Chapter 63 – Second Battle of Moke Valley

The allied defense forces army of 1,400 versus the 6,000 strong enemy forces of Germania Empire.

Of course, we’ll naturally choose a siege battle…not.

We took position in Moke valley which is in the middle of the city of Spike and Lauren.

This is the narrow valley where we defeated the knight order of Transylvania.

I climbed on the top of the mountain and looked at the approaching forces from the other side of the horizon using a telescope. The heavy cavalry forces of the enemy are steadily approaching while raising dust.

The heavy cavalry is about 1,000. There are also about 2,000 infantry and about 3,000 militia.

Seeing the large enemy army, Lyle-sensei’s cheeks cramped for some reason.

He’s obviously angry.

「The commander of the enemy’s army is a Germania Empire’s “fearless” Nerdlinger Rain Faltz. I heard that he’s an excellent general that can make resolute decision but not that wise.」

TN: ネルトリンガー・ライン・ファルツ – Nerutoringa Rain Farutsu

「I see. So that’s why he didn’t seem to learn anything from what happened to our battle against the Transylvania’s knight order.」

Apparently, sensei is angry because the other party is someone with that character.

「What is his problem! To be casually moving in a narrow valley while the enemy is waiting for them is the most foolish action. I thought that they’ll take a detour around the mountain. All the plans I’ve prepared were all in vain.」

Sensei seemed to be disappointed as he hit his short rod on the strategic map.

Well, I can understand sensei’s anger.

Avoiding narrow ground where there is a possibility of enemy ambush is a basic in tactics.

Though I was a high school student, I read such tactics in a strategy book for children.

The duke of Transylvania risked his shogi piece, knight order, to assault me and Princess Silhouette.

In his case, that was strategically unavoidable because his forces need to arrive in the city of Spike as soon as possible.

However, in the case of this empire attack, they just want to take the shortest route because making a detour is troublesome.

They are probably thinking that the small forces of the kingdom can be annihilated by them anytime.

「We still have a strategy against them even though they used the Moke valley, right?」

「Of course, I’ll make them regret being born. Oracle! Kaara! Please start the bombardment of the enemy according to the plan.」

Sensei’s gray robe swayed while opening his beautiful brown eyes wide as he shook his short rod.

Oracle-chan and Kaara fly while holding baskets full of bombs. They flew in the sky over the enemy’s knight order.

The two of them lit the fuse and threw the bomb on the enemy’s knight order. Explosions burst in the enemy’s knight order where they threw bombs.

The orderly march of the enemy’s knight order was disturbed by the angry waves.

「Oh, air bombing is amazing, right? The enemy can’t do anything against it.」

「Takeru-dono, you are mistaken. This is just a mean to lure the enemy’s advance mage.」

While the two of them are bombing from the sky, a man on the enemy’s infantry with yellow robe flown up.

「According to the reports of the spies, there is an advance mage among the enemy’s troops, he is “dusty” Damas Cloud. He is a mage specialized in wind magic. He’s a troublesome mage that can fire strong, wide range tornado magic called Perfect Hurricane.」

「Ah, he fell…」

There is no one who could withstand the pincer attack of the genius mage Kaara and the immortal girl Oracle-chan.

「Even though he’s proud of his tornado magic, dusty Damas fell down due to the shock wave he received. 」

「One task down.」

This real fantasy is really disappointing.

「Okay, this time, let’s ambush the enemies marching in the moke valley and kill everyone.」

「Sensei, you say it like it was nothing.」

However, the enemy general is one who doesn’t rely on tactics. He has a bad compatibility with sensei.

The enemy’s general is the fearlessNerdringer. No matter how I think about it, I don’t know what will happen.


—Scene Change—


The exit of moke valley.

We set up anti-cavalry fences there using woods and earth.

While passing through the valley, they have not received any attack.

Because of this, General Nerdlinger thought that there will be no trap and charge along with his knight order proudly.

「Fences made of woods, just turn around them!」

After that, the frontmost knight screamed.

The knights who tried to move around the fences fall into pitfalls one after another.

「Sensei is a pitfall enthusiast…」

Of course, those are no ordinary pitfalls.

Below it is wooden stakes. Those stakes have poisoned nails all over it.

We have 1,000 gunman corps and the enemy has a total of 6,000 troops.

Those who fell in the pitfalls died, those who tried going over the fence are shot dead by the gunman corps. The enemy force fought bravely.

However, the exit is a narrow bottleneck and it is not easy for the enemy to advance and they become stuffed like sushi. They were not able to use their greatest advantage which is their number.

We set up a formation where the firing line is concentrated on the enemy’s head.

And of course, the enemy has crossbow archers and bow archers as well and they are shooting vigorously.

There are also elementary and intermediate mages that are casting magic. Although my troops are guarded by mantlet, injured people are still appearing one after another.

It is a good thing that we have a lot of recovery potion.

Otherwise, we won’t be able to hold our position.

The enemy’s assault eventually intensified. The enemy advanced by stepping on the corpses of their ally that were piled up on the pitfall.

While thinking about it, a heroic knight managed to break through the second level of our triple fence.

Noticing our position at the other side of the triple fence, he charged head-on.

