Chapter 159 – Problems Arising in Einherjar

Let’s put the talk about the religious war on hold and move to the next report.

In any case, it is just a speculation that the delay in negotiation with the Immenstadt Empire is due to religion and that speculation talk took a leap and reached the level of a religious war.

Well, to be frank, religion-involved matter is quite troublesome.

When I’m thinking about it, Rihanna gathered some documents and opened her mouth.

「These are the detailed reports about the problems arising in Einherjar. The first one is the detection of illegal slave traders.」

「Detection? There were illegal slave traders?」

I knitted my brow as I heard her. Rihanna nodded and looked at the documents.

「The first one is someone from Maeas, he abducted 58 villagers and turned them into slaves. Next, the former nobles of Galland Empire who recently fell are going to Maeas or our country to sell the former citizen of the Galland Empire capital as slaves.」

Rihanna said so and spat a sigh. Such fellows are very ill-natured.

「Have you explained them about the international alliance?」

When she heard me said that, Rihanna nodded and looked at Keira. Keira put her hands on her knees, straightens her back, and opened her mouth.

「Yes. I have heard the conversation between the slave traffickers and the knights that captured them. It seems that they brought a large quantity of slaves here when they heard that Einherjar brought a massive amount of slaves, some of them even asked for negotiation during their conversation with the knights. As for Maeas, since they have a history of buying and selling slaves, a lot of them are still in that business.」

When I heard Keira’s report, I put my weight on my back and groaned.

My country accepted those slaves since it was war.

Though it did not cost us anything when we freed them, to those who only heard rumors, they probably thought that Maeas received a lot of money. Perhaps they thought that Einherjar is willing to spend a large amount of money for slaves.

But that’s not the problem. Even though they knew the rules set by the international alliance, they are still trying to buy and sell slaves illegally.

Even though they are not familiar with the international alliance, they are obviously belittling our rule.

I never thought that this will happen.

「What is the punishment of the illegal slave trade?」

When I said that, Rihanna nodded and pulled out one document.

「Those who abduct or falsely accuse someone to turn him into a crime slave will have all his slaves seize and will not be able to conduct business to any countries of the international alliance. Those who buy and sell slaves even though they know that they are illegally collected will have his slaves confiscated and will not be able to do business in that country.」

Rihanna said so and moved her eyes to me from documents.

I had a doubt about the punishment that Rihanna reported.

「It’s too vague. Can the members of the international alliance prohibit the buy and sell of slaves? What if that someone claimed to be someone else in another country and sell the slaves there?」

When I asked, Keira nodded.

「We’re in a state where we cannot publicize it readily to another country. There are also immigration officials who take bribe…」

「That’s right.」

I replied to Keira and sighed.

It is impossible to make everything perfect and I can’t check them all too.

To those who are used to illegal things, that law is full of holes.

Well, if we take in and free the slaves that were bought and sold illegally, our citizens will increase so there’s also a good point.

However, there might be more slave trafficker than our national eye can see.

Then, what should we do?

「The only choice is to punish them severely.」

When I said so, Rihanna nodded with a difficult expression.

「The scale of the market in concern will decrease but it might be the most efficient method.」

「Spread the news about the severe punishment and let’s talk about it again after a month. Make sure that those who gather slaves illegally will not be able to do business again.」

When I said so, Keira agreed and muttered.

「Is it capital punishment?」

「Won’t tattoo be okay? We’ll put one on their face or neck so one would notice that he’s a criminal in one look…」

When I said that, Keira looked at me in a very strange way. Rihanna, who’s beside her, blinks her eyes too.

「Such tattoo will disappear if healing magic is used.」

Ah, is that so?

I instinctively put my finger on my temple and groaned to Keira’s words.

「Black Ink can be removed?」

When I said so, Keira nodded quietly.

「That’s right. I thought Ren-sama had a profound knowledge with the effect of magic…」

Keira unintentionally said something and put her hand on her lips with one hand while having a startled face.

She might have thought that her remark is impolite but I don’t mind it at all.

I laughed as if I’m troubled and decided to say something as an excuse.

「With my experience, I have revived the dead but I have never tried healing someone with a tattoo.」

When I said that, the two of them were at loss for words so I decided to continue with the topic.

「Either way, if there is no other mean, then it’s capital punishment. So, what’s next?」

When I asked, the two of them prepared the documents in a hurry.

「Ne-next is about the adventurers. Though an A rank party had moved to the adventurers guild in the capital, they still haven’t captured 1/3 of the forest of abyss. However, the S rank party Silver Wind is expected to break through the forest and reach the residence of the earth dragon Ishmugard soon.」

「Oh, finally! They have been in the forest for the last two months, right? It took quite a while but they are finally breaking through.」

When Rihanna heard me, she looked at me with a shabby face.

「No, it can be said that the capture speed of the Silver Wind of the forest of abyss is abnormally fast.  It was originally called a devil’s forest because even a military force of over 1,000 was not able to stay in it for two weeks.」

Rihanna said that but I just tilted my head because the growth report of Dan and Sherry says that they hunt monsters in the forest of abyss one after another.

Then, Rihanna put out another document and opened her mouth while looking at it.

「Apparently, it is said that the capture speed sharply increased when they the party silver wind discovered a secret treasure when they are halfway through the forest.」

「Ah, that? It’s just a shield that increases the user’s offensive ability but I never expect them to used it that well.」

When I said that, Rihanna and Keira were at a loss for words again and looked at me.

「…Please do not put such legendary class item without reserve.」

Rihanna, who finally was able to speak, said such a thing, shrugged her shoulders and laughed.

「Will adventurers gather here upon hearing that news? Besides, that equipment is just a second-rate item that has no great effect.」

When I said so, Rihanna and Keira looked at each other again and sighed this time.

These two are

Well, at any rate, adventurers will finally be able to meet Ishmugard.

I am looking forward to it.

When I thought of such a thing, Rihanna cleared her throat and took out a new document.

「Then, the last remaining problems are; some operation of the school are stalled, prostitution-related problem, law revision…」

Listening to what Rihanna has said, there seems to be more so I knitted my eyebrows.



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