Chapter 158 –International alliance and Air Transport Industry

What Rihanna said about the international alliance are roughly three things.

International alliance members must cooperate as much as possible.

International alliance members will nominate a leader each year according to the scheduled election.

International alliance members must guarantee the slaves a certain standard of food, clothing, shelter, and protection.

Those are the things that can be considered as the major principles.

With regards to slavery, there are many countries that are economically incapable of proclaiming the liberations of the slaves so it would be impossible for now.

「Well, next is about the air transport industry.」

When I was arranging the report about the international alliance in my head, Rihanna moved to the next topic.

You’re rushing it, Rihanna.

「There are rumors about elves migrating to Einherjar…」

「That’s wrong, it is dispatch. 10,000 people will work here from now on and every year, 1,000 individuals will be replaced by a new one. I will reduce the number by half once the elves’ ability improved.」

When I said that, Rihanna’s eyes widened.

「Th-those 10,000 elves….isn’t that the total number of citizens of the country of elves?」

「There are 25,000 of them.」

When I answered her question, Rihanna stopped moving.

Then, knit her eyebrows.

「…10,000 from the total population of 25,000…Won’t their country collapse?」

Rihanna said so with a difficult expression.

Yes, I think so

「There seem to be no problem with their country’s administration for the moment. Therefore, while thinking about the gains that the country of elves will receive, they don’t have problem dispatching 10,000 of their citizens to Einherjar for now.」

When I said so, Rihanna vaguely nodded and opened her mouth.

「….Then, let’s get back to the topic. Since there are 10,000 elves coming, can you have them help us with the air transport industry? Even if there are people with high magical power from the slaves who became citizens of the country from the previous war, there’s no one who has enough talent to cast flight magic.」

Rihanna said that and looked at me.

Fumu, didn’t I tell Rihanna before about magic item?

Well, since I was able to borrow the hand of the elves more than expected, I guess it will be better for them to use it because of their high loyalty.

I thought so and looked at Rihanna.

「All dark elves will migrate to Einherjar. Their ability is also higher. Therefore, the dark elves will take care of the air transport industry.」

When I said so, Rihanna blinked her eyes.

「How many dark elves will come?」

「About 5,000.」

「…That’s enough.」

Perhaps because they have a sense of rivalry against the elves when they split with them, the dark elves have improved their abilities as a result.

Seeing the condition of the former resident of the Grado village Dan and the intermediate mage Sherry, we can think that a person will level up by hunting monsters in this world.

However, there is no definite understanding of level up in this world.

With that, we’ll have a growth experiment with the elves.

Is it possible to acquire the same magic and skill as us? Especially the passive skills which are always on, acquiring them is the most important task.

While doing these verifications, we must also lend the elves hand to prosper.

For other countries, I’ll accommodate some talent from them like Rihanna.

As I looked at Rihanna while thinking about such things, Rihanna nodded and moved the next document.

No, that’s not the reason I looked at you.

「Next is about the result of negotiation with each country. For the time being, the negotiations with most countries already moved to the air transport branch and tariff. However, the negotiation with the  Immenstadt Empire is not doing good.」

To Rihanna’s report, I looked at the document and tiled my neck.

We already tried negotiating with them three times but we’re not able to get favourable response at all.

During the first negotiation, I thought that there is a high possibility of approval.

「At least we should have had a step forward from the result of the first negotiation, right?」

When I asked, Rihanna glanced at the document I’m looking at and looked at me.

「No, rather than moving forward, we moved backward from the first negotiation.」

「Backward? Why?」

When I knitted my eyebrows as I heard her, Rihanna made a difficult face and looked at me.

「… Somehow, the negotiators have changed. From an influential national government administrator, the negotiator became a young woman with a title of coordinator. From that, we’ve only talked about small details for a long time for some reason. With that, the main subject is…」

Rihanna is somewhat perplexed and said that apologetically.

Time. That word remained in my head.

「…What would Immenstadt Empire gain by buying time? What are they planning?」

When she heard me, Rihanna shook her head to the left and right while falling silent.

It can’t be helped. Still, why are they buying some time?

「Are they collecting soldiers to fight with Rembrandt Kingdom to take their former territories?」

「…We already told them that the Rembrandt Kingdom has joined the international alliance and will receive its member’s assistance. It is heartbreaking to think that the Immenstadt Empire, who can barely fight one-on-one against the Rembrandt Kingdom, will fight against the Rembrandt Kingdom who’s being supported by Einherjar and Maeas.」

「If that is the case, then why are they deliberately making the negotiations difficult? Are they waiting for a better condition to be presented?」

「That might not be the case. They already know that many countries have already joined the international alliance. I don’t think that they will do something that will cause friction.」

「Could it be that religion had affected the country administration of the Immenstadt Empire?」


Rihanna tilted her neck and chewed the content of what I said.

I crossed my arms and looked at Rihanna.

Apparently, it seems that she’s taking the religion’s movement lightly.

「For example, if the founder of that religion has become so influential that he can determine the direction of the country with his words, we may understand why Immenstadt Empire’s response is like that.」

When I said that, Keira opened her mouth unintentionally.

「But what profit will it give the Immenstadt and that religion? If they strengthened their connection with other countries, won’t that make their religion spread greatly?」

When Keira said that, Rihanna nodded and looked at me.

「Could it be because they are willing to break their relation to other countries with other religion to wage a religious war?」

「Other religion?」

「That is…」

When I said that as an answer, the two of them looked at me.


When they heard me who is tilting his head, the two of them looked at each other with an extremely serious expression.

Rihanna looked at me and opened her mouth.

「The apostle of god and his braves…that was just a mere legend but the real apostle of god-sama has come…」

When Rihanna muttered so, Keira took over.

「The apostle of god-sama is said to be an existence that will lead mankind. Ren-sama has founded a nation, gathered other countries, enriched the lives of everyone, and never lost a war.」

TN: Mankind here includes other races. If you can think of a much better term, please let me know.

When Keira said that, I raised a dry laugh and shook my head to the left and right.

「I’m not a founder of a religion.」

When I said that and laughed, the two of them laughed with a vague face.

So, the opponent of their religious war is me?



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