliance so most small countries are applying to join. In addition, the Immenstadt Empire seems to have some reservation in joining probably because their country is not yet that unified.」

Rihanna explained so while speaking rapidly.

No no, even the elves and the beastkins have already joined. Though there is a schedule, it might still be too early.

Moreover, Einherjar is now a major power. I’m glad about it.

When I thought of asking a question and tried opening my mouth, Keira handed documents to Rihanna as if aiming for the right timing again.

「Thank you Keira. Next is the terms of the international alliance…」

I feel like pushing my way

I’ll bully you later. Why do I feel erotic?



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