Chapter 166 – The Monsters of the Forest of Abyss are Trying to Escape

It runs through the forest while gasping for breath. Runs through a marsh and finally stepped into a rock that made it lost its balance.

Its shoulder collided with a tree and it stopped walking.

That was the crossroad of its life.

A giant race, Cyclops.

Under this harsh environment, it expands its territory by continuous fighting that made his skin black which is hard even if compared with other cyclops.

Five years.

It spent those time fighting to protect its territory.

However, everything ended one day.

The cause is those small, dark-skinned people.

「Monster! There’s a monster there!」

「It’s alone!?」

「It’s alone! Don’t lag behind Canaan-sama!」

Hearing those voices, the cyclops hurriedly picked up a nearby rock and throw it.

Two, three large rocks were thrown out towards those black people.

Those black people have a height that doesn’t even reach its knees but they still surrounded it from all directions.

Usually, just throwing one rock is enough for those little people to fear it.

However, these people are different.

Their pupils are shining in the dark and white teeth are emerging from their smile.

They can also run at an unstoppable speed that even its eye can’t see. They can pour down ice spears and wind blades from below.

In just a moment, the skin it so proud of becomes full of wounds.

Never in its life have the cyclops experienced these.

The cyclops skin is now covered with its own blood and flesh and is fearfully trembling as it looks at the ferocious black shadows mercilessly swinging their swords towards it.

This is one-sided hunting.

From a distance, voices of dark elves echoed. It reached the ears of the cyclops that has now lost the light in its eye.

「There! Monster!」

「Oh shit! Canaan-sama passed ahead!」

Voices of few people echoes through the forest of abyss.

「What’s this ..」

While looking at the spectacle, I had a feeling of wanting to hold my head.

In addition to the fact that Ren personally mediated for them to be taught about the way of new adventures and with the way they are behaving, they will definitely stand out.

The way they are moving is too inhuman.

They also cast magic without chanting like it was natural.

「…what should I tell these dense fellows?」

I became sulky and murmured. I checked the surrounding sat down on a rock.

As I looked up, I saw the abundant large trees and a slightly sunny light.

Though there are swamps and streams around, there is a rock in this hill that can be comfortably sat on.

「…Is this really the feeling that the forest of abyss gives?」

I tilted my neck and looked at the dark elves who are returning after searching the area.

There are both men and women but everyone is beautiful.

At first, there are only dark elf women but dark elf men joined later.

It is impossible to supervise these dark elves which are more than 200.

For that reason, I disband our party at once and have each one of them join a party of 12 dark elves.

And we decided to teach them the basics of being adventurers like formation, scouting, how to issue instructions, and how to withdraw.

However, a problem occurred.

Though I made a policy of only hunting one monster at a time, the dark elves are too strong that monsters are instantly killed.

Dark elves are abnormally strong and with 10 or more of them hunting together, there is no way for a monster to survive.

「Wolf-dono! The subjugation of the fifth monster is complete!」

A beautiful dark elf woman comes to me and reports that joyfully.

I nodded vaguely and got off of the rock.

「That will be all for today.」

When I said so, the beautiful woman looked up at me with an aghast face.

「We-we’re returning already?」

「Yes, let’s return. If you step into an unknown domain, you should not rush things and move slowly. There’s also your welcome party.」

When I said so, the woman widened her eyes and looked at me.

Her face dimmed so I tilted my neck and opened my mouth.


When I asked her so, the woman knitted her eyebrows as if thinking if she should tell me or not.

「Ah, no…Us, you’re going to welcome us?」

The woman said that and looked up at me as if waiting for my answer.

What is she saying?

Although I cannot guess of what is the intent of that question, I nodded and replied an answer.

「That’s natural because you are already our companions. Being an adventurer is life-threatening. It’s natural to take care and help each other.」

When I said so, the woman was astonished and blinked her eyes.

I thought that she’s making a fool of me but there seems to be a different reason.

「…the story I heard about adventurers are different from what I heard from Wolf-dono.」

「What? Did you hear some unnecessary information from his majesty King Ren?」

I wrinkled my eyebrows and said so but the woman shook her head to the left and right.

「N-no! It is the rumor about adventurers in our village! They go to the village of dark elves to capture and enslave us while those dark elves who go out to our village are swindled with their money and goods….I never heard good stories about them.」

I looked at the woman apologetically and vomited a sigh.

Well, those are bad adventurers.

Certainly, such rumors will not result in good impression.

「There are various type of adventurers. There are adventurers who’ll do anything to make a living and there are some brave who protects a city. If all of you become good adventurers then it’s good. With that, I’ll teach you everything I know.」

I said so and hit the back of the woman hard.


The woman who seemed to be in deep thought raised a strange voice when I hit her. I shrugged my shoulders and laughed.

「Ora! I’ll prepare the food! Tell that to the other parties!」

When I said that, the woman straightened her back and smiled.

「Y-yes! See you later!」

As I asked her to deliver the message, the woman turned her back to me and begins to run. The other dark elves around are smiling as they look at my face.

I shout while feeling that my face is getting hot.

「Oi! Don’t let her run alone! At least five must follow her!」


The five dark elves around started running after the woman.

The dark elves who stayed behind did not look straight at me but we began walking together.

Ah, this is embarrassing.

I overstated poor lines magnificently.

I feel like a teenager.

While looking around cautiously, we walked at the direction of the exit of the forest of abyss.

I heard the reports of dark elves discovering monsters while walking but I disregarded them all until we walked out of the forest.

We’ve already earned enough today. You idiots.



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