Chapter 167 – Banquet for the Dark Elf Adventurers

There were too many people.

But we hunted about 50  powerful monsters in the forest of abyss in a short time so we are not troubled with money.

On the other hand, we earned too much money.

Unfortunately, there is no cheap restaurant that can accommodate our group.

I put my elbow on the reception of the adventurers guild and sigh.

The receptionists Ran and Miria looked at me at the same time.

Ran shakes her green hair and opens her mouth as she pushes up her eyeglasses.

「Wolf-san…After gaining this much merit, why are you sighing?」

The amazed Ran asked me that. I shrugged my shoulders and looked around the guild.

The adventurers and the dark elves are grouped apart from each other as if taking distance from each other. There are only some instances that some people tried starting to converse with each other.

After all, the veterans will only warm up after a few drinks.

I turned my gaze to Ran while thinking such a thing.

「There aren’t any restaurant here that can accommodate a large number of people. This guild is bigger than the guild in Ramblas, is it possible to use it as a dining hall?」

「Why? We won’t be able to accommodate quests if you turn this into a banquet hall. Even though there are only utility man work quests in this city.」

To my question, Miria replied while having an unpleasant expression. Earlier, Miria, who usually filled with dignity, becomes strangely tired after inspecting the large number of corpses of monsters that the dark elves brought.

But this red-haired lady still managed to hide the look of worry on her face.

She’s someone who doesn’t want others to read her easily.

I, who heard Miria’s words, looked at the bulletin board of the guild where the quests are posted.

It is natural to not find a red request, which is an emergency, but there are only subtle requests here.

The reason is simple.

First, the threat of monsters has drastically declined. This is because Ren’s subordinates and army are patrolling around.

Second, there are no thieves around so there is no request for being a merchant’s guard has drastically decreased. This is also because of Ren.

In addition, the country is stable so there is no request for recruiting mercenaries. This is also because of Ren.

There are material collection requests but the only one who can take those are first class adventurers. The merchants of Maeas are also bringing similar materials to those.

Why do merchants of Maeas bring so many valuable and rare items to this country?

It is to get more valuable material from the forest of abyss.

As a result, the remaining requests are only utility work in the city.

I therefore conclude that it is Ren’s fault.

Although this is a wonderful country, the adventurer’s work has extremely narrowed.

Anyway, new adventurers come and newbies also debut monthly.

Because of that, even utility work is disappearing.

The only thing left to do is to hunt monsters in the forest of abyss.

Well, thanks to that, the only adventurers here are only strong idiots.

However, I feel a sense of crisis that many adventurers who have no experience in defeating monsters are increasing.

Even if you have experience in fighting sneaky thieves, that won’t do much for you as an adventurer.

In a dungeon, you can learn about scouting and trap detection. You can also gain experience of being cautious to your surrounding that will be indispensable for you if you ever became a guard.

In the forest of abyss, you can only lure one and kill one.

When I thought about such thing and sighed again, Miria suddenly came to me and raised a strange voice.

「That’s it! Let’s ask Cartas-sama to borrow the hall of the castle!」


I instantly choke with air because of the sudden shocking plan of Miria.

My lungs are stunned.

I stared at Miria with half-eyes and opened my mouth while panting.

「Are you stupid? Who the hell will open their castle so that adventurers can have a banquet?」

When I said that, Miria, whose eyes are glittering, looked at me and the dark elves.

「I think we should go. Didn’t Ren-sama ask you to take care of the dark elves? Then let’s just say that cross-cultural exchange is necessary!」

Miria said that while breathing heavily and looked at Ran. Apparently, her eyes are shooting Ran to back her up but Ran returned her with a disgusted expression.

「Indeed…I mean Miria…don’t you think your passion for the king is too extreme? You have already been punished by the guild before.」

I just heard some frightening words from Ran but I pretended not to hear it.

「Mou, what’s… If you two won’t cooperate then I’ll do it myself! Ran, tell El Rand-san that I left early!」

「Mou, impossible, impossible, impossible! How should I explain it!?」

Ran immediately complained about Miria’s remark.

Hearing Miria’s reckless remark after a long time made me touch my head due to headache.

When I saw Miria trying to get out of the counter, I grabbed her head and her hand and looked at her with eyes of resignation.

「I understand. Wait here, I’ll ask for you.」

「Eh eh…but Ren-sama might be in the Val Valhalla castle.」

This one is hopeless.

When I was troubled on how to persuade Miria, Ran came to the rescue.

「The king will be disappointed if he found out the Miria left her work as a receptionist just to meet him. Leave it to Wolf-san. It is okay to leave early in the evening.」

When Ran said so, Miria looked at me with eyes full of expectations.

I’m an adventurer, not a matchmaker.

However, I don’t want people who are in love to feel despair.

Though I’m reluctant, I have no choice but to go to the castle with a heavy foot.

I left the guild. I looked at the castle across the bridge and it already made me feel like fading away. Everything was so lavishly made. Its shine itself can threaten ordinary people.


To me who was walking heavily while complaining, a beautiful voice of a woman was thrown.

When I looked back to check who called my name, the dark elve’s village chief named Canaan is standing there.

Canaan looked at me and opened her mouth.

「Let me go together with you to the castle.」

Canaan said that while looking straight into my eyes.

「Is that so?」

I’m not poor at talking but I can’t decline someone who looked straight at my eyes.

I gently replied and walked towards the castle again.

Canaan, who’s diagonally behind me, opened her mouth.

「Wolf-dono seems to be considerably skilled.」

To say those words without any context, I burst into laughter.

「Haha! Since it came from you, it sounds like sarcasm.」

When I replied, Canaan denied it with an extremely serious face.

「No, I’m not talking about simple fighting power. We’re also forest hunters. I also took pride in searching and defeating monsters. However, my party only defeated five. Wolf-dono’s party also defeated five. There is no single place where one can beat five. Is this the sense of smell of adventurers?」

When Canaan asked such a question, I shook my hand without looking back.

「Don’t overrate me.」

When Canaan heard my words of denial, she groaned.

「…Fumu. According to what I heard, Wolf-dono can identify the place where monsters stayed just by looking at the place once.」

「I’m not a scout. How can I possibly do that? I just had a feeling that there are monsters there at some degree.」

When I replied to the frustrated Canaan with a serious tone, I felt like Canaan smiled behind me.

「…That probably is the adventurer’s sense. That’s good. We have arrived at the castle.」

Canaan said so and stopped talking.

I looked up at the beautiful and solemn mithril castle and sighed.



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