Chapter 164 – There are a Lot of Dark Elves in the Capital

When we arrived at the capital, we headed for Val Valhalla Castle where we saw between 100 to 200 dark elves strolling around.

They are busily moving around. Some are cutting the lawn using a dagger, some are polishing the walls and windows with cloth, and some are sweeping the bridge that connects the capital and the castle with a broom.

And one of them noticed and called me out.

「Ah, Re-Ren-sama!?」



The outskirts of the Val Valhalla castle was thrown into a commotion with the dark elves gathering around me.

Looking at these dark elves, every one of them is similarly beautiful women and only looking at them will one be able to see each difference.

There are those with droopy eyes and there are those with mongoloid eyes. There are those with considerably black skin and there are those with lighter skin color. There are those with long ears and there are those with short.

And, there are those with childish appearance and there are those with gorgeous adult atmosphere.

But, it is mysterious that there are only women here.

As far as I know, both the elves and dark elves have the same ratio of men and women.

While thinking of such a thing, I looked at the gathered dark elves and opened my mouth.

「Good morning. It is good that you are here now. I welcome you.」

When I said so, the dark elves knelt simultaneously and lowered their heads.

The dark elves are not wearing the brown robes that they are wearing when they were in their village instead, they are wearing black leather clothes like the one previously worn by Canaan.

Though it is good for a medium size group to wear something like that, now that they are lined up, I feel like I’m looking at a biker group.

While thinking of such a thing, I saw Canaan running from the castle.

Canaan, who ran like the wind, came before me and kneeled quickly.

「Welcome home, Ren-sama! We’ve been waiting for you!」

Canaan said so and looked up at my face.

「We dark elves are thankful for adding us to your juusha! Please do not hesitate to order us, we’ll even do dirty works!」

When Canaan said so, the other dark elves also looked up at me and deeply nodded.

No, you don’t need to be fired up that much.

「I’m glad about your allegiance…for the time being, you can stay at this castle while I prepare houses you can live in. If there is anything you’d like to know, don’t hesitate to ask my maid subordinate, the management of this castle, or the guards of the city.」

When I said so, everyone replied in a loud voice with their heads down.

When I arrived at the throne room, Cartas and Rosa greeted with wide eyes after seeing the number of dark elves accompanying me.

「Oh, are those people the newly joined subordinates of my liege?」

When Cartas said so, everyone lowered their heads to Cartas and Rosa. Canaan, as their representative, opened her mouth.

「Yes! From now on, we will serve Ren-sama with absolute loyalty!」

When Canaan gave a greeting like that, Cartas nodded and laughed cheerfully.

「Really! Ha ha ha! Then we are comrades! I am Cartas.This is Rosa. The two of us are the lords of this castle.」

「My best regards. Though I’m also in charge of the castle, I’m of the scout class.」

Cartas greeted them and Rosa also introduced herself while smiling wholeheartedly at Canaan.

The two of them responded frankly but somehow, Canaan is oozing with tension.

「Lo-lord of the castle? No, please continue your favors towards us. I’m Canaan, the chief of the dark elves.」

Canaan said so and bowed to the two. The other dark elves also lowered their heads at the same time.

It seems that there is no problem with their meeting.

When I was relieved with everyone’s state, I sat on the throne and put my elbow on the armrest.

「Okay, I will tell every one of you in advance, I think that the dark elves are already quite capable. Therefore, when the air transport industry starts, I want those who are good with flight magic to help with it. Those who are good at scouting and battle will be the one to gather information in other countries. As for the assignment time, it can be short or long or it might even change while you’re at it. Can I ask of you?」

When I said so, Canaan kneeled on the carpet below the stairs.

「Yes! Please leave it to us! We will discuss and lay out a plan!」


Hearing Canaan’s reply, I took out pieces of equipments from my item box.

They are various accessories and armors for raising level when a new character is created.

Various magic items such a magical power enhancement ring, physical ability enhancement bangle, magical power and speed enhancement shoes, automatic recovery necklace, etc. were taken out.

These are mass-produced items. These items are what one would equip until after they have defeated the first boss. The number of items like these I have exceeds 1000.

Though each has a different effect because I made a different one each time, they are still enough to fully enhance their abilities.

「Let those who will work outside the country borrow these. When their shift ends, they have to surrender these equipments to the one who’ll take over.」

When I said so, the dark elves were dumbfounded while looking at the heaps of magic items beside me.

「Ah, I’ll also give you armor, shields, circlet, and gauntlets later. They are all quality items with special effects. Use them with ease.」

When I said so, Canaan replied with a hoarse voice.

「A-ano….are all of those magic items…?」

「That’s right. They have various effects such as magical power enhancement, physical ability enhancement, physical strength recovery, etc. You can ask me about them to decide on who’ll use it.」

When I answered Canaan’s question, her eyes widened as she froze.

It’s not like you’ll monopolize it.

I won’t let that happen.

「Later, have those who are not capable enough to stay in Einherjar and have them hunt monsters. But tell them to not throw away monster materials because they are necessary, okay?」

It seems that that made her come back to her senses. The absent minded Canaan straightened her back and sighed.


After I heard Canaan’s reply, I smiled wryly and nodded.

「In truth, I would like to start the air transport right away but the international alliance’s discussion is still halfway in that matter. I’ll have you do some other work for a while.」

When I said that, the agreeing Canaan looked up at me.

Well, what I’m asking Canaan to do here is to make money and advertise Einherjar to the neighboring countries…I guess this is what should be expected.

Preparation and advertisement periods are necessary for festivals or tourist attractions.It is not something that we can use magic in.

As expected, should I just build a casino?

With that, they can immediately have a job.

While I’m worrying such a thing, Canaan made a dubious expression.

Don’t worry, I won’t exploit you.

「Canaan, everyone who’ll arrive today will receive special training for the next coming days.」

「Special training? What kind of special training is it?」

When Canaan replied to my desperate instruction, I looked at her.

I stared at Canaan’s eyes. I answered in a low dignified voice.

「You’ll be adventurers.」

When I said so, every one of them tilted their necks while looking at each other.

Meanwhile, their representative Canaan raised her face while having a difficult expression.

「Adventurers? Is it the same adventurer work that the humans do? I heard that they are scoundrels rooting from various countries…」

Canaan made such a prejudiced comment and waited for my reply.

I knitted my brows, shook my head to the left and right, and opened my mouth.

「There are all sorts of adventurers. There are good, and there are also bad. In addition, I already verified through various experimentation that rather that intensively training alone, hunting monsters will make one stronger. If you’ll be an adventurer, you’ll raise your ability. It will be useful in various ways.」

When I told her that, Canaan made a face that she doesn’t understand what I mean but lowered her head in the end with a serious expression.

「I understand. We will be adventurers for a while to improve our ability.」

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