The heavy cavalry knight riding his big warhorse appeared.

His plate mail has some enchantment magic. The bullets that hit him just bounce away.

Though he’s breathing roughly under his helmet, this fellow is filled with strong aura.

「Fuhahaha, I’m Germania’s Nerdlinger the fearless! I’m here to have a match with the enemy’s general.」

Are? He’s the enemy general Nerdlinger? He indeed has a sense of intimidation that a general has.

I don’t know how he managed to get here but he really has the ability to back his title “fearless”. He managed to go through our triple fence with just relying on his full plate mail.

However, the commander himself charging in a medieval war is absurd.

The enemy’s morale has risen tremendously to the point of being berserkers. They are shouting and are desperately moving forward towards Nerdlinger’s side. Is this okay?

「Sensei, is it okay for me to have a duel?」

If the other party has a strong character, I feel like I should go.

Because the enemy general came, shouldn’t I, the hero, personally settle it with him?

「I don’t mind but Commander Louise has already gone.」

「Ah, Louise!」

My chance to show off!

「Enemy General Nerdlinger! This Knight Louise Carlson of the kingdom of Silesie will keep you company!」

「Oh, so you are the thousand swords Louise? You’ll suffice as my enemy!」

The knights on their horses attacked each other with lance.

Though the enemy’s equipments are good, Louise’ black cedar lance is harder than steel.

Nerdlinger lost at their exchange and rolled down from his horse.

There, Louise jumped out of her horse and changed her equipment from lance to the iron hammer “ogre slayer” and smashed the enemy’s general head.

I think I sympathize a little with the enemy general that was beaten to death by the ogre slayer.



The knights tried to get back for their general Nerdlinger but their opponent is bad.

Louise crushed both horses and knights using the iron hammer like an ogre. Her fighting power is not a knight level anymore.

Her burning crimson ponytail hair is shaking while she’s brandishing a huge iron hammer easily. The fierce figure of Louise, who’s smashing both knights and horses, has a hint of happiness.

Looking at her, the vigorous attack of the enemy’s knight order stopped for a while.

But I’ll just say one thing.

Louise using the iron hammer ogre slayer is absolutely wrong.

The battle between knights is light a game in a sense.

If you’re hurt and injured but you didn’t die, all you need to do is to drink recovery potion and you’ll survive.

Suzanne and Claudia, though small, are coordinating to make the enemy knight fall from their horses.

They were trained by Louise so they have become stronger.

Looking at the participation of my friends on the front line, my blood boils making me want to go there too.

Unfortunately, I’m not good at horse riding so I have to practice more.

「Hero Takeru-dono, your opponent is this vice general, Eleonora Lanct Am-main.」

TN: エレオノラ・ランクト・アムマイン

「Haa, vice general?」

A knight wrapped in armor, with character scarlet flame written in it, came over.

Though having your own highlight is good, that pretty voice surely came from a female knight!

「Now, let’s have a fair match!」

Why is my opponent a female knight? Even if we’re at war, I’ll hesitate to kill a woman.

Louise, substitution!

When I looked at Louise for help, she sent a signal while giving off an awfully good smile saying “kill her”.

Louise, why do you want me to kill women every single time!


I used a black cedar large shield to block the horse riding charge of the enemy and use the black cedar long spear to strike her side. The female knight, vice general Eleonora, easily fell down from the horse.

What? She’s so weak, oi.

However, she’s the vice general of the enemy force so I should not let my guard down.

I have to hurt her but to a degree that she won’t die.

The heavy infantry party with crest on their equipments indicating scarlet hawk showed up. I arranged the big shield that I used against vice-general Eleonora against them.

「Hero of Silesie Kingdom, we will not let you kill the princess!」

「Let’s get him!」

That defensive formation looks impregnable. If you have used it for General Nerdlinger, he wouldn’t have died.

The knights of this real fantasy surely know the wrong way to act at war.

The enemy, who lost their general Nerdlinger and got their vice general Eleonora injure, started to withdraw.

「Fuu, it’s over, right?」

「What are you saying Takeru-dono? It’s far from over.」

Sensei said that with a cool face. Ah, we’re going to pursue them?

「This is not pursuit. In order to give them warning, we’ll annihilate this advance troops.」

Sensei said that like it’s already been decided.

「No, sensei. Think about it, if you take away their chance to escape, they’ll be desperate and that will be bad.」

「We’ll annihilate them.」

Yes, sensei. It is so important that you said it twice.

Sensei is very angry…

At that moment, I saw a large amount of rock falling down at the enemy army that is withdrawing in the moke valley.

On the other side of the valley, I heard a lot of explosions that came from artillery bombardment.

Ah, so that is the reason why we didn’t use artillery here….

Perhaps Oracle-chan and Kaara who didn’t show up here are also there to hold things down.

The mouth of moke valley is close at both sides. The enemies are completely surrounded.

「Now, everyone already has another task. If the enemy escapes on this side, attack them and make sure they are annihilated!」

Uwa, this….

This is no longer a battle, a unilateral massacre has started.

I sympathize with the enemy force a little.

This large army has angered sensei so I guess this much is expected…



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