SHMTranslations 1st Anniversary

1 year already?

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your support this year. I never take offense and is always open for your feedback since it made me grow from a shitty translator to a little less shitty translator. J

There was a time that I almost wanted to quit but since I have nothing else better to do, I’m still here standing. I feel like there’s something in me is growing while I’m doing this so I feel like I’ll be here for much longer. No, I’m not talking about any physical body part. Anyway, I hope you still bare with me at least until the next anniversary.

Again, thank you for your continuous support.

No one will read this if it doesn’t have any link of new chapters so here they are. I planned on posting twice the number of chapters but unfortunately, I was not able to fully utilize my translation time this past two months. Hopefully, my schedule will return to normal this month.


Kokugensou Wo Item Cheat de Ikinuku

Chapter 62 – Old Resident of the Forest

Chapter 63 – Second Battle of Moke Valley


Isekai Nonbiri Nouka

Since a lot of people are inquiring me about this one, I’ll return this to weekly release. It’s already translated but I’ll post chapter 15 next week so it’ll count as the chapter of the week. 😛

Chapter 11 – Kuro’s Side

Chapter 12 – Reconfirmation

Chapter 13 – River

Chapter 14 – Waterway Making Begins


Isekai Cheat Magician

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to complete it today so I’ll try completing this tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

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  1. kev

    love what you’re doing, keep up the great job!!

  2. Rizky Adrian

    Shm already 1 year old, even tho i just came here at ifaniaw ch 50-ish. Congrats ???? and keep up the great job sir.

    1. Elite4Harmon

      I started translating IFANIAW 6 months after I started. I’ll completely translate this before it turns 1 year old. lol

  3. ryuketsu

    thanks you very much for the hard work! make sure to take breaks, so that ya dont burn out~ Thank you!

  4. kenchan223

    It’s your hidden potential as a hero that’s growing LOL

    But still, its great to see you upgraded from shit to average within the year as hard work always pays off!

    Grats on 1st year anniversary bro!

  5. NotAwesome

    1 year already? O h m y

  6. ryuukun17

    Uuuh dude, when was I here?
    I’m pretty sure I was here when IFANIAW was still at its early chapters lololol

    1. ryuukun17

      Thanks for a whole year of translating novels!
      Best wishes for here on out!

  7. Raizu

    Congratulation! 🙂

  8. amampoe

    Thank you for your work

  9. Yueld

    Thanks for still with us. Just don’t push it too hard and burnt your self up. Keep it in moderation. But, a year huh. I forgot why i am here back then. For IFANIAW or Item Cheat. Maybe IFANIAW. I know how you feels when you said about something growing. Its like watching your plants or pets growing by nurturing them by the day. For you it might be this website and its readers

    1. Elite4Harmon

      Thanks for your advice. Don’t worry, I will not hesitate taking a break if I ever feel something like a health issue.

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